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The legacy of the crystals has shaped our history for long enough #FF16 Introducing @FinalFantasyXVI, an all-new title in the legendary FINAL FANTASY series, coming to #PS5

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ジャミさん@ありがとうFF14 ()

Jamil Burj 日記「【RP】BAR&薬屋合同店舗「ホシミトマジョ」 9/21 22:00~OPEN」 | FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone 宣伝サボってるの思い出した 月曜日です 早い品種のりんごを使ったパイセットです

Paulo Henrique
Paulo Henrique ()

@Ashen_Snake achei mt bonito não, todo final fantasy é um salto absurdo pra mim, já esse n achei

todd from mario carts
Todd from mario carts ()

everyone shut the fuck up about final fantasy. go play hades. time for supergiant stan diego to come out

Hunter 🎮
Hunter 🎮 ()

Sony has secured #PS5 marketing deals with four of the biggest franchises on the planet ✅Grand Theft Auto ✅Call of Duty ✅Fortnite ✅Final Fantasy PS5 will be unstoppable

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Buttons Patitucci
Buttons Patitucci ()

If Final Fantasy games are going to refuse their RPG roots and go down the road of being action games, I would at least like them to be good action games. And this one might actually be one.

Bell Boy
Bell Boy ()

@ArmandL99 Si Final Fantasy XVI llega a ser exclusivo de PS5 me haría decidirme por uno. ()

Veja o trailer de todos os jogos anunciados para o PS5 Final Fantasy XVI, novo God of War e Hogwarts Legacy são alguns dos títulos que vão chegar ao console.

Thomas Murch
Thomas Murch ()

Circumstantial evidence that Final Fantasy VII takes place early in the year 2020 detected. #FF7

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Momo (*´ω`*)
Momo (*´ω`*) ()

@Carrey86 Ich werde mal schauen, da ich am Wochenende etwas Final Fantasy aufnehmen werde

Matcha ()

every time i see a tweet about how there are no poc in final fantasy im know japanese people are poc

B’ianka Tia @ BDAY 11 DAYS! 🎉
B’ianka Tia @ BDAY 11 DAYS! 🎉 ()

A lot of ppl might think the original PS3 model was the only backwards compatible one, you may not be able to play PS2 games, but you can in fact play PS1 games on ANY PS3 Anyways old Final Fantasy’s are still Final Fantasy

Sly ()

loona, final fantasy, monster hunter, and now pendulum making comebacks this week has been so much

Adrián ☄
Adrián ☄ ()

Esperando a que cierto fan diga algo de Final Fantasy XVI. Ah no, que solo juega al Minecraft

Roblox Vladimir Putin
Roblox Vladimir Putin ()

@Moosey_Gamer There’s like 10 exclusives announced already and they all look amazing the best one so far is final fantasy 16 and demon souls imo

⚔️🛡⚔️ ()

final fantasy 15 fans might actually just be the dumbest and most embarrassing fanbase for ff. they beat ff7 fans and ff7 fans are just greedy and obnoxious. 😭

Eᴘɪᴘʜᴀɴʏ Rᴏʟ。
Eᴘɪᴘʜᴀɴʏ Rᴏʟ。 ()

ᅠ ᅠ ᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ𓏲 ˚. 𝐑𝐄𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐕𝐀。 ᅠᅠ ᅠ▸ Prompto (FC) ─ Final Fantasy ᅠᅠ

Miriam ⎝🤖⎠ Owner of the Executive Tits
Miriam ⎝🤖⎠ Owner of the Executive Tits ()

Gonna make a what era of final fantasy did you start tweet and the games in each group are completely misordered

Nerdist ()

Finding yourself through different character classes in a MMORPG is a journey in self-worth.

🕹️ Jason - 5.3 MSQ Done! 🕹️
🕹️ Jason - 5.3 MSQ Done! 🕹️ ()

In the past 24 hours, two new Monster Hunter titles have been announced and Final Fantasy XVI. I really cannot express how happy I am right now.

🌙✨ Thief and His Beloved Dagger 🎑🌟
🌙✨ Thief and His Beloved Dagger 🎑🌟 ()

idk how to say this non-offensively but everyone who wanted a “different” final fantasy should pls recognize how much and how many fans were begging SE to bring back an old school final fantasy setting.

Rising Hope 14
Rising Hope 14 ()

I’ve planned my day out to cater to me and my needs 1. Pancakes and grits 2. Eureka 7 rewatch 3. Final Fantasy 14

さとぅー ()

外人にFF16が FINAL FANTASY Witcher Editionって言われてて草 確かに戦闘Witcherっぽさもあるな

えま🐤 ()

Misutea Lana 日記「【ManaDC】零式固定メンバー募集(MTorST1名)【22時開始~】」 | FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone あと1人タンクさんお待ちしております

り⃡ず⃡ど⃡る⃡し⃡ー⃡ ()

#Nowplaying Band: 天つ風 〜白虎征魂戦〜 - THE PRIMALS (Journeys: FINAL FANTASY XIV ~ Arrangement Album ~)

🐍 Sssnusband🍷
🐍 Sssnusband🍷 ()

Can’t wait for kuroo haikyuu to finally get some final fantasy love

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ToMaKi @ Paper Mario: The Origami King
ToMaKi @ Paper Mario: The Origami King ()

@theWellRedMage World of Final Fantasy looks nice but my favorites are FVIII and VII!

The Digital Bench
The Digital Bench ()

We out here killing angsty god-teens and getting dumb mounts. It’s Final Fantasy XIV raid night with Jim and company! Right now! See you in the chat ❤️

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Ramão Sensaçao🇧🇷#forabolsonaro
Ramão Sensaçao🇧🇷#forabolsonaro ()

Resumo da ps5 showcase da Sony hoje: -Final fantasy 16 -Cenas novas de spider man Miles Morales -Demon souls -Devil may cry 5 pra ps5 -Fortnite pra ps5 -God of war Ragnarok (2021) -Game pass da Sony, só que com quase nenhum jogo, pra quem tem ps plus

Square Enix
Square Enix ()

The legacy of the crystals has shaped our history for long enough #FF16 Introducing @FinalFantasyXVI, an all-new title in the legendary FINAL FANTASY series, coming to #PS5

Billboard JAPAN
Billboard JAPAN ()

【今週の総合アルバム・チャート“HOT ALBUMS”】 1位 SEVENTEEN 2位 あいみょん 3位 米津玄師 4位 N/A 5位 King & Prince 6位 FINAL FANTASY XIV 7位 BABYMETAL 8位 BABYMETAL 9位 テミン 10位 スタァライト九九組

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