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Love that when I watch anime my first category recommendation is TIME TO CRY.

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Eight years ago, I announced my first anime role ever. 💖💚 #FairyTail.

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NEWS: Blue Orchestra TV Anime Plays First Fiddle with Teaser Visual, Release Date 🎻 MORE:.

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YOKOHAMA KAIDASHI KIKOU: DELUXE EDITION 1 The critically acclaimed classic manga that inspired the anime—in English for the first time! An android runs a seaside café as the world slowly comes to an end. Out today in print/digital! See RETAILERS section:.

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Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness Intro 2 In HELLO ABYSS mode, relive the story of the anime. Of course, the scene where Riko and Reg first meet is also included in the game. #madeinabyss #miabyss.

mfs will complain about anime dubs and suck at football and have someone SUB in for them n lose the game like maybe try taking a DUB first😭😭😭👊👊💀👀🔥🤣🔥☝️☝️🙏😭😹😹🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🔥🤣😹🤦‍♂️.

First year college student that year and all I remember was watching Filthy Frank and anime between sessions of TF2 and tumblr flamewars that lasted days. Very little I even miss from that time..

Bouta get into Komi-san for the first time, starting to watch the anime heh- Shoutout to my bud @RelapsedPromise for getting me into it lol.

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The One Piece Film Red anime film ranked at #1 at the Japanese box office at its opening weekend. The film sold million tickets and earned billion yen (about US$ million) in its first two days. #anime.

ig this is enough reason to finish first my anime series hahahaha bye thesis.

@fishlikestoswim KAHSKSJSKSKKKDKDKDJD FISH ITS YOUR DREAM, UNFRIENDZONE YOURSELF‼‼ this is my first time dreaming with them actually. do they have anime faces in your dreams???????.

Oct 14th ab 2 years ago our first call it went great Laughing w her while she sucked at that horror game Talking about our future together hearing her talk ab interests Debating over anime Staying to sleep with her Making the marie shrine Babysitting Killua/Her Plushies ⭕💢⭕💢.

Every episode of it iz first itll make you laugh then stab your tear ducts Best anime INDEEDD iykyk.

@starchsoprano Erza has been my anime crush since I was like 13 and watched fairy tail for the first time, shes my queen 😤 Thank you my friend, looks like you have good taste yourself!.

This was my First NFT from Shinsekai ! I minted this one since i really like the project and it was Anime Meta at that time. Since i also loves NFT. It was a big WIN for me haha. @3V3RYDAYP3OPL3 #MANIFESTING.

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@Huhhreally Dono same hai , first wala manga ko poori tarah follow nhi krta kyuki anime saath saath bn rhi thi aur manga ko aane me time lg raha hai . Pr doosre wala manga ko poori tarah se follow krta hai ..

A reminder that Canada’s First Girl Power Fandom Convention, @PrettyHeroes, is taking place this weekend at the @JCCC_Toronto. For more info, check out their website at.

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STARBUSTER # 06, 07 (akira) ✨Type | ANIME ❤️‍🔥 Now 3/10 from the first batch.

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@Makeit_knasty i was just telling my coworkers about how you got me into anime and the memory i have of you trying to teach me to read my first manga!!!!! it was ouran!! 🥹💕💕.

@Saruei_ The first might be dragonball cuz that was the anime my brother made me watch before I could even walk yet, I was a toddler back in 1996. Then we would watch pokemon next and record the pokemon songs in blank casette tapes to listen later.

@LibNatArabian @_JeanLannes >Centrist in bio >anime reference in first tweet Opinion on this topic disregarded fren.

@beelbzub Very! Like wym ur research is from an orientalist anime or the first Pinterest boards on your feed lmao 💀 using every reference but the right one too.

harini klas bm, first assignment, kena tngk any movie yg kita nak, then kena review movie and habaq apa yg kita dapat lam movie tu, english movie bole, kdrama bole, anime bole, hmmmm, im thinking of All The Bright Places hehe.

Wait i thought studio trigger died after little witch academia!??!?! Esp since they had to kickstarter that anime project in the first place.

@DylanHollis14 Recently I made a theory about one of the anime’s supporting characters as there was a character briefly seen near the end of the first trailer that wasn’t revealed… There’s something about this character named Satomi Tsubaki….

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@AsiaMWrites it was the first anime i’ve ever watched and i don’t even think i finished it all but i would rewatch it all the time 😂.

@_KunoichiGirl_ When I first watched naruto I didn’t really like her but as the anime went on I actually grew a liking to her and actually had a different thought and seen a huge difference in her development so now I’m a sakura lover😂.

@teyrns this shit is VILE and is not the first instance or even really the most egregious of like terrible pervy anime bullshit/humor but this is one of the moments when I realize this game was a complete lost cause.

@hiphopcandycat SO TRYE AND REALLLLL all my anime when I first watched it was thru YouTube and I had to watch it in parts 😭😭.

Tell me your partner loves you without telling me your partner loves you I’ll go first: When your gf who doesnt watch anime sends you an anime tiktok recommendation to watch. ❤️🥰.

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