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Updated: July 23rd, 2021 02:39 AM IST

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Ontario is getting worse by the minute. 90% vx rate by the new loon advising things, and Fisman calling for all out war on the unvxd.

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Fisman needs to go now. He is out of control & should have no influence with anyone in government power

@thereds8 About : -Fisman and the rest of the Ontario Science Table -Ford and his cabinet -Some major media players -Lots of high ranking bureaucrats

@SaskLass @DFisman Fisman has his snout buried in so many government troughs, all of which are paying his full the rest of us are locked down and financially punished. So, of course the little parasite would poke the bear(s).

Fisman is a COWARD He turned off his replies, because he was getting ratioed on every tweet

When Fisman said ‘a small and unreasonable minority’ he had to be referring to the Ontario Science Fiction Table.

Ontario is getting worse by the minute. 90% vx rate by the new loon advising things, and Fisman calling for all out war on the unvxd.

Let’s spam Doug Ford with emails containing specific information about how unprofessional David Fisman has been. Let’s get rid of this guy once and for all. premier@ #firefisman Who’s in?

@DFisman @JoshDehaas Exactly what are you proposing that HIV+ people be forced to disclose and where, Dr. Fisman?

Dr. David Fisman, playing Nazi. A bit ironic, from my standpoint.

David Fisman deserves to lose his license and be barred from having control or influence over the health and welfare of any human being ever again. He hates democracy and humanity, and his actions contributed to the crippling of millions of lives in Ontario over these last 16 mos

@chloe_withanh @Balacla27914533 He pushes deadly lockdowns and now he wants to imprison more people. Herr Fisman is definitely a scourge for Ontario. Perhaps he is the one who should hideaway for a while. He is a menace.

@Roman_Baber @COVIDSciOntario Fisman is now being paid to promote vaccine passports and social segregation. In actuality he is being paid to promote digital ID.

Uh. No. They probably did that too, but they hired our current corrupt pandemic health table, including your pal Fisman. Toronto McKinsey offices are conveniently right on Uof T campus!

@Roman_Baber @COVIDSciOntario Hold back our economy? What? Hasn’t David Fisman been advocating to lockdown our society at every turn? Now he’s going to blame those who aren’t vaccinating? Okay then. Remember when we were mostly open last summer with no vaccines? Fisman has to go.

@Roman_Baber @COVIDSciOntario Man is it getting ugly out there. The authoritarians like Fisman, Stall, and Bogoch are really going full throttle for societal segregation and the creation of medical checkpoints to go anywhere.

@jonmanuel77 @DFisman Mad respect for Dr Fisman. This demonization of folks who haven’t can’t or won’t vaccinate yet is problematic when I don’t see vaxx+masks+distance+HVAC calls to action. Dumbing it down to vaxx / no vaxx leads to outbreaks.

@Roman_Baber @COVIDSciOntario I’m surprised Fisman doesn’t realize that he is the voice of a small vocal minority in the C-zero side, which has done more damage to the economy and mental health of Citizens then the “open everything up” side.

Hypothetically speaking; Trudeau and Fisman in a burning building, who are you not saving first. 🤔

bıktım ben bu kulübün çapsızlığından şu adamı hiç hiç ilgimiz yok falan fişman diye almadılar :D

@Roman_Baber @DFisman Someone may want to ask Fisman where he intends to practice now that UofT has revoked his medical license for unprofessional conduct.

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@Roman_Baber @DFisman Honestly, I strongly believe this man, David Fisman, is not ok. I don’t think he is mentally fit to even throw out suggestions at this point. My kids are at stake, so either man up, or leave the decisions of our children’s safety up to as it should be.

@DFisman @Roman_Baber David Fisman every time I come across your tweets the only thing that comes to mind is how immature you are. This last post is case in point. You act like a small child throwing a fit because someone doesn’t agree with you or questions your response. Time to grow up little boy.

If Fisman is pivoting to climate change that marks the beginning of the end of covid hysteria in Ontario. I don’t think that climate will have the same weight as covid did, and will not grant these scientists the same amount of control and power they’ve gotten addicted to

@robfoot Thanks for sharing. “The risks are too great“ is by far my favourite contrarian catchphrase of the times and will probably stay with many of us for years. And your wrestling-related takes are 👌 (I think fisman is the ultimate “nugget” in this storyline—the bratty conduct & all)

en dinc olmam gereken gunlerde bu kadar yorgun hissetmem herkesin gozune batiyo yine herkes tavirli laf sokuyo falan fisman

I don’t even know what to say at this point Hope Fisman is happy This is what they’ve created

This is better than when the NWO split into the Wolfpack and NWO Hollywood Fisman would be Vincent Or maybe Horace Hogan

Fisman Photo,Fisman Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Fisman dives in , long thread, tweets stats , opinions, consequences etc. Learns OP post was 100% wrong and is actually the complete OPPOSITE. Responds : Boo hoo chowderhead

@ddiamond @lapublichealth Public health needs to stop the ambiguous messaging and reinstate masks. The virus is aerosolized not simply spread by droplets. Masks, ventilation & common sense mitigation are needed Airborne Transmission and the Semmelweis Reflex with Dr. David Fisman

@ProvoGal01 I can’t wait until I run into fisman or Ingram and any of these privileged a$$holes out in public

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