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Justin Gaethje Beat Rafael Fiziev In An All Out Slobberknocker.

Fiziev Photo,Fiziev Photo by Barstool Sports,Barstool Sports on twitter tweets Fiziev Photo

@MMArena_ Ptdrrr la diff entre Gaethje et Fiziev supplément il c’est fais marbrer c trop.

c’est réel l’effet Gaethje🇺🇸ce ptn de camion « nous sommes nés pour ç» Fiziev🇦🇿 a prouvé qu’il avait un grand coeur, mais c’est pas suffisant.

Fantastic fight. Gaethje really deserves credit for beating this animal. Fiziev is so good, and was was faster from horn to horn, but Gaethje figured it out and put it on him. #UFC286.

Rafael Fiziev: Bu fotoğrafa değerdi. Justin Gaethje: Hayranım. Sen gerçek bir savaşçısın. Seninle aynı kafesi paylaşmak onurdu..

Fiziev Photo,Fiziev Photo by Dövüş Dünyası,Dövüş Dünyası on twitter tweets Fiziev Photo

Gaethje: I’m a fan. You are a warrior my friend. It was an honor to share the cage with you! Fiziev: It was an honor too my friend TWO ABSOLUTE WARRIORS 👏 #UFC286.

Fiziev Photo,Fiziev Photo by UFC on BT Sport,UFC on BT Sport on twitter tweets Fiziev Photo

Rewatching Gaethje/Fiziev & I can’t stop thinking about what the monetary value of a “Justin Gaethje” is as a professional athlete/fighter. Maybe he already is but dude should be one of the highest paid athletes on the roster. Willing to do whatever it takes to win and entertain..

Así quedó Rafael Fiziev posterior a la pelea con Justin Gaethje anoche en UFC 286 😳.

Fiziev Photo,Fiziev Photo by Lucha Libre Online,Lucha Libre Online on twitter tweets Fiziev Photo

Oglądam na spokojnie Gaethje vs. Fiziev. R2 bezwzględnie dal Gaethje, werdykt sprawiedliwy. Natomiast praca kamer wyjątkowo marna. Dużo ujęć, na których widać tylko zawodników od pasa w górę, wobec czego kilka atomowych lowów Gaethje niewidocznych. Słabo, UFC!.

Tout les jabs de Justin Gaethje🇺🇸 lors du 3eme round face à Rafael Fiziev🇦🇿!.

Rafael Fiziev, yüzünün hali için: “Gü Biz bunun için doğduk!”.

Fiziev Photo,Fiziev Photo by MMA Türkiye 🇹🇷🥋🇹🇷,MMA Türkiye 🇹🇷🥋🇹🇷 on twitter tweets Fiziev Photo

Bon c’était cool en vrai ! Merci à Gaethje et Fiziev ❤️❤️❤️ … Mdr chimaev arrive et pour le coup je sais pas trop comment il s’y prendras.


I just started the second round of the Gaethje Fiziev fight last night and I cannot wait to see how Justin wins this 😳.

Gaethje y Fiziev son dos tesoros que tiene la UFC Fiziev ha conseguido bono (por pelea de la noche o por KO) en 6 de sus 7 victorias en la UFC Y Gaethje ha conseguido bono (por pelea de la noche o por KO) en el 100% de los 11 combates que ha disputado en la UFC.

#UFC286 results: Tracked: PrizePicks: + Total: +💎 we were a Fiziev win away from sweeping the whole slate, but my confidence might have been a bit over expressed. this breaks our 5 event winning streak on the tracked side but a great event overall🍀🔥.

Fiziev Photo,Fiziev Photo by WizzBets,WizzBets on twitter tweets Fiziev Photo

Justin Gaethje discovering he has a pretty solid jab in the 3rd round against Fiziev 😂.

A matured and dignified man would agree Rafael Fiziev wins at Eye Poke parity vs Justin Gaethje.

One of my main takeaways from Justin Gaethje vs Rafael Fiziev is that Charles Oliveira must incredibly hard. Gaethje got cracked by Rafa on several occasions and ate the shots - which looked and sounded harder than the ones Oliveira landed - like they were nothing. #UFC286.

“Justin is avoiding the up and comers because he knows they would pick him apart”🤓 “He’s too wild and sloppy, Fiziev will counter him so easily”🤓 I love mma bc it shows none of that shit rly matters that much. A fight is a fight. F**k all that technique..

People comparing Fiziev to Ragnar from Vikings and I honestly see it..

Fiziev Photo,Fiziev Photo by Val Dewar (Violenceweight Rankings Steward),Val Dewar (Violenceweight Rankings Steward) on twitter tweets Fiziev Photo

Lol guy says” fiziev won all 3 rounds clearly” I reply “you’re bad at this” and he blocks me. Y’all some sensitive outspoken bitches 😭🤣.

Fiziev Photo,Fiziev Photo by Mike McDaddy/Wilkins/Tua Stan (Picante Reggy🌶️ ),Mike McDaddy/Wilkins/Tua Stan (Picante Reggy🌶️ ) on twitter tweets Fiziev Photo

‼️Graphic Warning‼️ Rafael Fiziev speaks following his loss at #UFC286 …. What a warrior!👊🏽.


@RealestSince83 @ManOfShark 200k in total bonuses - Hadley and Gunni at POTN - 50k Gaethje and Fiziev FOTN - 50k each..

Ellos fueron los ganadores de los bonos de #UFC286 💰💰💰.

WHAT A FIGHT!!!! Gaethje’s experience may have won him that fight but the Akhi Fiziev is gona be a problem in the future #UFC286.

@CloverSterk409 Gaethje good Fiziev not as good as Justin Usman looked good But Leon looked way better.

@Lunch77Beatz no honestly i missed the main card how did gaethje leon usman and fiziev look ?.


#UFC286 Bonuses: Gaethje vs. Fiziev Earns Fight of the Night, 2 Others Take Home $50,000.

Fiziev Photo,Fiziev Photo by Sherdog,Sherdog on twitter tweets Fiziev Photo
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