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1 hour to go. Manifesting the flames on these candles be eternal flames that shine throughout our universe 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 Indonesia juara #ThomasCup2022 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯.

@BarackObama Seriously?? This is the statement you make?? Guess you have to keep those flames of division burning even today..

The GOP has become the party of hate, stoking the flames of white supremacy for political gain..

Every Day Carlson on Fox spews fans the flames of toxic racist violence . He is deeply evil..

Add to this that hundreds of men & women across Pakistan have been injured by direct hits of tear gas shells! I have seen these landing; these Shells hit you like small rockets full of flames! Some are seriously hit; please pray for them!.

At the scene of what appears to be an explosion on N. Washington Street in Pottstown. 1 house entirely gone, other houses damaged. No flames, smoke or smell of gas. These are the shots I got before police kicked me out..

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Aqui vai mais um mapa. Copenhagen Flames 1 - 1 FaZe É o tempo de ir Daqui a pouco é #DiaDeFuria na nossa Tribonera! 🇧🇷.

Flames were pushing ridiculously hard at 5-on-5, Stars best penalty killer/player goes to the box for high-sticking and the Stars manage to kill off the Flames power play. Big moment early in this game..


Copenhagen Flames vs. Imperial. 🇩🇰Denmark vs. 🇧🇷Brazil. Young stars vs. veterans of Counter-Strike. Last playoff spot. Last Dance. Tonight is the night. See you on stream. Match page:.

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Last day of the #PGLMajor Legends stage. 3 all or nothing games stating from 12:00 CET. 🇫🇷Vitality v Heroic🇩🇰 🇪🇺G2 v Furia🇧🇷 🇧🇷Imperial v Flames🇩🇰 I’ll go live on my twitch channel with an extended pre show for Vitality v heroic, and watch the game with you. Let’s go! ❤️‍🔥.

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I’m still in complete and utter shock that the team did it last night. What a huge win and what a great series we have ahead of us. Looking forward to covering this one. The First Playoff Battle of Alberta in the Social Media Era? It’s going to be crazy. #Flames.

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Today’s Commanding Morning was pure flames 🔥🔥🔥 , listening to the recordings …Ei I said all that ? Wow.

@MysterySolvent Those 99 Cent Store extensions should not be that close to the 😬.

Good morning #Flames fans! How are you feeling this morning? 🎧:.

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minutes into the game: Score: Stars 1, Flames 0. Ideal. SOG: Stars 2, Flames 13. Not ideal..

Good morning sports fans. The Battle of Alberta starts Wednesday in Calgary. Flames vs Oilers. Round 2. Buckle up. #StanleyCup.

Hoje o dia de #PGLMajor é dia de VIDA OU MORTE para nós: 🇪🇺G2 x FURIA🇧🇷 10:45 🇩🇰CPH Flames x Imperial🇧🇷 14:30 Vamos juntos mandar aquela energia Resuminho do q rolou ontem? Cola no Plantão do Major abaixo Aproveita e me segue no tikoteko Bom dia clã!.

NHL 5/18 Recap Canes u6 💵 Flames ML 💵 Canes ML 💵 3-0 + Sweep it up! NHL Playoffs: 70-53-5 + NHL YTD: 889-770-47 +.

I use to think Aramex is bad but awa it is better 🤧 Buffalo logistics will show you flames, it is awful, horrible on a very high level. Angfuni ukungasho.

nightmare on elm street 2 was a yaoi movie and also pretty bad but i liked it on merit that everything kept bursting into flames. starting 3 now and it rocks the horror is intense and really awful im enjoying it.

At least I know this one. Reason why I don’t eat anything grilled over open flames..

Big shout out to Markstrom, that breakaway save with 6mins left 🤯 Literally stopped breathing on that Thank you Marky #Flames.

*calgary fans chanting go flames go* me, a californian who witnesses devastating wildfires every summer:.

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The record for goals in a playoff game all-time is 18. Flames & Oilers at 13 with 13 minutes left in the they get there?.

Oh baby💰💰💰 Who’s awake & ready to do it again?!? Told y’all these POD’s were coming STRONG‼️‼️‼️ Now let’s get after it…AGAIN🔥 Monday✅ Tuesday✅ Wednesday✅ 🏒Calgary Flames ML (2U🧨)💰💰 LETS FUCKIN GO! Another POD INCOMING?!? YES SIR!.

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I lived in an apartment in Oliver when the Oilers were in the 2006 playoffs. I was dating a Flames fan at the time (🚩 🚩 🚩🚩) so we weren’t watching the games. But we didn’t need to. #yeg ROARED when the Oilers scored. Friday’s going to be like that 😎 #BattleofAlberta.

As much as the refs haven’t been blowing it dead when the pucks held against the boards…. Probably beneficial for Calgary as faceoffs aren’t their friend lately #Flames | #FireItUp.

Furnace Is overheating little gnomes can’t contain the wild flames! 2-3 hours last chance for the cup of soup 🍜 🌶🔥.

FaZe reverse sweep Copenhagen Flames to book playoff spot at PGL Antwerp Major.

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