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The Scottish Gender Recognition Reform Bill does not affect the operation of the Equality Act. The government’s decision to block it has nothing to do with “protecting women” and everything to do with fanning the flames of a culture war that’s harming trans people..

The ANC urging a national shutdown over loadshedding is like Satan protesting against the flames of hell..

When flames are extinguished, light gives way to the dark. When Azaan seeks to burn the Realm, the Abyss sends Nyx to rekindle her own..

People like you - right? Who stoked the flames of hatred & division for years so you could get away with one lie after another? Costing countless millions in tax payer dollars, subverting a legally elected govt & much more in damage done to every institution in this country..

FLAMING LOTUS FLAMES GIVEAWAY Rules: - FOLLOW @TeamMobilityGG - RETWEET - 30 Winners - Ends Thursday, January 26th..

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Want to see our Lunar New Year warm-up jerseys in person tonight? Well, your admin has a pair of tickets to the game PLUS a #Flames cap and bobblehead set up for grabs! Enter by: 🔥 RTing this post 🔥 Follow us (obviously) 🔥Reply with who you would bring to the game.

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FLAMES WIN ‼️ Liberty defeats North Florida for the very first time at UNF Arena to improve to 7-1 in conference play. #Fanem🔥.

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Zadorov is out on the ice with the goalie pulled No Lindholm Sutter has gone mad #Flames.

@NHLFlames Mental health awareness night: where the Flames challenge everyone’s mental health.

More #Flames juggling… Pelletier-Kadri-Huberdeau Mangiapane-Backlund-Coleman.

Game over. The #Flames lose 4-1. Next up, the Bolts are in town on Saturday. #COLvsCGY.

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a while back i asked for advice on certain colors for flames!! you guys helped me out a whole lot, thank you so so much!! after some studying and experimenting, i think i managed to make some overlays im really happy with~!!.

If that was a litmus test for two teams that expect to be better in the second half of the NHL season, the #Flames failed it pretty miserably..

Ian Cole vs Milan Lucic from the Tampa Bay Lightning at Calgary Flames game on Jan 21, 2023.

‼️NHL RESULTS‼️ Blackhawks +💰💰💰💰💰 Blackhawks/Flames O6 Push Ducks ML💰💰💰💰💰 Bruins ML❎ Coyotes ML💰💰💰💰💰 HUGE 3-1-1 NIGHT HITTING 3 DOGS AT BIG PLUS MONEY KEEP FIRING THIS WEEK 🚀 #GamblingTwitter.

Here’s the rest of the Saturday Bets, got deep into the Duffy for @SandyPlashkes Flames ML ⭐️⭐️ Jets ML ⭐️⭐️ Wild ML ⭐️ Blues 1P Puckline ⭐️ Blue Jackets ML⭐️ Flyers/Red Wings Under 6⭐️ Predators ML⭐️ Capitals/Knights over 6 ⭐️.

i have no further ideas i would just like to see a fucking massive leviathan horror of a dragon engulfing them both in flames..

@oestagiario Fred(desimpedidos) Larissa é key alves, esse é meu podio nessa ordem por sinal 🐑.


Flames got fucked harder than Riley Reid tonight They took the pounding like champs Good for them.

But the system is working! The Flames lost to half an Avs team, so clearly it is working. Oh, and the Avs now catch up to them in the Wild Card race. But the system is working great..

I want to know what Kadri said to the ref… or what did he do for the game misconduct?!?! #goavsgo #Flames.

Yes yes, very The Prince bursts into flames and Goku added his eyebrows to his hair. How.

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He’s finally playing the commercial songs. 😭 I know a blue Aiva is gonna show us flames #BBTitans.

hi everyone im really scared, i wanted some hot banana so i put one in the oven, it’s really burned with smoke and flames, what should i do next, please help i am very tensed up.

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@irisghuleh No, it was actually very hot. Lots of flams- actually- almost exclusively flames [they half joke].

Returning faves, new flames and more this week from our #SingleKiasi fam:.

So when Ritchie comes back, which Flames forward goes down? Duehr? Pelletier? Ritchie himself? Ruzicka?.

This is the most joy I’ve ever seen from Darryl behind the Flames bench. No word of a lie..

In Flamesが単独やってくれればのっへすは2日目だけで済むのになー.

In flamesメロデスじゃ無いほうの曲やってくんないかな〜〜〜😇.

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