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BREAKING: Space Force is trending as US Space Force fires whistleblower commander who spoke out against Marxism and Critical Race Theory

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Jack Posobiec
Jack Posobiec ()

BREAKING: Space Force is trending as US Space Force fires whistleblower commander who spoke out against Marxism and Critical Race Theory

Eri ()

@aGirlCalledChar You sense a disturbance in the fucking force at the top of that hill

John Pavlovitz
John Pavlovitz ()

In the wake of losing a loved one, everything in your life becomes a potential surprise memorial, an unexpected grief anniversary. These seemingly incessant reminders force you once again to observe the loss anew.

Jack Posobiec
Jack Posobiec ()

This is a massive story and confirms what we have been reporting for months Dissent will not be tolerated. Whistleblowers will be quashed. Space Force officer relieved of post after denouncing Marxist ideology and critical race theory in military

Eric Schmitt
Eric Schmitt ()

#HumanTrafficking is real. There are real victims My Office and our Task Force is leading the way and fighting back.

𝓢’𝓑🇲🇦 ()

N’écoutez pas les medias !! Il y a eu aucun débordement de notre côté nous les #Barbes #FreePalestine en revanche les force de l’ordre nous on bien gazer. Une fille de 16ans a reçu le tir de gaz sur l’épaule elle c retrouver inconsciente🤦🏻‍♀️🇵🇸

ماريا ()

I love how India force the relationship with Isr*el 💀 man said India supports Isr*el, let see if Isr*el will send you guys Oxygen for your habitants

Roronoa Zoro 🔰 🇸🇾🇾🇪🇧🇩
Roronoa Zoro 🔰 🇸🇾🇾🇪🇧🇩 ()

@poeticcjabs You should’ve watched what happened when he came with the flag, the camera man panned away but AKHI HAMZA AND FOFANA WITH FORCE WENT TO THE CAMERA. AAAAHH I LOVE IT #FreePalestine

PumP_uP_The_VolumE ()

@GDarmanin La Stratégie de la répression est raté. Aucune violence dans tout le reste de la France même là où c était interdit. La force entraîne des réactions. La violence engendre la violence. Votre force à la loi est gros FAIL

Tancrède Bonora
Tancrède Bonora ()

Force et courage à tous ces étudiants qui tiennent bon dans ces logements insalubres, entre distributions alimentaires et cours à suivre.

BillyBigBollocks KeyboardWarrior MallNinjaCvnt
BillyBigBollocks KeyboardWarrior MallNinjaCvnt ()


ETEJRadar ()

Royal Air Force Airbus Voyager KC2 (ZZ330, #43C6F3) as flight #RRR2191 at 40000 ft heading west bound over Lišice, Southwest (Czechia). At:

Christian ()

with no radio push, this is really good. Olivia truly is a force!

Take A Sith, Skytalker 🎙️ Nerdcast
Take A Sith, Skytalker 🎙️ Nerdcast ()

What does the Force will in the near future? Stay tuned with your Dank Titos of the Sith and May the Force Be With You!

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🖖 Christian Janeway 🖖
🖖 Christian Janeway 🖖 (), & praying they can get by without wrecks. Corporations can rake in the money, & absolve themselves of any responsibility to their work force or their customers. Even as a gig call-center worker, I dealt w/this. If I misspoke even a single word on some of

Rag and Co. {EVENT}
Rag and Co. {EVENT} ()

*his face went dark red and he tried to force the other off of him* ^GET OFF OF ME YOU HEATEN^

Hayden Center
Hayden Center ()

A federal government left ‘completely blind’ on cyberattacks looks to force reporting - POLITICO

Chris Johnston
Chris Johnston ()

Well deserved @LCFC no shame is losing to a goal like that, shame our strike force is Sunday league 🤷‍♂️🙁 #CHELEI #FACup

C H 🐳 L E 🌊
C H 🐳 L E 🌊 ()

Vandenberg AFB Changes Name of Base to Vandenberg Space Force Base– NBC Los Angeles

Z̶on 💆🏾🌠
Z̶on 💆🏾🌠 ()

@tuhsiv When this gets animated fire force boutta be the next best thing , Ohkubo knows the wave fr🗣️🔥

Jerem ()

@GmDLucas a quel moment l’avantage de la position se joue fi genoux ? Ça dénature le foot d’une force

YoungGoodman ()

@RebeccaKKatz Aboushi filed a motion during the case attempting to force the woman to pay Aboushi’s legal fees, which she listed as $350 per hour but was willing to settle for $300 per hour. Instead, the case went to trial, and Aboushi’s client lost

Dave Toplikar
Dave Toplikar ()

60 Minutes is expected to do a #UFO update on Sunday. Except they won’t include this recent Navy video.

Kiia_coco ()

@C4Thechitto @humbleakh_1 If said person has legally obtained the land then the man would have no claim to the land. If, however, the land has been taken by force, the man may lay claim to the land.

RidiculousReMarx ()

@ssotwelltx “We don’t want to kill them we just want them away from us but they won’t leave willingly so we have to kill them and force them out”

Akhy Kane
Akhy Kane ()

@cpaskiks en gros le réalisateur les a forcé à faire des scènes pédant 15h pas plus nécessaire que ça pour le film

Naim Bendeddouche
Naim Bendeddouche ()

@CNEWS Force a ce gendarme mais Si la manifestation était autorisée y’aura eut tout ses affrontement ? J’en doute 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️.

Shafiur Rahman
Shafiur Rahman ()

#May15Coup Mindat CHIN HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANISATION SOUNDS ALARM - POSSIBLE WAR CRIMES “The junta has been flying in hundreds of troops by helicopters to crackdown on an armed uprising by local militia known as the Chinland Defense Force-Mindat” #Myanmar

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Scott MacFarlane
Scott MacFarlane ()

ALERT- US House has just released its emergency spending plan to increase Capitol security $162 million- hardening of doors & windows $17 million- new cameras $200 million- Quick reaction force to help US Capitol Police $250 million- fencing, sensors, landscape changes

The Washington Post
The Washington Post ()

Perspective: Study after study has debunked the myth that emergency benefits and stimuluses keep people out of the labor force.

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