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Are you superstitious or just a little stitious? #GCPlayoffs | #ForTheW.

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Bo Levi Mitchell was pretty 💩 But listening to him post game he said he was confused by some new looks on So I have to give our defense all the credit in the world, and yes, that includes Ritchie Hall for a great defensive game plan. #Bombers #ForTheW.

Thank u football Gods for the great day @Wpg_BlueBombers @Vikings 👍👍 #ForTheW #Skol.

See ya next weekend @Wpg_BlueBombers we’re coming too!!! #ForTheW.

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What’s that? Watch the @Wpg_BlueBombers game again on PVR? Don’t mind if I do! #ForTheW.

I think both our quarterbacks played extremely well and did a lot. WATCH ▶️ #GCPlayoffs | #ForTheW.

Anyone else record the @Wpg_BlueBombers game? I did. Oh yes, I am very smart. Woohoo. #ForTheW.

Thank you all for the support. We gone keep this train rolling. Proud of all my bruddas ⛓⛓. #Road2TheCup #ForTheW.

2 Jets wins, a Bomber beat down of the most arrogant football team in Hard to think of a better sports weekend in Winnipeg in a long #GoJetsGo #ForTheW.

Punch those motherfucking Stamps in the mouth on their home turf! Wooooooo #ForTheW.


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Come on @Wpg_BlueBombers Fans we need more positive Vibes #NoNegativeNellys #ForTheW.

I am sure hoping a different Bomber team comes out. The confident, fired up and playing on all cylinders team. You got to better to beat Calgary. #ForTheW #CFLPlayoffs.

Mitchell gets called for intentional grounding in the end zone - Bombers safety for two! WPG 2 | CGY 7 #GCPlayoffs | #ForTheW.

My first shower in 2 1/2 months. I’ve had bed washes but feels so good to have water flowing over the body again. Now all I need is the Bombers to win. #ForTheW.

Toasting the @Wpg_BlueBombers with a Blue Bomber cocktail ...Let’s get this one team! #FortheW #webelieve.

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Jersey on, Tylenol taken. Let’s go boys!!! @Wpg_BlueBombers #ForTheW.

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We’ve got a big one out here today, but it sure is great to see the atmosphere and excitement in Montreal this afternoon as well. Enjoy the games and Go Blue! #FortheW.

I’m ready for The Winnipeg Blue #Bombers Playoff Game this afternoon. #ForTheW.

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“At the end of the day we’re here to play football, we’re here to win a championship. That’s our goal.” Game Preview 📝 | #GCPlayoffs | #ForTheW.

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The big guy @BigBluto63 joins me now to get ready for Bombers Stamps on @TSN1290Radio #ForTheW.

Rare matinée game to delight British Winnipeg Jets fans today. Followed by the Bombers game which is on a sports channel I subscribe to. Time for a few cold ones for prepare for the Winnipeg double header. #GoJetsGo #ForTheW.

Trust us! The folks in Calgary will hear these Bombers fans all the way from San Diego!!! Go Blue!!! #ForTheW @Wpg_BlueBombers.

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Wishing our neighbours good luck today in Calgary! We’re #ForTheW ! #GoBombers.

Speaking of the Bombers - How are you feeling about their chances this afternoon? #ForTheW.

Are you superstitious or just a little stitious? #GCPlayoffs | #ForTheW.

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