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Justin Medlock AMIRIGHT?!? #9 makes it a 9 point game with :34 seconds to go! #ForTheW.

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Last night’s @Wpg_BlueBombers win in Edmonton will hereby be referred to as “the Willie Jefferson game” #ForTheW.

Simply looking at the stats, the #Bombers must have taken one on the chin last night in Edmonton (7-17 passing for 89 yards / while giving up 430 through the air) But the Blue had an unstoppable run game & the D kept the Eskimos to field goals in an improbable 34-28 win! #ForTheW.

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Willie? Lucky? Strevy? Harris? Going to be hard to pick my next jersey. Also if anyone needs a fill in for the trip to LDC I’m good to go. #ForTheW.

Watching the @Wpg_BlueBombers game last night, the timer popped up on the tv for a show my wife was PVRING in 2 minutes. I quickly cancelled it without telling her. It’s official, I love this team way more then my wife. This may be my last tweet ever. #ForTheW #truelove.

✅ First career start ✅ First career interception ✅ First career touchdown Marcus Rios opened the scoring in spectacular fashion. Grab a cup of coffee and watch the full highlights! ▶️ #ForTheW.

Is Willie Jefferson the scariest dude in the league or what? Total #ForTheW🏈.

This sings to my soul and state of mind See ya tomorrow @MortlandScotty⁩ #ForTheW.

The final stats from a victorious trip to Edmonton. #ForTheW.

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@BobIrvingCJOB Whatever works. It may not be the traditional winning formula but Bombers have found what works for them. All 3 phases of the game are contributing to the win. Can not argue with success. Stats only count at end of career. But the league looks at wins. #fortheW #GoBlue.

Maybe if you would have kept them there, you guys would have scored some touchdowns 😉#FortheW #Bombers.

@EdmontonEsks @Wpg_BlueBombers Maybe you should have played on an 80 yard field it may have been easier for you. 🤫 🤣 #ForTheW.

Do you really understand the power of a hug? Hug someone today, its amazing! Good Morning and Wishing you an amazing day #ForTheW.

“It was just a total team win is how I would describe that.” Game Recap 📝 #ForTheW.

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So proud of what we accomplishing but the marathon continues 🏁. Good team win on to the next #ForTheW.

@CFL #Edmonton still would have scored o ly 1 TD if the posts were on the #fortheW.

And with the game he was having I would be more concerned if he WASNT #WhatAGame #ForTheW.

@wbbfan4ever Including preseason three and only ONE touchdown. With THAT air attack. This Big Blue Big D is for real. 💙💣💛🏈 #ForTheW #LetsGoBombers.

Much like the first time we played EDM Statistically the Eskimos dominated but the Bombers found a way to win regardless of who was playing as QB, our defense held them to mostly FGs AGAIN!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #ForTheW.

I reiterate what I said after last week’s game- Willy Jefferson might be the most important signing the Bombers made last off season. #ForTheW.

@Wpg_BlueBombers 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #ForTheW it was looking close but got it done!!! 🏈.

@EdmontonEsks @Wpg_BlueBombers Thanks. I guess statistics really are for losers! #ForTheW.

Yaaay! Our Winnipeg Blue Bombers win again tonight! Way to go BOMBERS! :) @Wpg_BlueBombers #ForTheW.

@CFL sup Jamie, Pat, Matthew, Marshall, Chris and Jim? #ForTheW.

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@EdmontonEsks @Wpg_BlueBombers And yet, that wouldn’t have helped your team score touchdowns tonight. 🤷‍♀️ #ForTheW #WinnipegAlberta.

Justin Medlock AMIRIGHT?!? #9 makes it a 9 point game with :34 seconds to go! #ForTheW.

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