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#FoundYouAttractiveUntil I found out your favourite superhero was Ironman 😬😅😂

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Rona ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil now still because ive realized i like my crushes with no personality.

ابن العراق🇮🇶
ابن العراق🇮🇶 ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil I realized the signs that were being revealed to me.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil you said Islam teaches us to “love and respect everyone regardless of their beliefs or sexuality”

#BLM The Lovely and Talented
#BLM The Lovely and Talented ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil you , during our date, began describing a stage performance you did on a variety show years earlier. A performance, I realized, I had been in the audience for. And found absolutely racist.

Kiddy "Trans Rights" Kong Facts ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil you refused to name our first-born son KD after Kiddy Kong. What an awkward divorce that was.

.⋅: ✧:⭒ Rori ⭒:✧ :⋅.
.⋅: ✧:⭒ Rori ⭒:✧ :⋅. ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil you said that a woman belongs at home, a man belongs at work, and those are the only 2 genders

🌵🐺 Lucian Loutranger 🦦
🌵🐺 Lucian Loutranger 🦦 ()

I #FoundYouAttractiveUntil you turned out to be someone with terribad takes and horrible tastes in politics.

barbz bomb squad • vote blue era
Barbz bomb squad • vote blue era ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil you said blm and acab were for (and i quote) “r*t*rds” because blm is “racist” and acab was bad because “cops cant control the system even if it is fucked, and we need p*lice anyways” ..................... may be based on a true story :/

Blake Yusaki
Blake Yusaki ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil I found out you think Biden would make a good President

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WAKANDA FOREVER 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸👮🏽‍♂️ ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil I saw the plaque buildup on your teeth

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Brooke ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil your favorite hockey team was the NY Islanders 🏒🤦🏻‍♀️😂

🇨🇦SmokingJen🇨🇦 ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil I found out your favourite superhero was Ironman 😬😅😂

Billy 🐐 Mistakenly 🐄
Billy 🐐 Mistakenly 🐄 ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil I smelled your sit-down air

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Astorron Media 🌈🇨🇦🇺🇸🌊
Astorron Media 🌈🇨🇦🇺🇸🌊 ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil you said you were fine living in your small town and don’t want to live or see anything else.

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kas is tired
Kas is tired ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil you manipulated me for 4 years and chose the dog fucker over me because he plays dnd. Yeah fuck you

🐘♥ ɒꙅI⅃ ♥🐘
🐘♥ ɒꙅI⅃ ♥🐘 ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil you said you didn’t like animals !

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Shrooms-That-Sticks🔥🍄 ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil we did shrooms. I fell in love with your face on shrooms 😘😘❤️🍄🔥🌈 Drip 💧 in for shrooms.

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இஇஇஇஇஇஇஇஇ / இ இஇ
இஇஇஇஇஇஇஇஇ / இ இஇ ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil i found out you didnt make extremely loud and distorted noise music

Asha ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil its trending in politics so can i just say wtf Biden 😹😹😹.??????!_!_-????!&!_*.?

Jess ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil you told me Depression is a choice and to just “stop being sad”.

AnotherWorkrBee 🇨🇦
AnotherWorkrBee 🇨🇦 ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil you showed me where all your news comes from.

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🌊😷A Tarantula😷🌊🗽
🌊😷A Tarantula😷🌊🗽 ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil you said you like 45 because “he tells it like it is.” 🙄

DiDi Star ⭐️ BLM
DiDi Star ⭐️ BLM ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil the latex broke and the 400 snakes inhabiting your body came slithering out. Then I was in love.

Λ ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil you played the harmonic note as a root note and later, postulated that Quantum computing can solve any class of problem faster than Classical computing.

Parsa ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil با شخصیت واقعیت آشنا شدم و دیدم چقدر حال به هم زنی اره به خودت بگیر

cam!la || kinda ia bc SCHOOL
Cam!la || kinda ia bc SCHOOL ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil u carried ur ex on ur back right in front of me and her bf at the time😚😚ur name was weird anyway

Chad Richards
Chad Richards ()

I #FoundYouAttractiveUntil you started lighting shit on

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No Contact
No Contact ()

Omg the best thing is trending right now. #FoundYouAttractiveUntil I caught you lying and realized you are a #Narcissist and that there were at least 5 women in your games.

B. Maggie Sherrill
B. Maggie Sherrill ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil you announced that Young Frankenstein wasn’t funny and vastly over rated.

Elisabete.codes ()

#FoundYouAttractiveUntil I noticed soap, but a distinct lack of a loofa, wash ANYTHING, in your shower.

☚ Chris Wallace #BlueJays ☛
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