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i will not be saying any more on the matter, i refer you to a crystal diary by frankie hucklenbroich:.

Frankie was HOT 🔥 in 1944 when this came the Hottest he Ever was .. #HigherAndHigher #TCMParty.

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Frankie, nobody is buying your polling anymore. You’ve destroyed the reputation of EKOS with your partisan attacks on Conservatives..

This is an actual onion ring I was served in a wonderful diner called Frankie’s that unfortunately is now not there anymore. Peace out..

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Realmente esta semana he llorado viendo a Jericho ganando el título mundial de RoH y a Frankie ganando la oportunidad de ir a por el de X Division. Que semana más maravillosa.

why does no one sell first wave clawdeen and lagoona NIB? i see frankie and draculaura all the time but i need those other 2 to complete the line.

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Señores, estoy de los nervios. No creo que gane Frankie pero me va a dar algo #VictoryRoad.

@m0sstrx frankie shouldve always been nb. theyre a frakenstein for fckssake. now what IS forced is adding gay non relevant parents to the lore but not making clawdeen a lesbian. i see thru ur sht mattel !.

A draculaura ter 1600 anos e ainda estar no ensino médio faz todo sentido mas FRANKIE USAR THEY/THEM??? UMA CRIATURA MISTICA NAO SE IDENTIFICAR COM NORMAS DE GENEROS HUMANAS?? AI JA É DEMAIS !!!.

Kylie and Matt only seem to have followed Josh, Sofia, Frankie, Dara, Julia, and Joe making it seem like Joe is in it but not Larry or Matt… unless maybe they just come for later episodes.


even before it was canon, frankie being nonbinary lowkey fits their character in general.


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@cloudnme wow another tough one! All 4 great songs. Just watched the Breakfast Club the other day so I want to vote Simple Minds. But I think I am going Talking Heads, Simple Minds, Flock, Frankie.

@aussiesoph Time to sleep it off in her carrier of all places🤣🐈💪🐈💪.

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@aussiesoph @frankie_dddd Toadie was??? I remember Toadie and Stonefish 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

@aussiesoph @frankie_dddd My single source for Australian culture was Neighbors and Home and Away as a kid lol..

@JJcharles777 @frankie_dddd Haha I don’t know. We also pronounce our words differently as well. Lol.

@JJcharles777 @frankie_dddd So the chips in a bag we call chips as well 😂😂😂😂. Hot chips gone cold would just be hot chips gone cold 😂😂.

@aussiesoph @frankie_dddd What are cold chips? Crisps, or hot chips gone cold? 🤣.

@JJcharles777 @frankie_dddd Like fries from McDonald’s type thing? We call those “hot chips” lol. Or just chips. Hardly no one says fries lol.

My fem presenting nonbinary rep Frankie u will always be famous tear tear tear.

5 Victorias-4 Derrotas=Gane Resultados De #ImpactWrestlingVictoryRoad2022 1:Bullet Club 2:Tasha Steelz Por Descalificacion 3:Mike Bailey(C) 4:The Motor City Machine Guns 5:Mickie James 6:Frankie Kazarian 7:Honor No More 8:Jordynne Grace 9:Steve Maclin.

frankie foi protagonista da G1, é referência ao fodendo monstro do frankenstein e agr é só um side character q usa they/them e é meio burrinho que inferno e vcs batendo palma né boa nerdola tô gostando de vê.

@frankie_girl_ He smiles and gets close to her, hugging her tightly, keeping her close to him..

@Elias_112_ The girl looks into the eyes of the soldier and instantly knows who it is. She smiles at him faintly under the water..


people cant even use ‘the subtitles said vague not they’ as an excuse for misgendering frankie because its clear frankie said ‘they’ and draculaura’s music video also had noticeably inaccurate subtitles.

@fortune__cat I WISH!!! Frankie can have him, idc Like, their song in Boo York was nice, but!!! Give Ghoulia the gf she deserves!!! Give her all the love!!.

Frankie by @artmyko Print available at.

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Working My Way Back to You (2007 Remaster) by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons on Working My Way Back to You (2007 Remaster) (Rhino (Pure)) #NowPlaying.

@Natalefay At the end, she couldn’t bear anymore his husband behaviour! She must have felt lonely, though Frankie tried his best with her!.

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