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Fred VanVleet welcomed his 2nd child to the world yesterday, a son, Fred Jr. Been an emotional 48 hours, culminating in his best game of an otherwise disappointing postseason..

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Fred VanVleet credits his Game 4 performance to the birth of his son.

Graças a Deus o banco de reservas que cobramos tanto apareceu no momento em que mais precisaos, Norman Powell, Fred VanVleet e Ibaka 👏🏿 esse time do Toronto Raptors tá me enchendo de orgulho, tão fazendo oq o Flamengo não faz a anos comigo #WeTheNorth.

Fred VanVleet welcomed his 2nd child to the world yesterday, a son, Fred Jr. Been an emotional 48 hours, culminating in his best game of an otherwise disappointing postseason..

Kyle Lowry 25pts 5rebs 6asts Kawhi Leonard 19pts 7rebs 4stls Norman Powell 18pts 5rebs Serge Ibaka 17pts 13rebs Marc Gasol 17pts 5rebs 7asts Fred VanVleet 13pts 6asts Pascal Siakam 7pts 4rebs 6asts Danny Green 4pts.

I was told Milwaukee got the guys to contain Steph, but Fred VanVleet of Wichita State put them in a blender. I was lied to..

Toronto’s bench is the reason they’re won tonight. Impressive production from Fred VanVleet, Norman Powell & Serge Ibaka.

banco do raptors Powell: 18 pontos Serge Ibaka, 17 pontos e 13 rebotes, Fred VanVleet, 13 pontos e 6 assistências WOW.

@andrewsharp your boy Fred vanvleet getting more minutes than Jeremy Lin is beyond me. @BenGolliver Raptors bench is bad without Lin..

@NoTechBen Used his massive cock to deter Fred VanVleet outta bounds. Unorthodox, modern NBA defense. 🔥.

Fred VanVleet defending people so much taller than him is always hilarious. I really don’t understand why Nick is still playing him with Lowry when it hasn’t worked ever in the playoffs..

Fred VanVleet has been the worst player since the playoffs started. How is he getting minutes in this series? Meanwhile, Brogdon is going to get a max contract this summer..

My favorite documentary is Minding the Gap, my favorite band is Cheap Trick, and my favorite basketball player is Fred VanVleet..

Fred VanVleet reminds me of Kyrie Irving. But like ... Kyrie Irving if his talent was stolen by the MONSTARS.

You can always tell if an athlete is trash from their name tbh. Fred VanVleet, Blake Bortles, Blaine Gabbert..

@kaankural Fred VanVleet ve McConnell ruh eşimi mi acaba ş floor general kardeşler.

I love watching these games on the Toronto feed cause the local commercials stretches credulity with how anyone would react to Fred VanVleet walking into a room..

Fred Vanvleet 1 senedir falan böyle basket atmamıştı bunları yapabildiğini hatırlamış birden.

I refuse to eat at Osmows. Fire Fred VanVleet and Powell. Absolute shite #WeTheNorth.

Fred VanVleet is 3/28 from the field in the last 8 games. How is that possible? Don’t know why they don’t use Jeremy Lin.

Only in Toronto does Gasol and Meeks trend meanwhile, Fred VanVleet has played 150+ Minutes Shooting the lowest percentage of all active players who have played 25 playoff games. Like 151st out of 151. 6% 💀 from Three in the last 9 Games. No trend for FVV lol #Raptors.

10 minutes of Fred VanVleet, what reason has he given Nurse to play him that fucking long?.

Fred Vanvleet should be getting ZERO MINS ON THE COURT. THE DUDE IS ASS. Jeremy Lin is 50x better AND HE CAN PLAY AS A SMALL BALL 2. Nick Nurse thinking outta his ass.

Fred VanVleet is ass. Nick Nurse is unable to adjust also is ASS. #WeTheNorth #raptors.

JODIE MEEKS misses two shot and gets pulled from the game but Fred vanvleet been missing shots all Three rounds but still getting playing time, Nick Nurse out here scared to trust his Bench #Nbaplayoffs @Raptors Wake up.

Fred VanVleet point totals since Game 1 vs. Orlando: 2 4 9 7 3 0 1 0 5 1 4 2 = 38 points.

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