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@majornelson The Normandy, of course. The reason MASS EFFECT 💚 #freecodefridaycontest.

@majornelson The AR-Wing from Star Fox because it’s awesome. #freecodefridaycontest.

@majornelson The Normandy sr2 from ME2 is really the best one IMO unless you forget to feed the fish in the captains cabin #freecodefridaycontest.

@majornelson Gosh, favorite spaceship? Probably the whale from Final Fantasy 4. An utterly ridiculous spaceship. #freecodefridaycontest.

@majornelson I don’t know. But at least I’m honest about it #freecodefridaycontest 💚.

@majornelson My favorite video game space ship has to be the the Normandy in Mass Effect because of all the great character conversations and world building that are there. #FreeCodeFridayContest.

@majornelson The best video game ship is the Normandy for me, but the Ishimura comes close! #FreeCodeFridayContest.

@majornelson Mine is probably the little aircraft from Outerwilds. Little thing has such wonky controls lol #freecodefridaycontest.

@majornelson #FreeCodeFridayContest dead space and no man sky are the best for now until starfield is out.

@majornelson #FreeCodeFridayContest An odd choice, but the spaceship you build and fly to Alpha Centauri in the Civ games - because it means you won!!.

@majornelson I’m kinda gonna chest heat but the millennium falcon in the Star Wars games is so f*cking cool and if that doesn’t count the UNSA destroyer #FreeCodeFridayContest.

@majornelson The Outrider from Shadows of the Empire N64. Uhh… it’s Star Wars #FreeCodeFridayContest.

@majornelson Samus’ ship from the Metroid series. It’s just suck an iconic ship and is one of the first games I played on NES. #FreeCodeFridayContest.

@majornelson The pillar of autumn from halo, looks like some giant futuristic canon/gun #freecodefridaycontest.

@majornelson #FreeCodeFridayContest its a tie between the Pillar of Autumn and the Infinity, both great representations of the state of humanity in its respective games.

@majornelson My favorite is the USG Ishimura. Dead space is my favorite horror type game. I played the first one the day it released and beat it that night. I love the series!!! I’d be so pumped to win the game much less the collectors edition! #FreeCodeFridayContest.

@majornelson I like the Stinger Mantis from Star Wars Fallen Order. #freecodefridaycontest.

@majornelson Gotta be the Normandy SR-2! Spent many hours in that thing flying around the galaxy! #FreeCodeFridayContest.

@majornelson The Milano from Guardians Of The Galaxy. The Milano is one of the most iconic ships in all of pop culture. Named after actress Alyssa Milano, the ship is owned and operated by Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, from The Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise. #freecodefridaycontest.

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@majornelson The pillar of autumn. First experience with halo and that ship is iconic #FreeCodeFridayContest.

@majornelson Ebon Hawk from Kotor. I was such a star wars nerd it just seemed right. #FreeCodeFridayContest.

@majornelson For sure the Normandy from Mass Effect! Would love to play this! #freecodefridaycontest good luck to all.


@majornelson The Silvergun from Radiant Silvergun is my favorite #freecodefridaycontest.

@majornelson My favorite ship would have to be the Mantis from Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. The Mantis is my favorite ship because I love the design of it and all the small things you can do out in the world for the ship like plant collecting. #freecodefridaycontest.

@majornelson The unreliable from Outer Worlds. I love how snarky it is. #FreeCodeFridayContest.

@majornelson @majornelson #FreeCodeFridayContest Mine would be the Samus ship from metroid. Gives me all my ammo and energy back..

@majornelson Has to be the Normandy because I love Mass Effect, I’ve enjoyed a lot all the franchise and for me it’s the best. #xboxfreecodefriday #FreeCodeFridayContest.

@majornelson The Normandy from mass effect, was awesome travel across the galaxy with it. #freecodefridaycontest #xboxfreecodefriday.

@majornelson probably the normandy from mass effect because it isn’t trying to kill you? lmao the ishimura is pretty rad too #freecodefridaycontest ps: larry, i REALLY want this game 🖤, rain.

@majornelson The Celestial Ship in Star Ocean. Those games have a special place in my heart. #freecodefridaycontest.

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