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POEC: Text message received by Chrystia Freeland regarding vaccines..

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Viva Frei
Viva Frei

“I have *my* bible” - @cafreeland They disingenuously exploit virtue to promote their ideologies. And now Freeland disingenuously exploits the Bible and notion of God itself to appear virtuous in her villainy. Absolutely shameless..

Disclosed documents revealed that at least one bank executive tried to caution Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland against using the country’s banking system as a “political weapon.” Read more:.

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Well the Freeland and Skippy puppet show went as planned. Use up your time by saying nothing and don’t admit to a thing..

Govt and Freeland worried about economic impact of bridge being blocked, meanwhile the govt Covid blockade of the entire border and airports was $26,000,000,000 billion in losses or of Canadian GDP. #cdnpoli #EmergenciesActInquiry.

‘Economic Harm’ No Ground for National Emergency, Says Civil Liberties Group After Freeland’s Testimony via @epochtimes.

Blacklocks: “Michael Sabia, deputy finance minister, cautioned Freeland  it was “a bit of a gray zone right now” as to whether depositors could retrieve their own.

Chrystia Freeland is rambling on about Ukraine, Putin and electric vehicles at the EA inquiry. I have no idea what any of that has to with the convoy protest, but Justice Rouleau seems comfortable with her adding nothing of consequence in her testimony. Weird.

Chrystia Freeland’s tone is condescending she lies in copious amounts! If Canada had Digital currency it would’ve been easier for her to control the people. Power is the END goal! She is what makes Canada UGLY, she’s the face of TYRANNY! Trudeau’s Gov’t Lost It’s Mind.

Justin Trudeau This is the same man who admitted that he had not seen an alternative plan that he could have used instead of the EA, but he was sure he didn’t have confidence in the plan he never saw..

Avec un peu de sévérité attendue de l’appareil média, il faut choisir: l’invocation de la Loi sur les mesures d’urgence se justifiait par: • l’économie, selon • l’idéologie, selon • rien parce que, non, personne ne l’a demandée..

Blacklock’s “Freeland ordered RCMP to compile a blacklist of protest sympathizers under the Proceeds Of Crime And Terrorist Financing Act” And who has been the Judge who has found them guilty?.

@ThoughtsNations @comox7 His behaviour was erratic,arrogant and just plain rude. He was extremely rude to Freeland, treated her like crap and, tried to bully her. She handled herself gracefully/eloquently as usual and, he didn’t even manage to fluster her one bit. Kudos to her for standing up to him!.

NOT ENOUGH @kinsellawarren Freeland, Trudeau, Blair and Lucki must also go. #cdnpoli #poec.

The Ambassadeur bridge was cleared prior to the EA on Feb 14 - she lied about the US/Can trade being the reason - she is WEF all the way - Canada traitor. Chrystia Freeland: The dangerous WEF devotee behind Trudeau’s Canadian project via @theconwom.

They kept accusing the Freedom Convoy to be under foreign influence, all the while they were under foreign influence. In psychology they have a name for that :.

I agree. It appears that the Federal Government is now well aware of America’s Trumpism and the Trump Republican Party had infiltrated the far-right conservative ideologues and the Conservative Parties all across Canada. Listen to Chrystia Freeland’s comments to @POECommission !.

Canada’s deputy prime minister and finance minister will appear at the Emergencies Act inquiry on Thursday..

@Roman_Baber @cafreeland Violation of Constitution Act of 1982. As Ms Freeland stated in #POEC testimony, accountability in Govt is important. Canadians want accountability. Now..

Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland Called Out On War via @YouTube.

@cafreeland Was afraid of children with blood on their faces at the #FreedomConvoy protest. Protesters were setting up bouncy castles for kids. While you were setting [CHECKS NOTES]... POLICE LINES W/BATTONS IN RIOT GEAR. #EmergenciesActInquiry.

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@calgarymisfit I think his experience as an educator has helped his focus, ( plus life experience) I admire his ability ( and Ms. Freeland) to have reel in the POINT away from the misinformation..

@TriqnTori Freeland cancelled her subscription so I cant ise her logins anymore but I dont have a problem stealing it from a wokeass company like Disney..

I hear this all the time, for women I thought were intelligent. Would men vote for an attractive women, only for her looks? Possibly, luckily Freeland will never know..

@K_Poppins One thing left, shut down our economy that Freeland is so concerned about. Half done in anyway. We all go on strike, 3-5 days, pick a date, nothing moves, no work, schools,shopping, gassing up, etc. Don’t move any monies. Everybody gets “covid”. Only other option would be w a r..

@stephen_taylor Millions of Canadians watched and admire his openness whereas Poilievre and Ford continue to hide from answering to the inquiry. Slimy cowards that won’t defend their own action. Not a liberal but Justin and Freeland have my respect….

@CTVNews #Trudeau lied to invoke the Emergency Act with no justifiable cause to do so. The dictator violating the Canadian Charter of Rights & attacked his own citizens for protesting. The liberal cult would’ve fit in with Freeland’s grandfather in 1933 Nazi Germany..

Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland have shown themselves to be petty dictators.

@Tankingpriest Its unbelievable how sneaky and underhanded Freeland is. She has no respect for Canada. Only for the Ukraine. And the UN..

@kkirkup He has a bloody ear piece in. Same as freeland. You people can’t be this naive?! Hope lost the people can’t see the forest for the trees..

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