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@tomgreenlive If you don’t call them freezies then what you call them? I always call them freezies.

@tomgreenlive When I was a kid, we called them Now with my grandkids I usually say freezies.

@tomgreenlive Freezies, unless they were Mr. Freeze brand. In that case we could call ‘em Mr. Freezes.

@tomgreenlive I grew up in Upstate NY and I think we called them freeze pops or ice pops. I live in Canada now and call them Freezies..

Freezies. Green if it’s apple, red if it’s cherry, white if it’s cream soda..

@TheOGUncleE LOLS!! Freezies up here …. Popsicles are very different for us. And you always have to choose either blue or red… literally that’s what we say 🤣🤣🤣.

@tomgreenlive There is no other name for these is there? Freezies are the only answer!.

@MSingam2019 @RoryOCleary George Carlin said they are actually really blue stuff is Candy, Jello, freezies and koolaid.

@tomgreenlive freezies and they are god damn delicious. Especially the jumbo ones 🤤.

If anyone calls these anything other than Freezies, you are objectively wrong and should re-evaluate your life..

@TiffanyDCross Right, Popsicles come on sticks, and Freezies with a cup and straw. #blueonesbussin.

@tomgreenlive : same ⇨ freezies (or “Mr. Freezies” sometimes, when addressing them formally).

@LRCanik freezie - just cause in the south they call all freezies otter pops and all soda coke doesnt mean youre right, it just means youre right when your in the south.

@RickeySmiley ROYGBIV … the colours of the rainbow! Lol… others would call them freezies! 😏.

@LRCanik Here in Nova Scotia we have always just called them Freezies… the brand we have here is Mr. Freeze… I’ve actually never seen an Otter Pop in my almost 49 years alive 🤷‍♂️😂.

@telecommoner @CoryBMorgan Mr freezies work better. You can rinse them, refreeze them and give them to liberals!.

@tomgreenlive Freezies!!!! Every kid loved a freezie after playing outside. When i was a kid..

@tomgreenlive I honestly have no idea what they would be called other than freezies.

@RickeySmiley Ice pops they ain’t freezies unless they say it and freezies are bigger.

@Jillbillionaire @RickeySmiley I’m from - So there were Freeze Pops & Giant Freezies (which were way bigger than the Freeze Pops). I couldn’t stand Ice Pops, took toooooo long to eat. That plastic was too much to deal with lol🤣😂 So are Slushy, Slurpee & Icee the same or🤔.

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@kelly_carlin @tomgreenlive What the hell is an Otter Pop?? These are Freezies for sure….

@tomgreenlive Freezies ... though think that might be a brand? I still tend to call them that though.

Got my freezies 😍but have the shivers so a hot bath first. Hope you are all having a beautiful day..

@RickeySmiley The name varies depending on the region and the brand. Some common names are Freeze Pops, Freezies, Icees, Ice Pops, Pop Ice, Fla Vor Ice and Zooper Dooper. Otter Pops is a specific brand name that is popular on the West Coast..

@BobbyCallen @tomgreenlive Tom Green and I are both Canadian; those are known as freezies here..

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