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Fresh terms = #FridayFeeling! 😁 📝 @MillieTurner_ #MUWomen.

#FridayFeeling Photo,#FridayFeeling Photo by Manchester United Women,Manchester United Women on twitter tweets #FridayFeeling Photo

Fritz coming up from the heated indoor pool for a mouth massage! #FridayFeeling.

दूरी होती है सिर्फ एक फैसले की, पतवार चुनें या पर फैलाएं... निर्णय लेना ही हमारी सबसे बड़ी क्षमता हैI #FridayFeeling #ThoughtOfTheDay.

Ted Lieu
Ted Lieu

Democrats put #PeopleOverPolitics and are focused on lower costs, safer communities and better-paying jobs. What are Republicans focused on? A national sales tax that will increase prices of everyday items by 30%. That is an insane and very extreme GOP plan. #FridayFeeling.

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#FridayFeeling Photo,#FridayFeeling Photo by Ledo Pizza,Ledo Pizza on twitter tweets #FridayFeeling Photo

‘Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.’ Lemony Snicket, Horseradish #FridayFeeling.

‘It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.’ Lewis Carroll, born #OnThisDay in 1832 #FridayFeeling.

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#FridayFeeling Photo,#FridayFeeling Photo by Ledo Pizza,Ledo Pizza on twitter tweets #FridayFeeling Photo

अगर आप अपनी ग़लतियों से सीख लेते है तो ग़लतियाँ आपके लिए सीढ़ी है, जो जीवन आपको आगे ले जाती हैं। #FridayFeeling.

Gooooood morning world, Happy Friday, have a great day now! 💙💋✨ #FridayFeeling.

#FridayFeeling Photo,#FridayFeeling Photo by Helena 🌵☀️,Helena 🌵☀️ on twitter tweets #FridayFeeling Photo

Maggie said you haven’t made a chocolate cake for ages nanna now if that’s not a hint I don’t know what is 😂😂😂 #FridayFeeling made in my swirl @NordicWareUK #bundt ❤️.

#FridayFeeling Photo,#FridayFeeling Photo by The Baking Nanna,The Baking Nanna on twitter tweets #FridayFeeling Photo

दौलत की चाह थी तो कमाने निकल गए, दौलत मिली तो हाथ से रिश्ते निकल गए, बच्चों के साथ रहने की फुर्सत न मिल सकी, फुर्सत मिली तो बच्चे ही घर निकल गए #FridayFeeling #Motivation.

#FridayFeeling Photo,#FridayFeeling Photo by RajniSingh,RajniSingh on twitter tweets #FridayFeeling Photo

⚓️Bay Art⚓️ what buy ape in your life? 1/1 digital sketch of that iconic ape Series 1 sketch 2 #nft #FridayFeeling.

#FridayFeeling Photo,#FridayFeeling Photo by Bay ⚓,Bay ⚓ on twitter tweets #FridayFeeling Photo

It’s Friday and we aren’t making excuses. Pushing near double body weight for 10x reps 👊💪🏼 JE #FridayFeeling.

Wow what an amazing week!! It makes us want to JUMP in excitement. Happy Friday to all our pupils, their families and staff #FridayFeeling #teamabbey.

Another is the depth of the night of the lamp, our feelings rise. It takes you away as if you were sailing into another realm. May it bring blessings to all humanity, May your #FridayFeeling be blessed. #JummaMubarak.


No More Boring Salads - This Pizza Salad Brings Both Health And Taste On The Plate #pizza #FridayFeeling.

Bump it out for a great weekend 👊 #wearestonybrookmedicine #fridayfeeling.

#FridayFeeling Photo,#FridayFeeling Photo by Stony Brook Department of Medicine,Stony Brook Department of Medicine on twitter tweets #FridayFeeling Photo

My boss said that I can work from wherever I want and since I’m feeling risky and adventurous I’ve decided that I’ll be working from the kitchen table instead of my home desk😎 #WFH #FridayFeeling.

So I managed to get kicked out of one more society WA group by Bhakts for trolling some dumb Republic Day messages 😂 #FridayFeeling #achievementunlocked.


Even after 62 years of marriage, this couple is full of love for each other. See their sweet interaction. #FridayFeeling.

Mum found something interesting in the larder just now. What you can’t see just round the corner above my head is the treat shelf. I’m just saying #noms #FridayFeeling 🐾.

#FridayFeeling Photo,#FridayFeeling Photo by Jasper the Irish Terrier,Jasper the Irish Terrier on twitter tweets #FridayFeeling Photo

“This Friday, finish your work and be done. Look forward to the weekend and have some fun!” – Kate Summers #FridayFeeling.

#FridayFeeling Photo,#FridayFeeling Photo by Adnest Africa,Adnest Africa on twitter tweets #FridayFeeling Photo

Top 100 - Indonesia CLEAN 🇮🇩: 🥇 SZA (37 days) 🥈 NewJeans 🥉 NewJeans 4️⃣ Awdella 5️⃣ Mario G klau 6️⃣ JVKE 7️⃣ Tulus 8️⃣ Miley Cyrus ⬆️ 9️⃣ Taylor Swift ⬇️ 🔟 Raissa Anggiani ⬇️ #FridayFeeling #Friday.

Top 50 - Indonesia CLEAN 🇮🇩: 🥇 SZA (30 days) 🥈 NewJeans 🥉 raissa anggiani 4️⃣ d4vd 5️⃣ Awdella 6️⃣ Mario G klau 7️⃣ Feby Putri, Fiersa Besari 8️⃣ Tiara Andini ⬆️ 9️⃣ Budi Doremi ⬇️ 🔟 New West #FridayFeeling #Friday.

Get $100 PSN Gift Card to Your Psn Account! Visit:👉🏻👉🏻 🔔 #FridayFeeling 667870 January 20 2023 06:56 AM.

Castle in the Snow 🏰🤍❄️ #FridayFeeling #Chambord cc @Kadebostany.

#FridayFeeling 💐 ...grapevine lies 🥊 #promisesmatter.

#FridayFeeling Photo,#FridayFeeling Photo by Victoria Trotter,Victoria Trotter on twitter tweets #FridayFeeling Photo

#FridayFeeling Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Helen Keller Thank you @simonsinek for my new skip hat which arrived yesterday I will wear it with optimism 👍 #StartWithWhy.

#FridayFeeling Photo,#FridayFeeling Photo by Gerry Hamill,Gerry Hamill on twitter tweets #FridayFeeling Photo

Top 100 - Hong Kong CLEAN 🇭🇰: 🥇 Dear Jane (41 days) 🥈 Ian Chan 🆕 🥉 MC Cheung Tinfu ⬇️ 4️⃣ NewJeans ⬇️ 5️⃣ MC Cheung Tinfu ⬇️ 6️⃣ NewJeans ⬇️ 7️⃣ Keung To ⬇️ 8️⃣ MC Cheung Tinfu 9️⃣ Keung To ⬇️ 🔟 MC Cheung Tinfu ⬇️ #FridayFeeling #Friday.

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