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The pardon he was requesting was as broad as you could describe, from the beginning of time, up until today, for any and all things Eric Herschmann on Rep Matt Gaetz requesting a pre-emptive pardon.

It’s bizarre that this took DOJ so long when the facts have been known for nearly 7 years. Even more bizarre that this indictment comes before the indictments for Matt Gaetz and, yes, $250M wire fraudster Donald Trump.

Exactly how many crimes does Matt Gaetz need to be under investigation for before he’s removed from his positions on the Judiciary, Budget, and Armed Services committees?.

Leaked phone transcript: Matt Gaetz: Hey grul, you doling pardons? Trump: Who dis? Matt: Nestor’s father..

@FoxNews Matt Gaetz asked for a pardon along with many others! Also Jeffrey Clark’s house got raided today! Can’t wait to see what happens today! 🍿.

Gaetz Photo,Gaetz Photo by U.S.A. PATRIOT 🇺🇸,U.S.A. PATRIOT 🇺🇸 on twitter tweets Gaetz Photo

GETTRでRSBN 🇺🇸ライブを視聴 Matt Gaetz Sounds Off On Guns, Abortion, Jan 6, And Our Military! Live From Washington DC 6/23/22.

Hello Florida Democrats, lets take a lesson from Colorado and do the same thing to get rid of the Nazi Republican party in Florida! Time to get rid of the pedophile, Gaetz, the criminal, Scott,the cur,Rubio & the murderer, DeSantis!!!.

Jordan Gaetz Gozar Biggs Perry Greene are all traitors to their oaths to the Constitution..

@orlandosentinel What have learnt that people are going to be headed to jail -- why did Gaetz need a blanket pardon for?.

@murti_bing Gaetz, Goebert, Brooks, Biggs, Perry, ? Green, they all asked for pardons after 1/6. Criminals!.

Pardon me? many Twitter users asked the Florida congressman..

Pardon me? many Twitter users asked the Florida congressman..

@RonFilipkowski Trying to find a fact in there. Interestingly I was feeling a need to write true fact, because in the alternative world of #gaetz facts do not have to be true..

Matt Gaetz goes berserk after his blanket subpoena request is outed.

@RepMTG @Snowden Breaking: Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Mo Brooks, Louie Gohmert, Andy Biggs, and Scott Perry all asked for White House pardons Thus my fellow Republicans, it never too late to tell the truth. Redemption is always possible.

Gaetz Photo,Gaetz Photo by maD _oN _Na,maD _oN _Na on twitter tweets Gaetz Photo

@realTuckFrumper If no one did anything illegal why did Perry, Brooks, Biggs, Greene, Gohmert, Gaetz, ASK FOR PARDONS!!! That is an admission of guilt and wrong doing..

@DSlayer520 Not sure how do do links yet, however results were released by Health Canada yesterday..

@MichaelSteele @mattgaetz Gaetz was asking about a pardon even before being charged? So, he knew he was an active participant in this attempt overthrow of our government. He’s a crook!!.

@ACTBrigitte YOu obviously have very low standards and very low opinion of the people. Gaetz is a traitor who committed seditious conspiracy and insurrection. Gaetz is out only for himself, who knows he committed crimes because he asked for a pardon..

@RepMattGaetz Hear yah go, bastard! Lick my nuts! Wait nvm! You might actually consider that, yikes!.

So matt gaetz requested a presidential pardon as early as December 2020 from former President Trump - for anything and everything, basically from the beginning of time. - source the January 6th Committee So @RepMattGaetz, I beg your pardon?.

Jan. 6 inquiry: Gaetz among numerous Republican lawmakers who sought pardons from Trump #Jan6Justice.

#MattGaetz is as shameless as DJTJ was. First, he rejects the results of an election and then asks for pardon for the very action. Pathetic!.

@pattonoswalt You have read about Gaetz right? Just saying, dude has a lot of bases to cover..

@RepMattGaetz ... the world is watching ... trump gets a prison cell, mtg gets a prison cell, gaetz gets a prison cell ... they all get a prison cell .... TRAITORS to AMERICA.

Gaetz Photo,Gaetz Photo by Nancy,Nancy on twitter tweets Gaetz Photo

@Scartman17 Id say Jim Jordan, cuz he seems to actually have a few brain cells, whereas Gaetz is just moronic douchebag-incarnate..

At least 5 House Republicans sought pardons after Jan. 6, including Brooks, Gaetz, testimony reveals #SmartNews.


@RepDanBishop @RepMattGaetz Why are you such a supporter of a pervert? What are you hiding? Why is gaetz trying to get a pardon if he has nothing to hide?.

@JackPosobiec I still like Matt Gaetz idea of Trump becoming the Speaker of the house (you don’t have to be elected to Congress to be the Speaker) and have DeSantis run for POTUS🇺🇸.

@JoJoFromJerz And Gaetz wanted his to cover more than January 6th. Hmmm I wonder what..

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