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This is *exactly* as I imagined, and provides the most straightforward explanation for anyone still trying to grasp at complicated theories on how the SpaceX genius could possibly be so bad at this..

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Yep, this is the same person. I don’t know who said it first — credit to that genius — but I will use their words succinctly here: “They want our Rhythm, but not our Blues.” It’s funny how undesirable many say Black women are, yet SO many want to look JUST like us. #SMDH.

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Elon Musk has spent decades building something big: himself. And it’s worked. The myth of Elon Musk as the “good billionaire” or the “visionary genius” has made him a lot of money. So we fact-checked these myths..

Sisters romcom manga Mikadono san shimai wa angai choroi by Hirakawa Aya has 200,000 copies in circulation. 3 genius sisters falling in love with a regular boy.

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@libsoftiktok @FBI I love when they make it easy. Just a direct threat to your life and well-being, packaged up nicely for law enforcement investigation. What a genius..

BUSINESS GENIUS? Musk SCARES OFF Twitter advertisers with erratic policies.


the guy who made these might be one of my least favourite people on the planet. ‘starved of oxygen during birth’ type art..

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The plot, the story line, the twists - every ounce of #Drishyam2 spoke of perfection, creativity and talent. I can only expect such genius from South Industry! That said, casting was perfect. Everyone has definitely done a fab job. ✨✨ Impactful movie! ✅.

He fancies himself a genius, but he’s really not very smart, is he?.

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Officer, are you at liberty to answer clarifying questions during the instructional period of the field sobriety test? Excellent. Where am I.

@azbubba We just had Bugs and the Coyote and Foghorn Leghorn teaching us rampant violence and unabated racism. And the Barber of Seville..

@spartan888 Genius. Him George Michael and the era of the original Band Aid will never be beaten for talent imo..

Elon Muskhole is no genius!!! Tesla has lost almost $700 billion of market value in the past year - the equivalent of 3 Disneys, 4 Nikes, or 6 Starbucks..

That’s so annoying, i really will suggest you contact Void_tech01 on instagram for help, the tech guy’s a genius, he got me back in after days of been locked out.

@Bfrienderz @Traders_Summit Hi Raja - this was analysis post RBNZ, so no genius from me here!.

@Beerlightweight Hahah I was thinking of your tweets!! Left the typewriter at home today? #genius.

Yo rip Shock_G aka Humpty Hump! - He was recieving 2 check$$$$ 4 being 2 diff memebers in the same damm group!! - GENIUS - Digital_Underground.

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Absolutely 💯 You will own The Genius of Bob Moran 👍💪👊🤝.

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It’s pretty well thought out 420 ticker already in use to! @MattWallace888 🗣 @elonmusk GENIUS.

@borojakey I’m guessing maybe not heard of these guys; Sufjan Stevens, Ezra Furman, Perfume Genius, Ryan Adams Defo all worth looking up! x.

But but, Harvard genius PC has asked what can you do with 10 lakhs?.

Fairly certain this one will remain my favorite of the four, which is actually really hard, because they’re all so good for different reasons. But this was such a ‘Genius of the Ark’ win. Perfectly and classically Marufuji in execution..

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Celebrating #6YearsOfDearZindagi 💖 Dr. Jehangir Khan, the perfect onscreen therapist owning the major characteristics of The King Himself - #ShahRukhKhan a charismatic presence that brings along a high tide of positivity with wonderful wise words to heal it all 💝 a true GENIUS!.

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@ludwiggoransson is a genius the #WakandaForever score is one of the best things I’ve ever heard!.

@PhilDL616 It’s so dumb but how much he is actually involved with the story is genius in its own way 😅 and tbh it’s the best but he’s been giving in his time at AEW 😂.

@tomasUrban77 Já se moc těším. Ten kluk je Miloš Forman naší současné politiky, génius..

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get FREE business-building programs you need right now! It’s the Thanksgiving Feast of Education from Nov 21-Dec 3 All of these gifts are from heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to share their genius with you..

@IfrahAyzal Absolute genius. Irreplaceable. May Allah forgive and grant him eternal bliss, inshallah..


@aerrlock @RandyRRQuaid How do you know Hannibal existed? How do you know he crossed the alps? No written record of it. No witnesses. How do we know? BECAUSE OF WHAT HAPPENED AFTER HE DID IT. THAT IS HOW WE KNOW HE EXISTED AND DID WHAT HE DID, GENIUS..

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