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Geoff Keighley Announces Best Layoffs Category for Game Awards.

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@M_Djz00 @IGN You just know this is fact. Geoff loves to suck Kojima’s cock every chance he gets 😂.

@PressStartKofi I dont get the Geoff hate (not saying you are).....dude doesnt even nominate the just hosts the show.

Meu irmão, se no Game Awards o novo COD não levar o melhor audio design eu pessoalmente vou lá mostrar pro Geoff como é o barulho de uma arma.

[email protected]_calkins joins GP now to discuss what came out of Penny’s presser and his comments on the Memphis/UT series. Listen live & 680AM or here:.

I hope I never have says Sean on Google, via @Birdeye_.

I honestly hope Death Stranding doesn’t win, because the amount of dumbasses that are gonna cry and say it’s rigged instead is gonna be annoying. Like, sure Geoff and Kojima are tight, but it’s actually an amazing game..

@Emill1984 Gdzieś już widziałem komentarz jakoby Geoff już kombinował jak tutaj zrobić, aby DS zdobyło wszystko co może i nikt nie zaczął się zastanawiać, czy coś nie gra :D.

@shanethegooner Well Geoff has been giving him a handjob for the past three years. Resident Evil 2, Smash or Sekiro should win out of the games on the list..

“This game didn’t deserve a game of the year nomination” “My favorite game got snubbed and this is unfair” “This game scored worse than this game, how is it nominated” Hey, Geoff Keighley’s award show shouldn’t validate or dictate your opinions. Enjoy the games you enjoy..

Death Stranding of the Year goes to Geoff Keighley in Death Stranding, from Death Stranding. Thank you for tuning into The Death Stranding Awards 2019..

@pommykiwi Hi Geoff, this service is being held to allow the connection. Train will be on Platform 3. ^AJ.

@MachoBeard Well in this instance it’s really because Geoff Keighley is in DS and is like best friends with Kojima..

@Densho Tendremos que aguantar como 3 horas de geoff keighley diciendo por qué ama a kojima, los premios culeros para poder ver los trailers de juegos nuevos/dlc.

@geoff_stemen Thanks Geoff. 💜 It’s not fast food that I’m sad is not my calling. It’s being in an environment where I am undervalued and under appreciated, which I could deal with, except to add fire to the flame I never have consistent direct communication and it wears on me over time..

@Velkro16 That would be a great story to commit to film in itself!!! Just came back from FORDvFERRARI in IMAX Mike Hall is Zack Carol Shelby is Christopher Nolan Bibi is Geoff.

i will get an awsten and/or geoff pic on the 30th!! i will!!.


@BenjiSales @ThatGuy31011 IMHO, the game is NOT good. Also, if it wins, with Geoff being in the game and all ... it will seem a little suspicious..

Wow, Death Stranding is in a loooot of categories at The Game Awards. We get it, Geoff. You’re friends with Kojima and you want to see him..

death stranding got niggas mad i hope it wins everything. rip geoff keighley reputation tho if that happens.

Kojima got a special prize for Geoff tonight for delivering all these nominations.

@npaxton1234 @Andrew_Reiner It will always be a point of contention because we know after all of human history how people can act. Do you know Geoff on a personal level to speak on his behave that he would never. Probably not. Therefore there is a conflict of interest.

@MattHancock I wouldn’t trust you to find your arse with both your hands and a map.

Geoff Keighley Announces Best Layoffs Category for Game Awards.

Geoff Keighley Confirms Game Awards Just an Excuse to Hangout With Hideo Kojima.

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