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Mark Giordano on William Nylander: Whenever we need a spark, I feel like he’s the guy who’s been giving it to us lately.

Giordano: Ci sono perplessità legittime degli italiani. Mandare le armi e infilarsi in una guerra che non è la nostra guerra, non ci riguarda, senza neanche sapere il perché non è la via di uscita. Se ancora oggi non sa perché si inviano armi il problema è suo #controcorrente.

He timed that spin move perfectly. Giordano completely missed him on his attempted check..

Cirelli read the entry perfectly, intercepted a pass at the blue line, and sped into the Leafs zone. Giordano caught up to him, but he spun and fired a shot past Campbell. First goal of the playoffs for 71 and it was a beauty. #TORvsTBL.

Oh io non me la tolgo dalla testa. Per me al di là del messaggio politico questo è un gran pezzo folk-rap. Ho voglia solo di ballare #Ukraine #Eurovision.

For the Toronto Maple Leafs fans who say the officiating was bad and the refs sucked. As a Leaf fan myself, I think it was pretty good mostly. The Giordano penalty was bad, other than that, I had no problems with it Source: #LeafsForever #LeafsNation.

Giordano Photo,Giordano Photo by Lucas Phillips,Lucas Phillips on twitter tweets Giordano Photo

Got to join @DomShow1210 LIVE in studio today to talk state of the race and answer callers’ questions. Missed the show? Watch below!.

Leafs on the board with a deflection from Auston Matthews on Mark Giordano’s shot from the blue line. Matthews 4th goal of the series gets the Leafs within 1. 2-1 midway through the second. #GoBolts #LeafsForever.

Hockey/Soccer Mashup: Mark Giordano is Leo Bonucci. Old campaigner who has seen some “stuff” but even in his latter years makes me feel calm when he’s on the pitch/Ice. *I suspect Gio would appreciate this mashup..

Vivir con los pies en la tierra y la cabeza en las nubes. Qué libro tan especial. Un vuelo mágico, Giovanna Giordano.

Giordano Photo,Giordano Photo by Amapolas en octubre,Amapolas en octubre on twitter tweets Giordano Photo

Cirelli caused a turnover in the neutral zone and was off. Giordano had him blocked off, but Cirelli spins around him and unloads a wrister that beats Campbell. #GoBolts.

This needs one of those edits where Giordano goes through a Doctor Strange portal and ends up in the desert..

#Leafs defence last year had 2 Smaller Players in lineup Sandin/Dermot who IMO is a Big Ask to take hits to make plays like Giordano Lubushkin are doing. #LeafsForever Habs had 5 Big D.

Killorn punches Giordano in the face after the whistle. No call. #LeafsForever @StixInThe6ixPod.

The legendary Tony Esposito was back as an assistant coach for Melissa Giordano and Stamford for one night. #ctsb.

Giordano Photo,Giordano Photo by Scott Ericson,Scott Ericson on twitter tweets Giordano Photo

Cynic philosopher, 1653 #lucagiordano #baroque.

Giordano Photo,Giordano Photo by Luca Giordano,Luca Giordano on twitter tweets Giordano Photo

I believe @giordano_lives should give us a deeper meaning to the mummy movies..

@hockeynight @timandfriends Then Giordano gets clocked in the face right in front of the ref after a whistle, and nothing..

@BrandenRankin @calder12 There are picks all the damn time. Giordano just got punched in the face but we can’t call that..

The ref pretending not to see Giordano take a sucker punch to the face like a fucking coward. #LeafsForever.


I can’t help but feel like Point doesn’t toepick if Giordano’s stick doesn’t hit his skate..

Imagine seeing some born losers like Giordano and Brodie and thinking man we should add these guys to our team to help us pass the first round. @MapleLeafs.

@DarrenDreger I agree Darren. Leafs needed a tough right handed D man and brought in Boosh, then Giordano. They needed depth and brought in Blackwell and signed a solid C in Kampf. Really hope 95% or more of this team come back in the 22-23 season. Keefe coached a record breaking team aswell.

@avvLibutti La solitudine dei numeri primi. In peggio però. Non lo rileggerò mai più, e odio Giordano per questo.

@OCPDesigns @MapleLeafs I’m no leafs fan , but that Giordano penalty was absolute horseshit.

@jesserubinoff @timandfriends Can’t shoot if you don’t have anyone to do that. Why doesn’t keefe put giordano or Brodie on the power play?.

TOR: PP Goal John Tavares (1) assists: William Nylander (1), Mark Giordano (1) Goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy (TOR 1, TBL 2 - 03:35 2nd).

Hearing John Forslund on the call as Giordano does things kinda feels like the Kraken are in the playoffs if you squint really hard.

Intento pasarla lo mejor posible en mi cumpleaños pero me acuerdo de lo que pasó y se me hace un nudo en la garganta 😥.


Spezza, Giordano, Foligno, Franceschetti, Iafrate and every other Italian who played for the Blue & White better be lined up to give some speeches during this Intermission. #LeafsForever.

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