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Got one pair of tickets waiting for someone who’s chanting Go Leafs Go….

Go Leafs Go Photo,Go Leafs Go Photo by Toronto Maple Leafs,Toronto Maple Leafs on twitter tweets Go Leafs Go Photo

Would you look at that… Found an extra pair of tickets to tonight’s game 👀 First person here chanting Go Leafs Go.

Go Leafs Go Photo,Go Leafs Go Photo by Toronto Maple Leafs,Toronto Maple Leafs on twitter tweets Go Leafs Go Photo


@TrevorHickey81 They are playing well, Trevor. Lots of chances for the Leafs. The puck will go where it needs to..

I AM LOSING RN, But seriously not matter the outcome I love this team till I day I die (which might be tonight) GO LEAFS GO UNTIL I DIE BAY BAY #LeafsForever.

go leafs go, baby! no matter what, i love this team forever. if you’re a fan of a team not even in the playoffs and i see you tweeting rude shit about my leafs, i will mute you. 🙃 #leafsforever.


So excited, about to feel all feelings incl the final bliss!! GO LEAFS, SHOW UR THE BEST #MAPLELEAFS.

C’est quoi l’affaire avec les «Go Leafs Go!», la présence d’un journaliste à Toronto, les entrevues en anglais, @TVASports? L’équipe du Québec, ce sont les Canadiens de Montréal : les Leafs de Lord Durham sont leurs ennemis jurés depuis plus d’un siècle. À vomir. #GoHabsGo.

@bradyfan19 That’s cool. Pic a pop I haven’t seen that for along time GO LEAFS GO.

@mrgrozz I feel bad for Brayden Point the person, but not Tampa Bay the team. Let’s go Leafs.

@IainMacBets For all of Canada. I hope the emo hedge prevails. Went to Nova Scotia once and it was great so let’s go leafs.

60 minutes for the rest of your fuckin lives!!! This has to be the year. Failure is not an option. GO LEAFS GO #LeafsForever.


i’m tired of hearing everyone’s stupid useless opinion on why the leafs can’t get out of the first round pls end this tonight go leafs.

$ in United States dollars. All to sit on the corner end in the balcony. So you need to be @Drake or @justinbieber to afford these Go Lightning! 🌩.

Ready for game seven. From Edmonton, go Leafs go! #LeafsForever.

Go Leafs Go Photo,Go Leafs Go Photo by David Boles,David Boles on twitter tweets Go Leafs Go Photo

@erkpod I dont WANT to see the Leafs do it. but i hate Tampa more so, Go Leafs 🤷🏻‍♂️.

@Xposed Leafs got this shit bro, gonna be 5-3 callin it now. Lets go leafs!!!! btc: bc1qa59g72c95m5zr8mtuulxuuq7ve92ucg0glry0s.

Down 1-0. Just did the Horah. Vibes have totally shifted. We are winning this game!!! Let’s fucking go Leafs.

@Xposed LETS FUCKIN GO LEAFS!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTC - bc1qnpq2uwv798alqmvyfs25768gtkjy96l55fn0yf.

@Xposed Leafs got this shit bro, LETS GO LEAFS!!! btc: bc1qa59g72c95m5zr8mtuulxuuq7ve92ucg0glry0s.

@allanhawco Beers help that feeling, I was totally stressed before I cracked one! Enjoy, have faith we got this!! Go Leafs Go!!.

@berezin_goal Nothing wrong with hoping a injury isn’t serious but wanting the player not back in the game. Go Leafs Go.

Screaming at the tv bc tampa scores cmon r u Fucking kidding? Go leafs go 💙🏒🥲🤍.

@collgrimes My BIL is a leaf’s fan and I dated a crazy chick that likes Tampa. Let’s go Leafs..

This is why we hate Leafs fans From the bottom of my heart. Go fuck yourself.

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