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Before this game Jared Goff was throwing a bad pass on 22% of his attempts, per PFR.

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@LombardiHimself The problem is that Goff throws several routes really well. And only those routes. Teams are taking those routes away. And without a running game it’s even easier to take those routes away..

Alright. I charted it all out. I am 100% convinced this hit last year on Jared Goff has changed him. May not be a concussion but this is the hardest hit he took in his NFL career. He’s NEVER been the same. Also way to miss the roughing the passer on this one @NFLOfficiating.

@NCrowFFL I’m definitely not buying because I’ve been adamant about my stance on Goff. I don’t see a path to improvement for Goff and weapons cause they have no salary cap or draft capital to improve their biggest weakness: the OL..

@Justman32 @SharpFootball Lol right ? In Pittsburgh , the ball goes to the right of Goff when he is looking to throw left , Cousins throws the ball in the direction he is looking.

@RamsNFL Goff needs to man up and take off with the ball occasionally. He sits in one spot and waits to get hit..

And gurleys got the knees of a 90 year old so they know goff has to beat hes just not that kind of seasons over even if somehow we make the wildcard it doesnt matter this team is fucked and the salary caps all fckeup with the contracts it was a good run.

@SportsCenter @NFL Rams use all that draft capital on a slight upgrade at corner knowing there O line is a weakness, every time Goff hits the grass I will laugh, fckn dummies..

@jake_damm That’s because they can get outside of the pocket because they are fast and have the legs, goff is no where as fast as either of them too.

@LL_Kool_A Alot of them yea lol, but thats him watching the being a ball hog pays off for that helps that Goff cant pass for shit tho.

bears rams snf next and goff combined for 7 picks last year lmao.

@HectorMariscal7 @LARams52O I also know Goff is the worst QB under what happen running the ball right now Gurley gave us a we had a QB that was good under pressure then yeah throw it,even with our weak Goff struggles bad that’s why I say run it more.

@LosRamsBR Goff terrível meu amigo pqp, ataque não existem nesse time Kupp tá no jogo? Kkkkkk tá foda.

@MichaelDavSmith The fact that you’re panicking after a few bad games. He went into the Super Dome last year and beat Brees for the first time ever in the playoffs. The Rams have arguably the worst O-line in the league this year. Goff will be fine. You on the the other hand would be a terrible GM.

This team have been sooooo bad on offense all game Goff 🚮🚮🚮😡 #LARams.

@JustRyCole Like you said, the OL went from top-tier to bad and Goff’s play went with it..

@cigarmike Goff has been so bad but Kupp has had his only two targets just basically dropped or ripped away by defense. Just one of those days but yeah for fantasy I wish the Rams would just feed him one easy catch to get him a few points 😂.

In spite of Jared Goff the Rams were good. He takes at least a quarter to get his head in the game and has no poise under ANY pressure. Dude is soft..

@SwaggyC7 I’m embarrassed people have to watch this. I know goff is bad on the road and in the cold but we can’t even get a play off against a decent defense but not even a good one really 🤣.

Before this game Jared Goff was throwing a bad pass on 22% of his attempts, per PFR.

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The Lions, Bears, and Patriots all exposed Jared Goff last season and it’s shown this season..

Is Jared Goff the new Sam Bradford? Just gets a crap ton of money based off of potential..

@bigbizthegod Jared Goff deciding to drop a disaster class all over my god damn fantasy team smh. This is NOT GOOD bruh.

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Even just getting points there will give Goff and the O-Line they really need to just let Gurley run at this #LARams.

It’s crazy the rams really went all in and locked up all that money in Gurley, who is a shell of himself, and Goff who is really showing his true a window of like 1 year lol damn.

@FastCashJuann @ColinCowherd Goff has zero confidence and is scared shitless to take a sack. Doing nothing but throwing underneath & even then his accuracy is simply awful..

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