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Breaking twitter silence because, this game, THIS GAME!!! #goleafsgo #LeafsForever

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Hell yeah, way to go boys 👏👏👏 #GoLeafsGo @MapleLeafs.

Hell yeah, way to go boys 👏👏👏 #GoLeafsGo @MapleLeafs Photo

@MapleLeafs as Leafs fans but parents of a goalie it’s hard not to appreciate this play ... #GoLeafsGo @TheFordFANatic #FansGoFurther.

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48 shots / 4 goal posts have to give credit to Vasilevskiy. The guy came to play and made outstanding saves. Oh yea our Leafs are 2nd overall ! What a great time it is ! #Goleafsgo #LEAFSFOREVER.

@junotheleafs Hes a moron, if they scored 7 on the 50 shots they had would he have said Tampa cant compete with the leafs? Vas played great..

That was a good game except for the result. Vasilevskiy was a beast. #GoLeafsGo #LeafsForever.

@Steve_Dangle Don’t type when you are drinking. Yes I’m in I have been in since before you were born I hate it when we suck. #goleafsgo.

Prior to this loss, Leafs were 15-0-1 when scoring first. And they also have the best record on the road. But none of that matters if Andrei Vasilevskiy decides to go Super saiyan mode right off the IR. 🤷‍♂️ #GoLeafsGo #GoBolts.

#GoLeafsGo Maybe having Nylander struggle is proving a Its not all you kid. Its your linemates that help you get points.

; this game is not the @MapleLeafs vs @TBLightning it’s the Leafs vs Vasilevskiy 🙃🙃 #GoLeafsGo #LeafsForever.

It’s like we can’t even buy one if we wanted to!! 😳🏒 #GoLeafsGo #LeafsForever.

Nylander is not ready. Keep him a healthy scratch until he is ready. He alone is costing the team games. #TORvsTBL #GoLeafsGo.

@LifeofaDman Hmmmmm seems like you hate a lot. 🤗 these arms heel come talk if you need #goleafsgo.

Been dark just started 2nd period on PVR. Great 1st period!!! Kappy been great!!! #LeafsForever #GoLeafsGo.

@gregmillen leaf fans are your majority audience - please don’t openly cheer afainst the leafs- its shitty thing to do #goleafsgo.

Breaking twitter silence because, this game, THIS GAME!!! #goleafsgo #LeafsForever.

COME ON @NHL you CANT be calling a TAP on the GLOVES HOOKING. This is MENS hockey NOT TIMBITS. #GOLEAFSGO.

these REFS getting too involved in this @MAPLELEAFS game with TAMPA BAY. Such TICKEY TACK calls LET EM PLAY. #GOLEAFSGO.

Q: How many Tampa Bay lightning players does it take to bring down Kadri? A: All 18 of them!!!! #TMLtalk #GoLeafsGo.

Leafs with insane pressure on the PP, another post, penalty expires and now everyone goes after each other. #TMLtalk ❄️ #GoLeafsGo.

Leafs get a chance to respond with a PP! 2-1 Lightning with 13:28 remaining in the 2nd #TMLtalk ❄️ #GoLeafsGo.

My god Millen is extra annoying we are well aware that not only do you think it’s a goal but that the evidence needs to be we do know how replay works 🙄 #GoLeafsGo.

Watching the game at the gym = approx 400 calories/period #GoLeafsGo 🏃🏽‍♀️.

END of the 1st period here in #TAMPA, both teams head into the intermission with a 1-1 tie. 2nd up next! #GOLEAFSGO @FrankDangelo23.

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