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TOM BRADY ON 4TH & 6! #GoPats 📺: CBS 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app Watch free on mobile:.

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RIVALRY WEEK! Wednesday at Eddie Edgar vs Churchill 6pm puck drop Saturday (MIHL vs KLAA showcase) at Eddie Edgar vs AAGR 9am puck drop #BrickByBrick🧱 #GoPats @TheColonyFHS.

“It’s not over when you lose. It’s over when you quit.” This team will never quit. #OnToCincinnati #GoPats.

I’m excited about the Pats moving forward. Yes I know we got screwed on this game. But I feel this will put a chip on their shoulder for the rest of the season. #GoPats.

these are tough times. Where is your humanity?! #GoPats.

Don’t want to comment on the refs bullshit decisions. We’re onto Cincinnati #GoPats.

Nobody will ever feel sorry for the Patriots. And that’s pretty cool to know. lol #GoPats.

Pats vs referees , es algo que jamás se perdona todos se dieron cuenta de este juegazo pero patriotas debieron haber ganados #gopats #XSIEMPREPATRIOTA ❤️🔥.

Die nächsten drei Teams müssen besiegt werden: Cincinnati (A) Buffalo (H) Miami (H) 2nd Seed sichern mit 13-3 #GoPats.

@Mule_Rock Truly tough But why I never stop believing is because our team is #PatriotsNation. #GoPats.

If those calls goes against the Chiefs league wide outrage from the fanbases, but since it was the Pats largely crickets. #GoPats.

@TurbanedPatriot It was disappointing, could have done more in 1st half, played really well in 2nd. But, I never give up on them. Never! #LFG #GoPats.

All-in-all, I cannot sit here and bitch about a team that is 10-3 and still has two of the worst teams in the NFL to play sandwiched around Buffalo at home. I predicted 11-5 again before the season and they are in position to outperform that prediction. #GoPats.

It’s gonna be so funny when the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl again #GoPats.

TOM BRADY ON 4TH & 6! #GoPats 📺: CBS 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app Watch free on mobile:.

I’m generally the last to complain about the refs, but holy hell, are we getting fucked by these guys? #GoPats.

DOS TOUCHDOWNS ROBADOS ROBO DEL AÑO PERO LAS CEBRAS AYUDAN A LOS PATS Sólo por eso, los #GoPats van a regresar y ganar este juego ;).


Should have had points of the INT and that field goal. Gotta make these all count #Patriots #GoPats.

1⃣👍 | #GoPats | #ChiefsKingdom Box score:.

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Tienen razó “moribundos” es un término exagerado, pero de que, para sus estándares, los #GoPats se ven muy mal, pues sí....

I freaking love @DeionSanders. He is the voice of reason. And he’s right. #gopats @mcohen188.

Por favor regresen YA a este hombre!! No podemos seguir fingiendo que el equipo es perfecto y no se necesita de nadie más. 🙏🏼🙏🏼 #GoPats.

New England #Patriots 21st Century To-Do List ☑️ Comeback from 28-3 deficit at Reliant Stadium ⏺️ Comeback from 28-9 deficit at Reliant Stadium #GoPats.

Nossa única chance é a defesa pontuar pq se for esperar o ataque fazer algo vai jogar o mês todo #GoPats #NFLnaESPN.

É, eu acho que hoje a derrota é inevitável. O ataque não melhorou nada de após o intervalo e Brady está visivelmente muito mal. #NFLnaESPN #GoPats.

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