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@Raptors Congratulations must go to the Bucks unlisted players in M Gasol, Ibaka, FVV and Danny Green for their strong performances against the Raptors tonight..

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I have got way too much faith in Gasol, Green, FVV and this entire team bouncing back on Sunday night..

@FTFonFS1 @Chris_Broussard Just to put this out there giannis dominated horford and baynes now hes killing siakam and gasol, and ibaka. If the warriors put green on him and they need to double the bucks will definitely cause problems all series. Giannis can handle greens physical play..

me when the chuckle brothers gasol and green are confirmed dead.

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@CP_CSR Green will be interesting considering the playoffs he’s had, you’d expect growth for Pascal and OG, maybe you try to dunk Serge as an expiring, Gasol probably opts in. I think you sell Kawhi on loads of flexibility next summer more than anything..

@mkebucksaus @DCOOPSon leonard has been amazing this whole playoffs. raptors bench has been insanely inconsistent to down right awful. ibaka and gasol are washed, danny green isnt that same dude he was years ago..

If you gave Kawhi a March-April 2019 Danny Green, Regular Season 2019 Pascal, 2016 Kyle Lowry, and 2013 Marc we might actually be up 2-0. #WeTheNorth.

@BWong15 Facts green and gasol literally non factors on both ends but everyone gotta step up.

@Raptors Congratulations must go to the Bucks unlisted players in M Gasol, Ibaka, FVV and Danny Green for their strong performances against the Raptors tonight..

Lowry: 4-13 Gasol: 1-9 Green: 2-6 Pascal and Ibaka 4-9 Kawhi 31 pts 10-18. 🙃.

@crtsdsnkrs Let me know if you get a glimpse of Green and Gasol anywhere out there. I was worried Siakam might crumble in the moment, but expected those grizzled vets to show up..

@L_G_3_ Bruh!!!! They tricked it by bad coaching keeping green and gasol out there for that long in game 1 smh.

@JLew1050 Do you see any roster changes for next game? I think Norm for Green and/or Serge for Gasol might help?.

@ReggieMillerTNT What, Danny Green is the problem? Hell he gets no shots to get a rhythm and he is the only Raptors playing defense. He has to guard 3 positions. Powell can’t defend. Have you watched Gasol? He’s not scoring, rebounding or playing D.

Bucks are a better team . Gianis and Kawhi cross each other off and the bucks just have a better supporting cast . They built a team of 3 point shooters around a monster . Gasol, Green, VanVleet, all major disappointments. Series is not over though #WeTheNorth.

Loss of Game 2 on Nick Nurse for lack of adjustments, Marc Gasol for a horrendous shooting performance and Danny Green our new favourite bench warmer!.

@Raptors Once again, it is painfully obvious that the trade for Gasol decimated the @raptors bench. To boot Green and Siakims production has disappeared. No help coming..

@timpchisholm Unless Green and Gasol make a shot then Mil will load up on Siakam and Leonard..

Danny Green and Marc Gasol G1 vs. Bucks = 12 points G2 vs. Bucks = 10 points G7 vs. Sixers = 9 points G6 vs. Sixers = 15 points.

At this rate Nick ... our Danny green and Marc Gasol back in .. let em get some reps with this 3:44 left in the game 🏳️🏳️ #RTZ #WeTheNorth.

Ilyasova has scored almost as much as Gasol, Green and Siakim combined. @raptors starters are trash tonight #RTZ.

@Raptors He should be a Starter! Green has nowhere near his abilities! Green and Gasol need a stint on the Bench!.

Kawhi, Marc Gasol, Lowry, Ibaka, Siakam, Danny Green. And you get whooped in the ECF. I have no hope for Wolves ever to win a title. You gotta be so.

Can’t win if pascal has games like that and you have bench players on the bucks shooting over 50%. Still haven’t seen green make an impact and we desperately need him. Gasol shooting 10%?? #Raptors.

Danny Green and Marc Gasol are a combined 2-of-14 tonight. They were 3-of-16 in Game 1. Unacceptable, man..

Ersan Ilyasova has 15 points. Pascal Siakam, Kyle Lowry, Marc Gasol, and Danny Green have 14 points..

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