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Just another day at the office for Connor McDavid (0-3—3). @cmcdavid97 extended his playoff multi-point streak to six games, marking the second-longest such run in @EdmontonOilers history behind only Wayne Gretzky. #NHLStats: #StanleyCup.

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EBay is entering the NFT business, with an assist from hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.

Connor McDavid Is Finally Starting To Rack Up Some Wayne Gretzky Stats Of His Own.

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Wayne Gretzky has zero points through two rounds of the playoffs. Really makes you think.

If you climb on top of the Gretzky statue people are legally obligated to push you off, give you a wedgie, and publicly shame you via the internet. Dem’s the rules..

@Hockey_Robinson I always come back to this: Players with multiple 32+ point playoffs (all time): Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Nikita Kucherov. Criminal he didn’t win a Conn Smythe (or both). If his name was Scott Wheeler, he’d have won one in a walk..

Fewest games to 45 career playoff points: 22- Wayne Gretzky 24- Barry Pederson 28- Mario Lemieux 30- Maurice Richard 30- Elmer Lach 31- Leon Draisaitl (With his 3rd of 4 assists tonight for the @EdmontonOilers vs CGY) 31- Connor McDavid (Via his 3rd of 3 A tonight) 31- Jari Kurri.

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DK Nation
DK Nation

NFT NEWS: eBay is officially entering the metaverse, partnering with @OneOfNFT to create NFTs featuring Wayne Gretzky 👀 @ByJeffPratt breaks down this move by the e-commerce titan here:.


“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” -Wayne Gretzky.

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Via his natural hat trick tonight, Evander Kane is the 18th player (22 different times) to get multiple 3+ goal games in the same playoff year. He joins Wayne Gretzky (1981, 1983, 1985), Jari Kurri (4 in 1985) & Mark Messier (3 in 1983) as the only @EdmontonOilers to have done so.

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Breaking: The e-commerce giant eBay’s first NFT drop features 3D renditions of the Canadian hockey legend Wayne Gretzky hosted on @0xPolygon 🔥🔥🔥.

It is pandemonium outside rogers🤣 people climbing the Gretzky statue and everything.

Someone is riding the cup on the Gretzky statue, Edmontonians are insane..

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eBay is getting into NFTs — and hockey legend Wayne Gretzky is featured in the first collection from the e-commerce company. #NFTs #NFT.

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I genuinely think Caufield is the *best* player to ever play hockey. In terms of raw individual talent, he is #1. Sure, Crosby has more cups, Gretzky was more standout for his era, but Caufield is the single best player to ever lace up the skates if you ask me..

@LalimesMartian Ya for sure, it’s all this and that. At the end of the day, McDavid is the GOAT for me since he’s doing this in the hardest and fastest style of hockey we’ve ever seen. I look at Gretzky highlights and I cringe….

Draisaitl is only the 4th @EdmontonOilers player to put up a 4+ assist playoff game, as he joined Wayne Gretzky (8 times!!!), Paul Coffey (twice) and Glenn Anderson. It was also the 1st such performance since The Great One registered 4 helpers in Gm3 of the 1988 SC Final vs BOS.

I am all for having fun after Oilers wins but get the hell off the Gretzky statue. That’s too far. #LetsGoOilers.

When Gretzky poses with you and posts on his own instagram account, where he has no other photos with active players, you know you made it, right?.

@Alberta1972 Have you seen that gambling on sports commercial with Gretzky in it? He likely has a share in the company..

It was the 2nd such time that an #Oilers team has had that happen. In Game 3 of the 1988 Stanley Cup Final vs the Bruins, Wayne Gretzky earned 4 assists, Glenn Anderson collected 3 and Esa Tikkanen had 3 goals in a 6-3 victory that put EDM up 3-0 in a series they went on to sweep.

“Kind of Wow” Dept.: #EBay is entering the #NFT market with a set of 13 limited-edition NFTs that are animated renderings of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. So… wow! Strange new world, and stuff. 😄.

i wish i understood norwegian so i could figure out if this song is about wayne gretzky or something else lmao.

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Not only did Igor Shesterkin play great in a Game 3 win by the @NYRangers, afterward he met up with The Great One, @WayneGretzky..


@Alberta1972 Gretzky thought Harper or Scheer was the cats pajamas I seem to remember. PC all the way. 🙄.

@Sportsnet They are both the BEST in the respected sport. Depending where you reside, Canadians will stay and people from the states will say Jordan! Instead of asking who’s career is better, we should be saying “how lucky are we to have witness them both play!.

EBay is entering the NFT business, with an assist from hockey legend Wayne Gretzky #NFTs.

I wonder if Wayne Gretzky would ever score a goal under these replay reviews? #gobolts.

eBay is getting into NFTs — and hockey legend Wayne Gretzky is featured in the first collection.

eBay Makes Web3 Debut as Wayne Gretzky NFTs Hit the Marketplace #CollectiblesNews #eBay.

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