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Tweet247 | Updated: Sat, 19 May 2018, 16:03 PM IST

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  • Radiant #GreysAnatomy @KellyMcCreary @JessicaCapshaw @sarahdrew.

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  • Congratulations @JessicaCapshaw what an incredible journey you’ve been on! I feel so grateful to have met #Arizona BRAVO to you!! #GreysAnatomy.

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  • After wrapping season 14, @sarahdrew and @JessicaCapshaw cut the cake dedicated to them surrounded by cast and crew 🍰❤️❤️ #GreysAnatomy.

  • Camilla parla di Sarah e Jessica! 💔 #GreysAnatomy.

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  • Totally forgot that I had created this edit😂😊back when I was making them every other day😅 But, I love Jackson & Maggie 💁🏽 #Jaggie #GreysAnatomy.

  • #GreysAnatomy réussit le final de la saison 14 : joyeux, drôle, 💕.

  • Quando pensavi di non vedere tragedie in questi finale di stagione e invece no! Teddy incinta del figlio di Owen è la peggiore delle tragedie. Maledetta Shonda! #GreysAnatomy.

  • Una delle poche cose belle è Alex Karev felice Perché davvero, se lo merita☀️ #GreysAnatomy.

  • Y’#GreysAnatomy has fucked me up 😭.

  • I thought the same thing about the marriage license @LMarieTV. Thanks for a great season of @afterbuzztv #GreysAnatomy after shows. @iAMTimothyMike @tori_broussard @kristaflentje 🏥.

  • almost finished my cap 💝 #GreysAnatomy.

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  • What happens when Kate meets Betty for the first “I think we’re perfect.” #EverythingSucks #GreysAnatomy #Sisters #Twins @peyton_kennedy @Netflix.

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  • That was one crazy #GreysAnatomy season finale. I love it!.

  • Gente do ceu, o George é muitooooooo chatoooooooooo! Já quero tirar ele desde a 1 temporada. #GreysAnatomy.

  • The way Sofia screams Hi! And Zola screams it back! They’re wearing matching outfits! They’re joint flower girls! Awww! #GreysAnatomy.

  • Es insultante para mi corazoncito #Japril este beneplácito de Jackson a Matthew :S #GreysAnatomy.

  • Buongiorno a tutti tranne a Krista Vernoff. Per lei una giornata di merda, grazie. #GreysAnatomy.

  • I could’ve sworn Arizona lost a leg like 5 seasons ago. #GreysAnatomy.

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  • “You need someone who will celebrate your wins and grieve your losses. You need someone who can forgive you. You need someone who will show up, no questions asked, and walk with you through every unexpected twist and turn life throws your way.” #GreysAnatomy.

  • Wait Teddy??? What is Teddy doing here? #GreysAnatomy #GreysFinale.

  • this episode feels so long, but it’s so good I love it! 😍 #GreysAnatomy.

  • Bailey better not resign as chief. #GreysAnatomy.

  • I had no idea Kim Raver was popping up in the #GreysAnatomy finale, but I am delighted..

  • A teenager once again proving that she has more emotional maturity than Amelia and Owen #GreysAnatomy.

  • I’m sorry but how can Matthew just “forgive” what happened with his wife with April. Don’t get me wrong I love April but this relationship makes absolutely zero sense to me even though I did like them together 🤷🏻‍♂️ #GreysAnatomy.

  • OH MY GOD IS TEDDY COMING NACK #greysanatomy.

  • Mer na barca fazendo o casamento de Jolex 😍 #greysanatomy.

  • Baby Leo in a tux is so adorable ❤️❤️ #GreysAnatomy.

  • Wait I got why is Teddy there in the first place? #GreysAnatomy.

  • Matthew e Jackson, queria os dois! 😍 #GreysAnatomy #KepzonaForever.

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