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NHL announces Marc-Andre Fleury (LV), Philipp Grubauer (COL) & Andrew Vasilevskiy (TB) as Vezina finalists

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Eishockey NEWS
Eishockey NEWS ()

3:6 in Spiel 6: Philipp Grubauer und Colorado nach vier Niederlagen in Folge gegen Las Vegas ausgeschieden

Justin Watkins
Justin Watkins ()

@JesseGranger_ Looks like Roy is selling it as well. Makes a charge towards next and Grubauer is locked on him

Drew Livingstone
Drew Livingstone ()

Any #GoAvsGo fan blaming your head a shake. He stole Game 2 and was great for most of the series. Blame the guys who let him face 142 shots Games 2-5.

Justin Striebel
Justin Striebel ()

Remember that time Philipp Grubauer talked trash to a guy who won 16 playoff games and a Stanley Cup after winning one round?

Micah Blake McCurdy
Micah Blake McCurdy ()

Goalies this series: Fleury 11 GA on xGA for + Grubauer 19 GA on xGA for

Jesse Granger
Jesse Granger ()

William Karlsson created that chance out of nowhere. Grubauer with his best save of the night, snares it with the glove.

Bucci Mane
Bucci Mane ()

This is NOT Grubauer’s fault. This is brutal luck. He has to respect Tuch turnaround clapper. It’s wide and it goes right to the tape of Pietrangelo. Tough for Vegas.

Adrian Dater
Adrian Dater ()

I was just yelling “get it out” and the Avs completely don’t. 4-3 Vegas. Grubauer is just brutal tonight.

Jesse Granger
Jesse Granger ()

Nic Roy rings it off the outside of the post. Looked like Grubauer was starting to cheat across, expecting a pass, and there was plenty of net available there. #VegasBorn

Peter Baugh
Peter Baugh ()

The first goal was bad, but I thought he rebounded OK. The second goal was on the defense; Grubauer did a fine job getting over, but Karlsson made a perfect shot.

p - Locked On Avalanche 🏔️🏒🥅🎙️
P - Locked On Avalanche 🏔️🏒🥅🎙️ ()

What Vegas response is NBC talking about after the Avs opening goal? They are making it seem like they were buzzing, when all they did was get lucky on a Grubauer brain fart.

Buzz ()

@Avalanche If the Avs stopped turning the puck over, knocking the stick out of Grubauer’s hand, stopped giving up breakaways, the would win this series. How many goals has Vegas scored because of dumb plays by this team?

Jesse Granger
Jesse Granger ()

The placement on that shot by William Karlsson is a thing of beauty. Grubauer got over pretty well, and had his pad flat on the ice, but Karlsson snuck it past his skate in a gap that was about the size of the puck.

Jesse Granger
Jesse Granger ()

Alec Martinez with a gorgeous seam pass to William Karlsson, who blasts the one-timer past Grubauer to make it 2-1. The Misfit line continues to be spectacular for Vegas.

Jason R. Pothier
Jason R. Pothier ()

“The hardest working guy we have right now is Philipp Grubauer.”-Jared Bednar, COL coach

Troy Renck
Troy Renck ()

Bednar said the “hardest working player we have right now is Grubauer.” It was not a compliment, rather an indictment of the top line. #Avs need better. I expect just that Sunday #Denver7

Alex Young
Alex Young ()

Playoffs are rough. All the respect to Vegas tonight. They played a great game. Avs are 11-1-0 over their last 12GP. In their worst games (praise Grubauer) teams can barely beat them. Avs in 6

Dennis Bernstein
Dennis Bernstein ()

Avs coach Jared Bednar pulling no punches about his team’s performance over last 2 games by saying his team getting outcompeted by VGK and it’s not close. “The hardest working player we have right now is Phillipp Grubauer.”

Ryan Boulding
Ryan Boulding ()

“The hardest working player we have right now is Phillip Grubauer.” - Bednar says this after saying check what the Avs top line did compared to that of Vegas.

Aarif Deen
Aarif Deen ()

The hardest working player we have right now is Philipp Grubauer, #Avs Bednar says.

VGK2018 ()

Is this Grubauer person from San Diego? I don’t think he is so think we are good. Go Knights Go.

Mike Chambers
Mike Chambers ()

Huge breakaway save on Pacioretty by Grubauer, easily the MVP of this series so far.

Renee Paquette
Renee Paquette ()

Bummer on that breakaway but Grubauer was on point. Let’s hope Knights can make up for it in the 3rd. Gotta get this win tonight!

DettiFBei ()

@CallMeStolle @philgrubauer31 Darauf eine Liebes-Büchse aus Grubauer-Country im Voralpenland ❤️🥰

Grubauer Photo,Grubauer Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
NHL Deutsch
NHL Deutsch ()

PHILIPP. GRUBAUER. 🔥 Starker Save, starkes Spiel! 👏 #StanleyCup

Erik Granqvist
Erik Granqvist ()

#StanleyCup 🇸🇪Gustafsson🍏 🇨🇦Staal🚨🍏 Gallagher🚨GWG Smith🚨 Jost🚨 Lowry🚨 Evans🚨 Suzuki🚨 Girard🍏🍏 Theodore🍏🍏 Edmunson🍏🍏 Price 27/30✅ 🇺🇸Martinez🚨 Saad🚨 Connor🚨 Forbort🚨 Petry🍏🍏 🇫🇮Rantanen🚨🌟GWG Kotkaniemi🚨 🇩🇪Grubauer 39/41✅🌟 🚨Mål🍏Ass 🌟ärnor✅

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NHL Public Relations
NHL Public Relations ()

Philipp Grubauer (39 saves) of the @Avalanche became the 10th goaltender in NHL history to win 10 or more consecutive playoff decisions. #StanleyCup #NHLStats:

Grubauer Photo,Grubauer Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
NHL Network
NHL Network ()

Philipp Grubauer credits his teammates after being named a Vezina Trophy finalist! #NHLNow | @Avalanche

p - Colorado Avalanche
P - Colorado Avalanche ()

Philipp Grubauer has been named one of the three finalists for the Vezina Trophy. Congrats, Grubi! #GoAvsGo

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Elliotte Friedman
Elliotte Friedman ()

NHL announces Marc-Andre Fleury (LV), Philipp Grubauer (COL) & Andrew Vasilevskiy (TB) as Vezina finalists

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