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Bp Linda Nicholls is elected as the next Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada #gs2019.

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Congratulations to Primate-elect Linda as she prepares to lead the Anglican Church of Canada into the new future God has for us. Congratulations +Linda - named, honoured and precious. #gs2019 #anglican ⁦@generalsynod⁩ ⁦@bpLindaHuron⁩.

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General Synod delegates are flooding Vancouver today to participate in worship around the city. We’re heading to St. Anselm’s on UBC campus. #gs2019 ⁦@generalsynod⁩ ⁦@ontanglicans⁩.

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GS2019用語集 ・花道らぶらぶ ・ティッシュプレイ ・ニューロビン ・手隠しチッス💋 ・エマダンス ・きりたんぽサービス ・(たまあり)特別サービス ・エマさんマタガルギタープレイ ・カメラマンを弄ぶロビン (更新中).

Oh boy, the parable of the Good Samaritan rings so strongly this morning after #GS2019. Who among us passed on the other side of the road from those seeking mercy?.

Our Associate Priest at @stgstc, @sagartan, with the events of #GS2019 as some background, asks “Who is my Neighbour?”, reminding us that everyone is. ALL are welcome..

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I wonder whether bishops at that time took into account how the other two houses had voted. Whether they saw the Spirit working in those votes. Whether that process changed hearts and minds. 2/2 #gs2019.

Prior to electronic voting, votes by house at General Synod took place one order at a time, usually laity first, then clergy, then bishops. 1/2 #gs2019.

Anglican Church rejects same-sex marriage in Vancouver vote #GS2019.

Dear bishops at #gs2019 I love church. I love the Anglican tradition. I love Sundays and I love serving. And today I struggled to get out of bed. What have you done.

This morning as I hold #gs2019 in prayer, I also hold all priests and leaders throughout the church in prayer as they navigate with their congregations the realities of Synod in these pastoral relationships. The questions, tears, and celebrations all matter to God!.

Many congratulations to Primate-elect Linda Nicholls, AND THANKS BE TO GOD FOR ARCHBISHOP FRED HILTZ WHO SCORED THE BEST PHOTOBOMB EVER .#gs2019.

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Today, we pray for the self-determining Indigenous Anglican Church, and for reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples of Canada. #gs2019.

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Tomorrow morning and afternoon, #GS2019 is partaking in Parish Visits for Worship, then Provincial Caucuses. Synod will return to plenary at 3:45pm PDT tomorrow..

@cathmckenna @JustinTrudeau Anglicans of Canada have just now passed a resolution on ending Single Use Plastics! Motion carried -.

Evening prayer time at #gs2019 Time for me to go over intervessions and announcements for tomorrow and go to sleep.

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Motion to celebrate a Season of Creation from September 1 to Oct 4 to pray, educate, and take action on the environment: passes #gs2019.

Okay, so consistently two people voting against the creation care motions. Reallywant to know what’s in their hearts because I do not get it #gs2019.

Vote for a motion to encourage parishes and dioceses to curb use of single use plastics passes by over 90% #gs2019.

I LOVE that he mentioned the possibility that straws may be necessary due to a medical condition! Thank you for paying attention to, thinking abut, and mentioning disabled people in this speech! #GS2019.

Teddy and Me. We talk about ministry in the north. #gs2019.

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Bp Linda Nicholls is elected as the next Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada #gs2019.

Resolution A052-R2 (on the Marriage Canon) is not carried. Required 2/3 in order of laity and clergy, but not in the order of Bishops. #gs2019.

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