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I’m allowed to criticize Gudbranson even though I’m not an NHLer because neither is he.

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Sit Pouliot ... send Gudbranson into outer space .Play Schenn and Brisebois ...And The team should buy All Markstroms dinners for the rest of the season..

That’s what happens when you have Pouliot gudbranson and biega on your defence #Canucks.

That was a bad play by Biega on the GWG but Gudbranson has had those plays in basically every game this season it seems..

@patersonjeff And what about Brisebois? He was doing well considering he was playing with Biega and Gudbranson..

Gudbranson livid with officials. Thinks Burns picked him on the play. Replay backs him up.

It’s Brisebois’ first game as a Canuck, and more importantly, he’s been paired with Gudbranson. I think he can be exempt from criticism this game #VANvsLAK.

the minute Brisebois ended up in the same corner as Gudbranson, #Canucks were pushing their luck. 3-2 Kings.

Probably-Not-Ideal-Situations #Canucks time on ice after 2 periods Troy Stecher: 20:35 Ben Hutton: 17:40 Erik Gudbranson: 11:25 Derrick Pouliot: 9:56 Alex Biega: 9:32 Guillaume Brisebois: 7:30.

Erik Gudbranson vs Ryan Getzlaf from the Vancouver Canucks at Anaheim Ducks game on Feb 13, 2019.

“We played hard. We threw a lot at them. We had opportunities. Their goalie played well. This time of year everyone is fighting for points and they got the best of us tonight. Tough one.” - Gudbranson.

Canucks defense next game now that Tanev went down Hutton-Stecher Pouliot-Biega Brisebois-Gudbranson 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I cant even be upset anymore. We as Canucks fans live in a sadistic comedy..

with Tanev in the room, Gudbranson now sliding over to play LD on this shift with Stecher.

Gudbranson going after someone for taking liberties tonight will be enough for some people to justify his defensive gaffes and forget all the times Pettersson (or others) got injured on dirty plays and he did nothing. He truly is the anti-Goldobin..

I find the way hockey men feel about Gudbranson very relatable because who among us has not ignored several glaring red flags in a handsome man.

@botchford Getting getzlaf and Gudbranson off the ice for 5 minutes is the definition of a win win.

Great move by Gudbranson, taking himself and Getzlaf off the ice for five minutes.

I’m allowed to criticize Gudbranson even though I’m not an NHLer because neither is he.

Hey Mikey. Not many goalies get to play their first career game at such a young age, congrats! With that said, we promise the next time you’re here, especially when you’re here to stay, our defence will have guys like Hughes and Juolevi over Pouliot and Gudbranson. We’re sorry..

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@HockeyDipshit Benning year 7. Gudbranson plays his last game but somehow Benning has already brought in someone worse to replace him..

Positives: - MacEwan looks good - Insane EP pass - Pretty sure there are zero Gudbranson fans remaining - Less than 5 minutes left.

@ people who still like Erik Gudbranson, PLEASE tell me what exactly it is you enjoy about Gudbranson so I can feel as happy as you when you watch him play hockey.

Why does Green keep playing Gudbranson? My theory: To remind everyone else how not to play hockey Yours?.

@always90four @SatiarShah Rhinos are dangerous. Gudbranson is more like a manatee in the desert.

Erik Gudbranson played that 2-on-1 tight on Joe Thornton like he expected Thornton to shoot, mean, have you heard of Joe Thornton? #Canucks.

Erik Gudbranson is proof that anyone can play in the NHL if they are good-looking enough..

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