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Say what you want about Guddy’s play, his gate work is extraordinary.

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Guddy increasing his trade value (please ignore him actually playing hockey).

@Nabatron @EPettersson40 sutter because he’s injured a lot and we don’t have to see his awful play as much as guddy.

Horrible hit by Getzlaf. Glad Guddy stood up for Virtanen. This has been a really rough game..

@jammyrft @botchford If looks figured into analytics Guddy would land Van a 1st..

@peter_genge You need tough players who can play, Guddy has struggled within the game this season, needs a better partner than the Canucks have available on the 3rd pair. We can’t deny the importance of analytics but it’s wrong to say toughness doesn’t matter, it’s just to what degree & how.

All Guddy has to do is fight and I’m good. Staged or spontaneous, whatever. As long as he fights people 👍🏼. #Canucks.

#Canucks so Guddy stands up for JV, and takes on Getzlaf, and definitely made his presence felt. It doesn’t matter if you win, but he did, it’s that he stood up for his ‘mate. Stick-tap to Guddy..

@patersonjeff Guddy looked great in that fight with true grit ............ quick sell him while his stock is up!!!.

Getzlaf’s helmet is suction-cupped to his stupid bald head. Guddy won that fight.

@patersonjeff Florida scout: “oh ya Guddy’s still the same I think they might take Huby”.

Atta boy Guddy!!!! That’s how you restore faith in your fan base! more time! #Canucks.

Say what you want about Guddy’s play, his gate work is extraordinary.

@BlakePriceTSN We’re used to confusing by now. After all, Guddy and Pouliot are still in this lineup.

@PollakOnSharks @BuckFoston_ Guddy has that story now his version is like this “saw him coming down the wing with a full head of steam so I figured I’d roll out my patented-face-first slide to block the shot but the fucker made a deadly pass to the other guy I didn’t see”.

Guddy providing that really important pushback, the weak slash late in a 6-1 game to put your team on the pk..

@patersonjeff This is the only way Canucks seem to get younger and better. They have to be forced to make changes. Need Brisbois now instead of Guddy..

Guddy is the reason the Canucks are losing to the best team in the Western Conference. I just hope this doesn’t ruin our chances to get Hughes..

I feel like with all due respect to Guddy, his time in this league might be coming to an Sbisa was better for Christ sake.

Poor not getting help in this one from the get go. On a different note Macewan has done some noticeably good can Brisebois get a look next game and Guddy sit in the press box please..

@TheStanchion What’s Guddy got on Green? He has an assist on the first goal and like this one a gift for the Sharks tonight and still gets put back out there like it doesn’t happen nightly. #Madness #Canucks.

@patersonjeff Can you remind guddy that Thornton has over 1000 assists. Play the $&@! Pass!!!!!!.

Mikey’s gonna have nightmares tonight and Guddy’s gonna be in every one of them.

@fr_aquilini How about this one: Nice work by Jim getting Loui Eriksson, Linden Vey, Andrei Pedan, Emerson Etem, Brandon Prust, Philip Larson, Igor Burmistrov, Mike Del Zotto, Sam Gagner, Tim Schaller, & the piece de resistance, the masterpiece, serving up more turnovers than Pilsbury: Guddy!.

#DiPietro wishing he could bring his OHL defence with him to the #Canucks. Half of them are probably better than Guddy and Pouliot.

@TheStanchion Time for guddy to make himself useful and pound the piss out of him next shift.

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