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#BREAKING: ASAP Rocky has been found guilty in his Sweden assault case.

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@acoyne @RobertFife This is clearly organized crime against Canadians! Trudeau/Butts are the lynchpins. They are guilty! This PM and government are unworthy to lead Canada! Clearly Trudeau can no longer be trusted. All his rhetoric after the fact is cover and deflection to cover his ass! Fire him!.

stephanpastis Do not be guilty of possessing a library of learned books while lacking learning yourself. – Desiderius Erasmus.

Trudeau guilty Bye Trudeau Backroom deals. Kickbacks. Pay to play. Just liberals cheating the way liberals do..


Asap Rocky Found Guilty In Sweden Assault Case. #trenditgh.

A$AP is guilty, but gets away from paying anything substantial having people who have money ie (Trump, Kardashian) obviously has its privileges. No justice!.

I stopped watching all the videos being posted about vicious attacks from white/ non POC on blacks. I feel guilty because it’s a problem we all need to acknowledge but it just makes me sick to my stomach.

@Yerman317 Our prime minister has been found guilty of two ethics violations in under 4 years of power ..

@JustinTrudeau Trudeau says DPAs are in place around the world and allow companies found guilty of wrongdoings to take responsibility for their decisions along measured criteria - said many of our allies have them in place. #cdnpoli.

If you feel like something I post is towards you then you’re clearly guilty of something lmaoooo.

@soledadobrien @JohnCornyn I don’t trust the news media or those who resend to be journalists! Everyone jumps on the same liberal word or phrase of the day and holds back any facts and stories that would make their liberal pil0shittins look bad! If it is a conservative they are guilty until proven not.

@psupriya25 Oh I can see two of us from her only as other one I think ...Damn y would she do that . Pouts. Actually I love how everyone had diff style m worlds it makes it so intruiging I like the guilty pleasure ones aswel lol omg I like the hook up one coz I wanted to see adiya on the.

@escapedmatrix Funny. In court, his attorney, Lance Jasper, after entering a not guilty plea, stated that his client believed he was doing what Donald Trump wanted him to.

Army veteran pleads not guilty in anthem assault on teen.


My my my there are some guilty consciences out there 😂 My rant has shaken the trees quite a bit. (Thanks for the DMs) I PROMISE I WASN’T VAGUE TWEETING! I was venting. It’s all good, everyone’s all good..

It’s been obvious since before the election that Trump is not sane. Are people getting worried about the GOP being shut out in 2020? Suddenly having a little “come to Jesus” moment? Everyone who has stood by Trump is an accessory to his horrible abuse of power. They’re GUILTY..

‼️How a Trump Ally Tested the Boundaries of DC’s Influence Game Broidy had pleaded guilty in 2009 to giving nearly $1M in illegal gifts to NYS officials to help land a $250 million investment from the state’s pension fund. ..

on a serious note religious me would be guilty and crying right now bc i ate 13 koussa and is going to hell for gluttony omg im so glad im an aesthetic.

@Alyssa_Milano You falsely accusing someone of such heinous crimes are just as guilty as someone who actually committed those crimes. You are truly shameful..

Suspended PGPD officer pleads guilty to solicitation charge in the District of Columbia.

@LadyMina10 @AliveAndTough Muse is INCREDIBLE and a massive guilty pleasure band of mine.

Ahh the funnel cake. One of the most popular guilty pleasures enjoyed by millions of Americans every year. But where did this carnival staple come from and how did it become the omnipresent snack of choice for summer recreation everywhere? via @CHOW.

Trudeau was suspected of a breach of ethics through exerting unfair influence over #SNCLavalin The NDP pushed for a thorough investigation. The investigation found that Trudeau was guilty of a breach of ethics. So naturally Liberal Twitter is pissed at the NDP. Wait, what?.

A$AP Rocky Found Guilty of Assault But Won’t Get More Jail Time | E! News.


@ZerlinaMaxwell Epstein “suicide” The LOUDEST YELPING DOG is usually the guilty one. Police Investigation101; follow the dog making the loudest noise. Trumps fixer Barr is in charge of Federal Prisons..

#BREAKING: ASAP Rocky has been found guilty in his Sweden assault case.

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