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Tweet247 | Updated: Sat, 19 May 2018, 10:03 AM IST

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  • Would any liberal #GunControl politics have stopped Santa Fe shooter? Banning AR-15s - NO Banning high capacity magazines - NO Banning bump stocks - NO Universal background checks - NO Background checks for ammo - NO Raising minimum age for gun purchases to 21 - NO.

  • The victims of Santa Fe High deserve more than just “thoughts and prayers.“ They need actions. #GunControl #GunControlNow.

  • After *yet MORE* kids were slaughtered due to gun violence, the @GOP and #NRA predictably will claim that it’s “not the right time” to talk about #guncontrol.🙄 If not now, then WHEN⁉️ #Republicans have these kids’ blood on their hands! DO YOUR JOB & pass #gunsense laws‼️🤬.

  • Now this idiot Lt Gov Dan Patrick is saying there’s too many entrances to the school. “If it had only one entrance this could’ve been stopped.” One entrance. Massive school. Has this dickhead ever heard of a thing called fire? #GunControl #SantaFe.

  • When the hell are the students, families, and teachers of our schools going to be thought about in more than your powerless prayers AFTER youth have been slaughtered ar their school? America needs ACTION on #guncontrol, not more “after murder prayers!”.

  • Eso se demuestra con hechos y con medidas. El corazón, por si solo, no arregla nada. Buenas palabras tras cada tiroteo, y nada más, Melania Trump @FLOTUS #Guncontrol.

  • In 194 countries, those children who have the opportunity to seek an education in order to forge a true life of meaning and progress are called "Students". In one country, they are called "targets of opportunity". There are only 195 countries in the world. #gunsense #GunControl.

  • To all the @GOP politicians in bed with @NRA ! #GunControl #gunreform #GunControlNow.

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  • #GunControl proponents believe criminals (who use illegally acquired guns and illegally manufactured explosives to murder children in a #GunFreeZone) can be stopped by more laws. Sorry, but making the law-abiding helpless doesn’t make criminals harmless. #SantaFeHighSchool.

  • We all know the shooter at the #SantaFeHighSchool shooting is white because his picture was plastered everywhere within an hour of the shooting. If he wasn’t white, we wouldn’t have seen his picture for at least 6 hours after the shooting. #GunControl #Texas.

  • I’m so tired of offering “thought & prayers.” Something’s got to give!! #GunControlNow #NeverAgain #SantaFeHighSchool #EnoughIsEnough #Parkland #guncontrol.

  • This is the reality for CHILDREN now!!!!! #GunControl.

  • #SantaFe Officials have said at least nine people are being treated at area hospitals. #santafehs #santafeschoolshooting #schoolshooting #texas #GunControl.

  • The new school uniform policy should be a button up, pants/skirt, and bullet proof vest. @realDonaldTrump @NRA #SantaFe #texas #GunControl.

  • @WhiteHouse What happens when the "tragic hour" is over & your memory fades? We need a LEADER who will effect change. One who will CHOOSE LIVES, regardless of race, nation of origin, religion, political party. 22 school shootings in 2018. Shameful. Too much heartbreak & loss. #GunControl.

  • @AndyStumpf77 Do you have any ideas for meaningful action? Does anyone? All we ever get after these things is a bunch of unhelpful #guncontrol hooey..

  • I am in mourning for my country. #SantaFe #SchoolShootings #guncontrol #GunReformNow.

  • Multiple fatalities in shooting at #SantaFeHighSchool via @ABC SPECIAL REPORT At least 8 people are reported dead in a shooting this morning at Santa Fe High School near Galveston, Texas, according to law enforcement officials. #GunControl #GunSafety #SCHOOLSHOOTING #Terror.

  • Like this is a natural disaster? Some force of nature that cannot be stopped or avoided?? @Everytown #GunSense #GunControl #SafeSchools #FlipItBlue #FlipTheHouse #FlipTheSenate #HoldGOPResponsible.

  • I "How many people have to us a " @MatthewModine #AndtheBandPlayedOn #guncontrol #SantaFe #schoolshooting.

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  • @realsonaldtrump you wanted the power and now you have it! FIX OUR COUNTRY!!! #guncontrol is necessary.

  • @DLoesch One thing we know for sure: if you had #GunControl European style, the probability that this happens is near zero..


  • to those who dont understand why we need guncontrol, take a looka t the Santa Fae High School shooting on the news and you will see why.

  • @WhiteHouse Fuck your prayers fucking do something @realDonaldTrump NOW you fucktards fucking prayers aren’t doing a goddamn think get your lazy fat asses and fix this mess !! #GunControlNow #GunControl #GunReformNow.

  • @GOP @HouseGOP @SenateGOP NO PRAYERS! Great. Control now! #GunControl #GunControlNow.

  • At least 8 dead in shooting at Texas high school: Sheriff - ABC News #GunControl #latest.

  • There have been 22 school shootings in 2018 @realDonaldTrump When will it not be #TooSoon to discuss #GunControl? After 30, 40, 50, 100 shootings?.

  • Greg Abbott is a tool for the NRA. He was endorsed by them in the last election and received a $1,000 contribution from them. #GunControl.

  • How many more children need to be killed before our government does something? 17-year-old allegedly opens fire at Texas high school, killing 10 via @BostonGlobe #guncontrol #GunControlNow @GOP @NRA.

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