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“I don’t care how I’m remembered,” Rep. Gym Jordan. #WednesdayWisdom.

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@Jim_Jordan Hey (Gym) Jordan!! How about looking back at your own conduct back at Ohio State with the wrestlers who were molested by the doctor before you pass judgement on others you HYPOCRITE!!.

@GOP @Jim_Jordan Ignorance of facts does not eliminate the truth. Trump is GUILTY! Anyone that disagrees should look at the evidence documented in great detail. Partisan hacks like Gym yelling at the top of their lungs Will NOT absolve the Orange CRIMINAL #ImpeachTrump #ImpeachAndConvictTrump.

@andthenthree @z_leenda From what I just read he can’t stop it! I just hate that all the members, who are supposed to be heard, keep yielding their time to gym Jordan, Gohmert, and all the screamers! 😱 It’s maddening I tell you maddening! 🤣😂.

It’s a shame that every time either @RepMattGaetz or Gym Jordan is on you have to mute your television or risk of having a headache #impeachmentDebate.

Is that a Coke next to Gym Jordan? I think there might be more than just soda in that bottle. Holy shit. Calm your tits, Gym..

I am concerned that you sold out America for the lobbyists just to suck up to your dreadful party leaders Imagine locking arms with Gym “Molester” Jordan. 🤦‍♂️ You are on the wrong side of History Elise, and this shit is going to follow you around the rest of your career..

@AngrierWHStaff Gym Jordan is talking so fast the he is going to need someone to wash his back in the locker room shower !!.

Shorter Gym Jordan: this is too complex for me to understand so we just need to drop it! #impeachmentDebate.

@Jim_Jordan No Gym Democrats have not accepted the RUSSIA elected Donald J. Trump. Over 65 million people did not vote for Russia elected Trump not the American people..

Blah blah I yield the rest of my time to Gym Jordan so he can yell incoherent conspiracy theories and talk fast. #GOPTraitors.

God DAMN Gym Jordan is proud of himself for how quickly he can read that sequence of people talking to each other. #ImpeachmentHearings.

If Gym Jordan won’t stop interrupting, he needs to be sent to the showers. No WAIT! Never mind!.

Gym Jordan is lying again. The Ukrainians DID know military aid was withheld the day of the Trump-Zelensky call on July 25. Laura Cooper testified to that. #ImpeachAndConvict.

“I don’t care how I’m remembered,” Rep. Gym Jordan. #WednesdayWisdom.

Ho. Lee. Shitballs. In this segment, Eric Swalwell somehow not only steamrolled any & all pathetic Trump apologists like the odious Gym Jordan, but also earned player of the week honors in the NHL, NBA & Major League Baseball. Congrats to Mr. Swalwell on a job brilliantly done..

@joncoopertweets Compete with “Gym” Jordan. Think if they yell it makes their shut truthful ... HA!.

@joncoopertweets He yells, Gym Jordan yells, Martini Matt Gaetz ....YELLS!!!! What the hell is their point??????.

@joncoopertweets He and Gym Jordan must have attended the Dramatic School of Auctioneers where everyone yells and talks really, really fast..

@Arriadna It’s worse than no jacket Gym Jordan but it represents the same mentality..

@GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump Why don’t you drop your kids off at Uncle Gym Jordan’s place for the weekend, traitor..

@joncoopertweets Goatz and Gym Jordan too. It’s what you do when you got nuthin’ and your party’s chair also gets caught red handed..

@Jim_Jordan Hey GYM, you wanna clear a few things up soon?.

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@GOP @Jim_Jordan Gym Jordan ignored student who were being sexually assaulted. He has no credibility.

Castor was picked by Gym Jordan. Democrat @ShannonFreshour is running against Gym Bro. You know what to do..

Let’s send a present to Gym Jordan for his crimes: his challenger Democrat @ShannonFreshour is 15,000 followers from hitting 175,000. Let’s hit 175k by the end of the day. Retweet & follow!.

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