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First time a Canadian NHL team has played in the United States in 15 months. And the Habs have to come out and play in front of this. Talk about a shock to the system 😳

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Lisa ()

@rabottnika ja habs jetzt schon hinterklebt und scheint eigentlich stabil zu sein, habs so oder so auch sehr fest gebunden da rutscht nicht wirklich was rum

Ira ()

@hyaenedelrey ich habs einfach um gefavt das ist alles was ich noch von heut nacht weiss

Jennybean ()

Ok Leute ich habs Ich hab ne Anfrage von einem Typ bekommen, dass er mein Sugar Daddy sein Ich werde reich 😍😍😍😂😂😂

x-Erik Vegas VGK - #FourTheCup!
X-Erik Vegas VGK - #FourTheCup! ()

who ever asked the first question has no idea what a heat map is!! most the 5v5 chances were in close! and the Habs PP had several great chances.

Habby Hour!
Habby Hour! ()

The Habs are back, and so are we! Unfortunately, the Habs are dropped in their first game in Vegas. #GoHabsGo

Emily Kaplan
Emily Kaplan ()

First time a Canadian NHL team has played in the United States in 15 months. And the Habs have to come out and play in front of this. Talk about a shock to the system 😳

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Annakin Slayd
Annakin Slayd ()

One thing I know in my @CanadiensMTL have the best fanbase in all of sports. To me this video, which I couldn’t have done without you all, proves it. So here it is, “Rock the Sweater 2021” Habs Empire! Are you ready to rock it?

Steve Habsin7erson
Steve Habsin7erson ()

The Habs are going to Vegas! Thankfully their young players aren’t old enough to drink there.

🌸𝓢𝒐𝒏𝒏𝒕𝒂𝒈𝒔𝓜ä𝒅𝒄𝒉𝒆𝒏🌸 ()

Mein Freund hat gestern einfach gestreamt wo ich geschlafen hab und hat es mir nicht gesagt xD Habs mir aber trotzdem gerade angesehen hahaha ich stalke hilfeee

PAT DENIS 66 🤟🏼(1/2💉)
PAT DENIS 66 🤟🏼(1/2💉) ()

Vegas a été en 7 contre Talbot et en 6 contre Grabauer (qui a été ordinaire contre Vegas) et la vont affronter le gardien le plus HOT de séries !!! @CanadiensMTL en 6 !!!! GO HABS GO ! #GoHabsGo 👍🏻♥️🔵🔴⚪️🔵🔴⚪️

JPL ()

@PS5Deutschland Habs! Bestellung aufgegeben, danke! Die Bestätigung wird an Ihre E-Mail gesendet. Garantiertes Lieferdatum für diesen Artikel: Morgen, Juni. 12

Dirk Bielemeier
Dirk Bielemeier ()

@PSLetsPlayDE Ich habs geschafft, unglaublich! Ich hoffe, das ist die Disc-Version oder!?

Allu:D ()

Harmillista että Coloradon matka päättyy (taas) näin aikaisin. Hyvät konferenssifinaalit silti tulossa, mitä jos saataskin Habs-Isles SC finaali 👀😅 Ja tänään vihdoin ja viimein starttaa #EURO2020 😍

Hampus ()

@GlasnowSeth @GoldenKnights The Canadian teams have played peaceful, loving hockey, barely touching each other for a whole season. Unless Carey becomes impossible VGK will completely, and utterly eat Habs alive

Mio ()

so i’ll be stuck filling a 176 page sketchbook with isles, lightning, habs and knights okay

Joe Lofaro
Joe Lofaro ()

NEW: @CanadiensMTL owner Geoff Molson called Alex Wojakowski today after reading my story about him allegedly being attacked in downtown Mtl Monday for wearing a Jets jersey. Molson is sending him a new @NHLJets jersey and a Habs cap. Police still investigating. Story coming.

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John Lu
John Lu ()

#Habs Romanov recounting his first playoff game at the Bell Centre on Monday: “(It was) full of fans. Oh my god, (I had) tears in my eyes when I see the rink.”

Canadiens Montréal
Canadiens Montréal ()

Bon matin à tous nos partisans, et à la Tour CN. Good morning Habs fans and also the CN Tower. #GoHabsGo

Channelle Labelle-Viens
Channelle Labelle-Viens ()

Dear Habs, Congratulations! You really found a way. You fought hard and proved you deserved to be in the 3rd round. Last time you did that was the 2013-2014 season! Your fans are extremely proud of you. Good luck to you guys! ❤ Love, A really sad Leafs fan.

Lindsay ()

@BudsAllDayCast @ScmorganAuthor There was only one time I have ever cheered for a Canadian team. That was the year Mats Sundin played for Vancouver & they were in the playoffs. That was mostly bc I wanted Mats to win the Cup. Now if he joined the Habs that would have been different 🤣

Marc Dumont
Marc Dumont ()

Had this dream that the Habs were the first team to make it to the final four. It was neat.

x - Steven
X - Steven ()

REMINDER: The Habs completed the sweep last night without their best defenseman, and team MVP this season, Jeff Petry in the lineup. #GoHabsGo

Stu Cowan
Stu Cowan ()

My column on why it’s starting to feel like 1993 for #Habs fans #HabsIO

John Rodenburg
John Rodenburg ()

Outstanding. Is this as close as the Habs will get to the real thing?

Jamey Baskow
Jamey Baskow ()

The Habs just seem to excel in the playoffs. They only finished with 1 point more than the Flyers this year. Last year they barely made the playoffs, and played the Flyers well eventually losing in six games. They just do well in the playoffs, and that testament goes to Price.

TSN ()

From @CraigJButton: Habs are stifling their opponents right now. VIDEO:

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𝕭𝖆𝖚𝖎🤴 ()

Jungs habs geschafft um 2 uhr oder so einzuschlafen LESGO hab doch gesagt ich schaffs

Tim and Friends
Tim and Friends ()

Carey Price and the Habs just made the North Division bend the knee

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PlatonsTochter ()

@brightsblog Ich habs gelesen. Er hat sich sicher eine Nachbildung des Oval Office in Mar a Lago nachbauen lassen und trottet da morgens immer rein. Und frühstückt Burger und Cola Light.

John Lu
John Lu ()

#Habs Byron describing why Evans is so highly regarded among his teammates.

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☚ Birmingham #BamBam_riBBon_MV ☛
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