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Rask directly to room after group hug. First one off ice. Halak/Swayman remain, take shot from stragglers, extras, et al.

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Gianni Delli Colli
Gianni Delli Colli ()

@DomenicFazioli It brings in the consideration of resigning Halak which I’m not too crazy about but given the circumstances we might have no choice Swayman only has 10 Gms under his belt I’m not too confident dropping that pressure on him immediately.

Patrick Lynn
Patrick Lynn ()

@NHLBruins Get the hell off this team you quitter and idiot! You should have never played a game for Boston after last playoffs and you just singlehandedly ruined our season. Why did you say you could play when you were injured and you knew Sway and Halak were

Ginge MNL
Ginge MNL ()

@dafoomie Would you not have considered putting him on LTIR during the season, and using that subsequent cap relief, to help bring in another netminder that could have been used in the playoff run with Halak/Swayman? Or even add some depth elsewhere?

josh hanson
Josh hanson ()

@_TyAnderson Im not blaming rask at all, but how does cassidy put him in there with a torn hip labrum. How is swayman or halak not the better option there.

Zach ()

@FlutoShinzawa Assuming we moving on from Halak. I like him but not sure I trust with the spot

Ginge MNL
Ginge MNL ()

@jjw210894 Quite possibly, but again, why not go with Halak and Swayman as a combo for the Playoffs, if putting Rask on LTIR for the season/playoffs? Could have used that cap relief to really improve depth throughout the roster just for this season/playoffs.

Max Springer
Max Springer ()

@smclaughlin9 The playing through injury is 100% on Cassidy. Swayman or Halak would have been perfectly capable as a tandem to allow Rask to recover and maybe some of those saves would have been made. Most of the blame from these playoffs lay with Cassidys selection and game management.

sean (Tuukka Rask Hater Club)
Sean (Tuukka Rask Hater Club) ()

@CoyleStan42069 This is just as much about swayman as it is Rask. If we only had Halak, you ride Rask into the ground. We should have beaten NYI, and we definitely win game 5 with Swayman in net. It’s OK to say it is time to move on from damaged goods

Aslam Racing Team
Aslam Racing Team ()

@MargasayaWang Ssh bilang nya kak, iso wong jowo, tiasa urang sunda oge, bole nyong manado, urang awak jugak, halak batak jugak… nusantara pokoke bisa bahasa berbagai suku

His Excellency President Mike Anderson 🇺🇸
His Excellency President Mike Anderson 🇺🇸 ()

@a_cass4 @_TyAnderson I totally understand your point. But Rask should have never played in Game 6. It was to important. Either give that game to Halak or Swayman. Sooner or later, Swayman has to play.

Alex ()

@JakeBroer Both Vladar and Sway are still waiver exempt next year per capfriendly But there are a few good veteran goalie Mrazek, Bernier, Reimer, Halak, Rittich Obviously not the most ideal group, but having a legitimate backup in case either of them aren’t ready would be good

DBlanch ()

I’m not a Rask hater but if you tear something in your hip and you know you’re not 100% why not turn to Swayman or Halak? I know he still played well the first series and a little in the second but you could clearly tell something wasn’t right those last 3 games

Matthew ()

If I were the GM Re-sign Rask for 4/2 Let Halak walk Bring in Ullmark to backup Swayman for a 3/1 Trade Ullmark in the trade deadline once Rask returns

Alex ()

@JakeBroer I don’t know, I think you gotta find someone who’s been a reliable goalie in their career to have split with you just can’t throw both Swayman and Vladar into it and expect them to be incredible. Even getting Halak back would be good for something like this

kim 🍂
Kim 🍂 ()

@suzana_webber simmmmmm, mesmo tendo o Sway e o Vladdy agora não é o momento pra perder um goleiro tão experiente ainda mais pela dúvida que tá em torno do halak! mais uma temporada de rask seria uma benção

Petrov McGuire
Petrov McGuire ()

Rask will need surgery, so a veteran to share the net with Swayman in the meantime will be needed. Since it looks like Halak is gone, I know just the guy. Locker room presence, knows the heartbeat of the city, and you can get him on a deal.

Halak Photo,Halak Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Casey Jones
Casey Jones ()

@FlutoShinzawa Anderson or Halak? Those probably become the most cost friendly options

Richard Murray
Richard Murray ()

@Johnston985 I’d let Rask walk in this scenario. Halak at maybe and Swayman on rookie deal clears up a ton of cap space in net too… You can hopefully sure you D with that cap space

TheSTR8edge ()

@GlobeKPD You can’t have only sway and darth. Unproven. Need at thr very least reliable back up. Feel halak is done with Boston tho.

Jason Pappas
Jason Pappas ()

@ConorRyan_93 If he takes a pay cut sign him ! Otherwise let him go and let Halak ,Swayman and Darthvader handle the net minding !

John Honoré
John Honoré ()

Swayman is definitely the future though. Should have traded Halak for a shutdown D. #NHLBruins

Bruins Post Mortem 2021; End of the Rask Error
Bruins Post Mortem 2021; End of the Rask Error ()

@ShawnHutcheon Shawn, does this make Swayman the #1 going into next season, or does the GM look for a veteran to compete with him? I assume Halak won’t be back.

Thomas🍭 ()

Not a chance he plays over Swayman and small chance he plays over Vladar/Halak

⁷ ()

Na baka ita Abba Halak Malak Allah ya baku Zaman lafiya 😅😅😍.

Vinny Cannamela
Vinny Cannamela ()

I wonder if we keep Halak at minimum salary so he can back up Sway til then? Also…what if we pull off a Tampa and stash Rask’s salary til after the trade deadline 🙃🤣

Andrew Zadarnowski
Andrew Zadarnowski ()

@jtoro25 He’s definitely the best to work his way up the three tiers. Michael Ryder is another player who spent some time in the ECHL. Success stories are rare given how the ECHL was primarily used for goalies. Halak and Condon both started there.

Ray Guarino
Ray Guarino ()

First order of business for the Bruins? Figuring out their goaltending situation. If Rask does not come back, what veteran do they bring in to play with Swayman? Could it be Halak?

Dr Sohail Khan
Dr Sohail Khan ()

@HeyThisIsMeena Karogi ye likale nu zu ye pa shak ke kram. Ao ma wail ka profile da Halak de charta.🤣🤭

Cemile Çelik 🇹🇷 R.T.E 🇵🇸 sevdalısı
Cemile Çelik 🇹🇷 R.T.E 🇵🇸 sevdalısı ()

Her gün dev bir hizmet Halak temiz su için yapilan güzel icraatler Bravo @Akparti

Kevin Paul Dupont
Kevin Paul Dupont ()

Rask directly to room after group hug. First one off ice. Halak/Swayman remain, take shot from stragglers, extras, et al.

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