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Hannah B is the classic Alabama sorority girl that says Roll Tide every other sentence and probably can’t name more than 2 players #TheBachelorette.

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I just want one of these guys to say War Eagle to see what happens to Hannah B #TheBachelorette.

Hannah B is the classic Alabama sorority girl that says Roll Tide every other sentence and probably can’t name more than 2 players #TheBachelorette.

If Hannah B doesn’t marry him, I will. 😍 #TheBachelorette.

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I was really doubting Hannah B this season after how bad she was in the live setting but she seems to be doing well #TheBachelorette.

Worth noting: Kyle would make the final five or six easy in this. And he met Hannah B. before most of these dudes. #TheBachelorette.

Which hipster haircut wispy facial hair dude will Hannah B choose to be her huSBAND stay tuned to find out.

Hannah B choosing Cam would be the equivalent of the Giants drafting Daniel Jones with the No. 6 overall pick. #TheBachelorette.

Hannah B keeps saying “nailed it” and that’s literally all Colton ever said. #TheBachelorette.

hannah b is so boring they resorted to giving the contestants the vlogs #TheBachelorette.

I’m actually really excited for Hannah B. and think she’s going to be one of the more relatable Bachelorettes.

take a shot every time hannah b says roll tide but we not tryna get drunk so eat an animal cracker!!.

when Hannah B said “ bless the man who spends forever with me , because i’m so much to handle “ i literally felt that.

do I hate Hannah B because she’s obsessed with herself or do I hate Hannah B bc she’s a Bama fan? #bachelorette.

ICYMI I wrote about what we can expect from this season of #TheBachelorette based on where the franchise is headed. Talked to Rob Mills and Brooke Karzen, who confirm, shockingly, that this might be the *most. dramatic. season. yet.*.

I mean. I, too, would be “excited to meet 30 different guys tonight.” Roll Tide, Hannah B, Roll Tide. 👏🏼 #TheBachelorette.

Honestly not thrilled Hannah B is the But this season will be entertaining to say the least.

Ready to watch Hannah B be a BEAST! 🌹 #bachelorette #TheBachelorette @BacheloretteABC.

Y’all can talk shit on Hannah B all you want but I’m here for it - she’s gonna be the most real, sassy, badass Bachelorette ever, hands down 💁🏻‍♀️ #TheBachelorette.

Hannah B is honestly quite attractive but something’s off about her. No Alex Morgan either.

sorry Hannah B is going to be the best bachelorette of all time .. sooooo awkward , funny and real.

I know I say this during every first episode about the Bachelor or Bachelorette, but I love Hannah B. #TheBachelorette.

Did anyone else think the trailer for Maleficent 2 was more interesting than the 2 minute life story they just did on Hannah B? @BacheloretteABC.

Dear Hannah B, All the guys that I like tonight don’t go because I pick the WRONG guys🤷🏼‍♀️😂 #TheBachelorette.

These better be the hottest guys I’ve ever seen in my LIFE if we have to suffer through an entire season of Hannah B #TheBachelorette.

I honestly can’t stand Hannah B I was shocked she’s #TheBachelorette I vowed not to watch I am 🤷🏽‍♀️.

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