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Geez, the way this episode is going, with the edit some people are getting, Hannah B is the one coming out of this looking the best..

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@colton Also team Hannah B for #TheBachelorette because she is the only one interesting enough.

Not only did Caelynn beat Hannah B. in the pageant world, but also on #TheBachelor too!!.

Really confused as to why Colton would take Hannah B to meet his family if he isn’t sure about ?? #Thebachelor.

If Colton “isn’t there yet” w/ Hannah B, WHY did he have her be the first girl to meet his family????? #TheBachelor.

Hannah B better ask Colton at the women tell all why he brought her to his family if he was going to dump her anyway. We all know that was extra Colton. #TheBachelor.

@evydarlingg @_briannapollard I agreeeeeee. Caelyn isn’t too bad, but Hannah B has a fake vibe. My vote is Hannah G right now, she’s super cute.

is your child texting about #TheBachelor? LOOK FOR THESE SIGNS NVM = no virgin mentions TFW= the final wrose DTF= don’t tease fence-jumps HBU = Hannah B unstable ROFL= really, Onyeka fucking lies! HFTRR= here for the right reasons TLC = typical lying Cassie.

Didn’t think I would be saying this a few weeks ago (based on her edit not her as a person), I think Hannah B would be a great next Bachelorette. She’s spunky and kindhearted. #TheBachelor.

Geez, the way this episode is going, with the edit some people are getting, Hannah B is the one coming out of this looking the best..

Hannah B. is out. The most painful loss for Alabama since losing to Clemson in the College Football Playoff National Championship. #TheBachelor.

How is Hannah B still here? 🤦🏻‍♀️ am I the only one who sees through her fakeness? #TheBachelor.

I can’t believe Hannah B gets a hometown date. She literally has crazy eyes and makes animal I’m scared of her. #TheBachelor.

@BachelorABC you’re telling me Cassie leaves? And Hannah B, Taysha, and Caelyn are in the end?.

Hannah B’s facial expressions are equivalent to the content @OliviaCaridi gave us from her season and IM HERE FOR IT 😂❤️.

I dont like how people keep talking bad about hannah b and how shes crazy and weird shes just goofy. And goofiness in a female is a great thing. #TheBachelor.

Me & Hannah literally yelling at Alexa bc she ALWAYSSSS tryna be in her feels talkin ab “Alexa play I Fall Apart” I’m like ALEXA STOP U BITCH. This went on for too now we compromised & playing Cardi B. #nofeels.

Someone from the camera crew should tell Hannah B to stop growling. It was creepy the first time she did it & its creepy now. #TheBachelor.

next week’s episode of the bachelor looks LITTTTT ... then they ruined it with that huge spoiler of hannah b. meeting the parents #thebachelor.

Hey @colton you’ve met Hannah B and Hannah G but I think it’s time you met Hanna J #TheBachelor 🌹.

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@baby_roach3 Tara if you like bb&b I have another tv show suggestion for you.

Taking bets on if Hannah B makes a growling noise this episode since she’s apparently Hannah Beast now. #thebachelor.

Girls who I don’t think are ready for marriage at the end & Hannah B. They seem so childish to me, like it’s a game. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #TheBachelor.

I swear they practically spoiled the whole rest of the season with the previews why the hell is Hannah B going to hometowns??? #TheBachelor.

I honestly love Hannah B, she cracks me up and she’s such a breath of fresh air. What do y’all think?! #TheBachelor.

Oh what’s that you say? Hannah b taking another group date activity too seriously? #TheBachelor.

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