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Updated: January 16th, 2022 04:38 AM IST

Hannity text to Meadows on 12/31/20, per Jan. 6 committee: “We can’t lose the entire WH counsels office. I do NOT see January 6 happening the way he is being told.

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I have my issues with Goolsbee but this was masterful. You just need facts to take down bullshit. Pretty sure Hannity won’t be inviting him back. 😂🤣

@stevenleopold @BeingJWood We get it. You watch Fox, specifically Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. We understand, you are filled with rage, but of course why wouldn’t you be? They’ve been shoveling that shit into your brain for years. What are you listening to on the radio? Mark Levin? Dan BonGino?

@TimOBrien @OshetJimmy They are so far right…. They couldn’t tell fact from fiction or know truth if it was up their ass. Hannity is a full blown Trump sucking idiot

@briantylercohen Mostly when Hannity is wrong he attacks because he knows he is wrong and he gets frustrated, ofcourse he is not a brilliant person and he knows always constructs a vicious circle.

@bader_diedrich @Acyn The term over-matched comes to mind. Dunning-Kruger is also at play here. Poor Hannity: Too dumb to know how dumb he is.

#TrumpRally Hannity OANN Newsmax Dan Bongino He needs $$ for all his upcoming legal

Sean Hannity is the guy from your Econ 101 class who tries to challenge the professor mid-lecture and fails. So, please enjoy @Austan_Goolsbee school Hannity 🍿

@politvidchannel Of course he is all over the map. When presented with facts that don’t fit the narrative, Hannity will just throw out bullshit hoping something will stick. It’s Fox- it’s what they do.

@Acyn @FoxNews ffs this is embarrassing! Mocking a guest who gives an opinion! Jeez this is a shot show, Hannity has lost the plot

The Brits booted Fox News off their UK pay TV platforms. Given what we are doing to Djokovic, shouldn’t Fox News now be kicked off Foxtel given the endless anti-vaccine messaging from Hannity and Tucker Carlson night after might. If Alan Jones can be punted…

@lawindsor Out here in the Shenandoah Valley, gas prices are trending back down. Hannity can’t keep up with Austan Goolsby.

As much as I don’t think Dems or liberals should appear on Hannity or the rest of Fox’s anti-democratic shows, this was still fun to watch:

Watching Austan Goolsbee destroy Sean Hannity is so satisfying. This is such a lopsided fight why would they even book him, my God.

‘HUNTER WILL TESTIFY’: GOP Majority Promises to Go After Hunter Biden, ‘We Have a Lot of Questions’

TULSI BLASTS BIDEN AGAIN! He’s ‘Unfit to Lead,’ and ‘Tearing Our Country Apart’

MANCHIN’S A ‘NO’: Releases Official Statement, ‘I Will Not Vote to Eliminate or Weaken the Filibuster’

Chris Cuomo get fired for advising his brother on a criminal investigation (Chris Cuomo is a lawyer). Sean Hannity was advising the president on a criminal seditionist insurrectionist and nobody says shit? For the record Sean Hannity is not a lawyer or a journalist. WTF!

REP. DAN MEUSER (R-PA): “I am extremely concerned by recent reports that the federal government has flown illegal immigrants to the Wilkes Barre-Scranton International Airport.”

@woodruffbets Chris Cuomo fired at CNN for working to help his brother with sexual harassment charges- Sean Hannity still #1 at FOX news despite working with Trump to invalidate a national election.

Hannity text to Meadows on 12/31/20, per Jan. 6 committee: “We can’t lose the entire WH counsels office. I do NOT see January 6 happening the way he is being told.

He would lie his ass off Jan. 6 committee plans to ask Fox News host Sean Hannity to cooperate with probe - ABC News (via @ABC)

House Probe of Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Seeks Cooperation From Fox Host and Trump Ally Sean Hannity

Hannity e outros apresentadores da Fox News teve suas conversas vazadas com Trump Jr pela comissão 6 de janeiro.

A comissão 6 de janeiro vai pedir ao apresentador da Fox News Sean Hannity para cooperar nas investigações da invasão do Capitólio.

This would make my day, watching Hannity go down in flames. It’s Sean Hannity’s time in the barrel via @PalmerReport

@UncvrngTheTruth ISN’T the investigative committee supposed to have some teeth why are you kowtowing to Sean Hannity for FU*k sake that-mother fu*&king lying traitor who called the Xpresident on January 6 to ask him to send his MONSTERS home really stop being nice ARREST THEM !

CNN: Jan 6th Committee Seeking Voluntary Information from Fox Host Sean Hannity

House probe of Jan. 6 Capitol riot seeks cooperation from Fox host and Trump ally Sean Hannity

New: Rep. Adam Schiff confirms on @MSNBC that the Jan. 6 Committee will be requesting information from Sean Hannity. We believe that he was texting with the chief of staff, and that he has information that would be relevant to our committee.

BREAKING: The January 6 committee plans to ask Sean Hannity to voluntarily speak to the committee. Who else thinks they should just SUBPOENA him and forget asking nicely? ✋

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