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Harley was very kind and helped me carry drinks up to my room. Little does he know this was a ploy to wear out his already weak muscles..

What a great guy Harley is ~ Sucha good WHEN DO THEY FUCK THOUGH?! #creatorclash.

mad respect for arin tho. was rooting harley but signing up while knowing how much of a disadvantage he would be at is insane #creatorclash.

Big Cat is still a winner in my heart. Harley is a good man tho he was a great opponent.

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Ketinggalan jauh #YoungJustice S4 😭 pingin catchup tapi lagi ga ada hbomax. sekalian ntar sama harley quinn aja apa ya. kenapa oh kenapa tidak ada di hbogo 😭 Review-nya YJ S4 dongg.

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@MaskedRyder @TonyKhan Dipshit fails to comprehend that a union in wrestling will effect every company whether it’s big or small out there and not just WWE.

Creator Clash has been sick as fuck vs Harley would be the sickest match up next year.

@ooshmonn Yup. Plus we got Harley Quinn show, we’re getting a new Batman animated show with writers who’ve penned some of the best Batman runs of all time. You got newbthe series of animated movies that are pretty decent too. They just keep up what they doing rn, and they’ll be fine imo..

oh you said you liked mint chocolate chip ice cream but this tweet from 2014 says you thought it tasted bad, hypocrite much?.

@shihochan7628 Margot Robbie, la que hace a Harley Quinn en las películas de DC comics.

Harley said it best, @egoraptor absolutely showed up tonight. Comedian and hero. #creatorclash.

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@MurkaDurkah @HarleyPlays My man had 62 pounds and 3 in him 🤣 harley had won before the fight started.

@PiquantParvenu When I first moved to Vegas there was a billboard with a pathetic loser boomer guy jacked on testosterone riding a Harley with flames, I just assumed it was an ad for boner pills or testosterone replacement therapy. Lived there 3 months before I noticed it was for a lawyer.

6/11/77: Japan Original ticket stub. NWA World Title Match: Harley Race vs. Jumbo Tsuruta.

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@Jacksepticeye @egoraptor Arin lost cuz the balls needed to face Harley were weighing him down.

@Tommyasheck Unfair matchup they should have let all of game grumps fight Harley at once.

mota rekomendasiin poca holder yang cocok buat pisi soobin harley dong, sekalian nama toko nya tia!.

So proud of Harley and Arin!!! Especially the shoutout from Harley about Arin after the fight. So wholesome, this is how fights should be. Wreck each other in the ring but afterwards respect each other and be pals..

Forgot creator clash was going on today but I managed to catch arin and Harley. I love arin bro but the height and weight difference between them was just enough for him to lose sadly.


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yoooo shoutouts to arin hanson for taking on someone so giant like harley like a champp.

@BillyBo22937936 @egoraptor His cardio might he better than Harley, which goes a long way in boxing..

@MicaBurton @egoraptor I love Harley and was rooting for him, but still proud of Arin for jumping in there with him and putting on a good fight..


I’ve never been a big signatures on comics guy but I’ve become more inspired to get stuff the last couple of years seeing other people’s stuff. So today I got Howard Chaykin on the Star Wars and Simon Bisley, @AmandaRantsAlot and @jpalmiotti on the Harley. 5/5.

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@gnuphoria also seeing him get decimated by Harley + Harleys talk afterwards was just ... mwah.

@sashapetralha sério harley só tenhk a te agradecer por tudo de verdade, obrigado mesmo você e o acisg todo são como irmãos pra mim eu amo vocês demais.

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