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@UrinatingTree Nick Paul is the new owner of the Maple Leafs, at least he is a better owner than Harold Ballard.

Toronto Maple Leafs choke it again! Still paying for the sins of Conn Smythe and Harold Ballard !.

The Curse of Harold Ballard will never die. Sorry, Toronto! #MapleLeafs.

Harold Ballard Photo,Harold Ballard Photo by Kevin D. Grüssing (pronounced Grew-Sing),Kevin D. Grüssing (pronounced Grew-Sing) on twitter tweets Harold Ballard Photo

Last season this team absolutely choked. This season, they were good, put up one hell of a fight. Ugh 💔 And now, 18 yrs w/o a series win 😢 Harold Ballard you truly hexed this team you jerk face If that was Jason Spezza’s final NHL game I might actually snap 😢💔 #LeafsForever.

@ryanwhitney6 The Red Sox had the curse of the Bambino The Leafs have the curse of Harold Ballard.

@Sportsnet I am positive Harold Ballard made a deal with a old, one-eyed gypsy woman to give him a few extra years of life in exchange for a century of team futility..

@RoterTodFooty Two words! Harold Ballard! Leafs have had stable ownership and management for decades now. His suffering is the equivalent of taking a rough 💩 after late night Taco Bell.

Harold Ballard Photo,Harold Ballard Photo by T⚽️NY 🇨🇦🇵🇹,T⚽️NY 🇨🇦🇵🇹 on twitter tweets Harold Ballard Photo

At this point, I am 100% convinced that the curse of Harold Ballard is real for the Leafs….

@BkcSports Meanwhile, Harold Ballard is counting all that playoff money from some dark corner of hell..

The curse of Harold Ballard is real. Time to dig up his grave, fill it with maple leaves and set it ablaze and chant GO LEAFS GO until there is nothing left but a pile of ash and place a fresh maple leaf on top. Then and only then will the curse be lifted. #LeafsForever #Leafs.

The curse of Harold Ballard will live with the Leafs until the end of time..

I just talked to Harold Ballard’s ghost. He said he won’t stop cursing the Leafs until Joe Bowen is back on tv.

@robrandallbass @timandfriends He’s an amazing talent but a change of scenery might be the best thing at this point. Hard to move that contract though. Harold Ballard cursed the franchise with his naked Zamboni driving and general mean-spirited ineptness..

If you told 9 year old me on May 29, 1993 after the Leafs lost to the Kings in Game 7 that was the closest they’d get to the Cup after 29 years…I’d say you were out of your mind. The Curse of Harold Ballard continues……#LeafsForever #NHLonTNT.

@OpenGymAnunoby Yes Google Harold convinced man put a crazy hex on the Maple real thing.

@UrinatingTree But we all know that in some deep corner of hell, Harold Ballard is counting all that playoff money..

@Steve_Dangle Do you think Harold Ballard made a deal with the devil to curse the leafs..

@RealJDDuran 18 years. EIGHTEEN YEARS 😭😭 We now hold the NHL record for longest time without a playoff series win. There’s been 5 GMs, 7 coaches and over 300 players that have come thru the organization in that time. Efff Harold Ballard and his freaking CURSE. And ppl revel in our pain 😭💔.

@SammyHudes Sad for Gio. Thought this was his chance for a deep run The vengeful ghost of Harold Ballard continues to haunt them.

@sheilawalker73 Volume. Harold Ballard figured it out years ago. There are enough people in Toronto to ensure consistently high ticket sales without having to take winning or team investment all that seriously. Vancouver seems to have embraced this strategy..

@joe_lozito That is true…..and I lived in Toronto for 17 years……..The Harold Ballard curse continues..

@RusCan55 @MapleLeafs As a life time Leaf hater since the Harold Ballard days I have to say I that I was hoping they would finally get past the 1st round for their fans. Leaf fans deserve that. I really thought they were going to do it today..

@ConsumerSOS 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Harold Ballard curse 1 Leafs 0 Sports watching kills your brain cells.

@Taggart7 I remember the sun after he died “leafs have chance, Harold Ballard is dead”.

@UrinatingTree I feel bad for Leaf fans at this point. They get teased then let down by their own team year after year. Harold Ballard is laughing somewhere in.

@reporterchris Three more years, Tavares gets shown the door, and Auston is bolting for Vegas! Three more years to get it right otherwise things are gonna get worse than the Harold Ballard days!.

@MapleLeafs Do we need to exhume the body of Harold Ballard and grind him to dust and disperse him to the 4 corners of the Earth to be rid of this fucking curse! #istillloveyouTML.

Toronto Bluejays beat Tampa tonight. The curse of Harold Ballard LOL.

@CaufieldHabs2 Harold Ballard happened. We need to have a genuine exorcism done. Get the fucking priests to get the remnant of that demon away from the team.

@RickCarpiniello ….again is all I can say maybe they are cursed from when Harold Ballard deposed of Foster Hewitt’s famed gondola to be incinerated..

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