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amar é mandar um meme do harry potter pra mim e falar “não entendi nada mas imaginei que tu riria” 🧡

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Gabie ()

amar é mandar um meme do harry potter pra mim e falar “não entendi nada mas imaginei que tu riria” 🧡

H&M Japan
H&M Japan ()

ハリー・ポッターシリーズにインスパイアされたカプセルコレクションが本日発売💫 洋服からアクセサリーまで、ホグワーツの魔法にかかったアイテムが登場です🧙‍♂️🦉

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Comic Book Resources
Comic Book Resources ()

Netflix Is Actively Looking for Its Own Star Wars, Harry Potter-Esque Movie Franchise

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Saksith Saiyasombut
Saksith Saiyasombut ()

As the anti-govt students protests continue, the activists have decided to mix it up a bit: today’s theme is “Harry Potter vs You-Know-Who He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.” “Bringing Democracy to #Thailand shouldn’t be wizardry,” one organizer tells me.

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Dr. Epicus Logicus II, PhD
Dr. Epicus Logicus II, PhD ()

and then Harry Potter uses magic to make everything good again

Chunimond ()

#FiestaEnRadioLely #PijamadaConRadioLely top 3 de pelis ayyy que dificil -Mamma mia -Star Wars V: El imperio contraataca -Harry Potter y el caliz del fuego

✨La Nueva Orden del Fénix✨
✨La Nueva Orden del Fénix✨ ()

Cuando Hermione está tipo: ¡¡HARry POTter DAme mI VAriTa!! y Harry está super asustado 😂😂 -🍒

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love alarm hp
Love alarm hp ()

Estoy viendo Harry Potter y la cámara de los secretos y mi mamá dijo que Lucius le cae muy mal. Yo mencioné que Ron era uno de mis personajes favoritos y que no entendía cómo hay gente que lo odia y mi mamá se indignó y dijo “HAY GENTE QUE LO ODIA??!!” amo a mi mamá

Adrián ()

La clase de “Estudios Muggles” en el universo Harry Potter sería “Metodología de la Investigación” en la vida real.

pode me silenciar..sem ressentimentos
Pode me silenciar..sem ressentimentos ()

porra de reclamar de filme longo vc aguenta 2h54 de harry potter e a câmara secreta vc aguenta filme longo sim

Sabrina🦇 ()

Batman v Superman The Outsiders Revenge of the Sith The entire original Star Wars trilogy All the Harry Potter films

ᴄᴇʀᴇᴢᴀϙᴜᴇᴇɴɪᴇ 🍒
ᴄᴇʀᴇᴢᴀϙᴜᴇᴇɴɪᴇ 🍒 ()

@bustamantecami_ @soelizzy Jaja es que en serio no me acuerdo, pero no son dificiles de descargar. Seguro que puse en google: Harry Potter español latino torrent y habré usado alguna de las primeras páginas que salió. Y no sé qué página habrá sido porque fue hace años🤔🤔

Tigrona ()

eu nunca vi harry potter mas eu tenho muuuuita vontade de fazer um bolo assim igual do filme

fay ➐
Fay ➐ ()

i hate to break it to you but harry potter is just a book/movie series, they aren’t real characters, you’re engaging and attacking one another over the internet because you don’t like a ship/character/headcanon someone else does? think about it! that’s kind of

a varinha do harry potter (não disse qual)
A varinha do harry potter (não disse qual) ()

Ontem (31) Harry Potter completou 40 anos, eu amo esse personagem, para alguns ele é O-Menino-que-sobreviveu para outros ele é o Harry, só Harry! Parabéns ❤️✨

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dee⁷ 🌙
Dee⁷ 🌙 ()

The next person that makes a Harry Potter reference when talking politics must pay me £5 per letter

ً ()

i remember when this girl jumped onto me and wrapped her legs around me at a harry potter festival yeah 💔💔💔

Michael🤍❄️ | #SupForce |
Michael🤍❄️ | #SupForce | ()

I like: • Anime • Harry Potter • Music • Video games • Soccer & ALOT more✨ Tell me what y’all like, would love to get to know y’all more😊

𝙮𝙨𝙖 ()

meu deus mano eu to MUITO chocada eu sempre pensei que Carry On fosse um romance gay adolescente nunca cogitei outra coisa nem parei pra pesquisar aí vc me diz que é uma ESCOLA DE MAGIA E BRUXOS? Ela esperava Com amor simon vai receber Harry potter

coffee bae
Coffee bae ()

the chronicles of narnia franchise should have been just as big as Harry Potter. yep. yep.

Dori Francesa 🎵🇨🇵
Dori Francesa 🎵🇨🇵 ()

Hoje eu comecei a ler Harry Potter e Câmara Secreta em inglês, dando continuidade a minha maratona de ler todos em sequência HP 2/7 ⚡🧙🏻‍♀️

sorry for flooding dots contents i just miss them.
Sorry for flooding dots contents i just miss them. ()

don’t you miss the alpha team?🥺 - bigboss -wolf -snoopy -piccolo -harry potter

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🤍Soda🤍 @Playin like a Chicken🐓
🤍Soda🤍 @Playin like a Chicken🐓 ()

happy late birthday to harry potter and its amazing author Daniel Radcliffe who’s this JK Rowling you speak of never heard of her

Gary Hogg
Gary Hogg ()

@MeAndMyBCause I wonder what he makes of the Harry Potter Books - there’s some deep sh!t in there.

★ 💉 casey | mordecai nation
★ 💉 casey | mordecai nation ()

man I wish jk rowling wasnt such a shitty person. I really enjoyed harry potter but I dont want to associate myself with it anymore knowing the creator is the way she is


Nobody Professor McGonagall to Harry, Ron & Hermione In Harry Potter Series

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Lara;🦋 ()

@laraxawae @blcklovser te gusta harry potter, narnia y louis me encanta follow por intelectual


Harry Potter und wenn man die Mythologie nicht so richtig sieht wie sie die Jahre des Lebens in die Mythologie des Landes führen

sard borken
Sard borken ()

@ChthonicMyth yeah!! my notes on that one are “oh i actually like this one! stand against the moon sucks because harry kills so many people ... so it’s barely bittersweet ever after. but this one is very much happily ever after and has one of my absolute favorite potter families in fic ever”

Singingscientist ()

@jk_rowling Happy harry potter day!! Happy birthday harry/ Your a Wizard Harry! Happy Birthday ROWLING!!

☚ Etobicoke #cdnbeefconf ☛
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