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The tutorial you never knew you needed… how to do the @officialmutombo finger wag.              🎥 »     #PhilaUnite  | #HereTheyCome.

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“ I was just trying to say something. Can we talk about this. Jimmy Please!!! Please Jimmy!!! No smoke. I’m just a light skin ninja” #HereTheyCome.

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@sixers A bar called Passyunk Avenue in London?! Yessir! Philly fans, we’re everywhere! #PhilaUnite #HereTheyCome.

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Cracks me up how Jarred Dudley was teying to act tough, and got thrown 3 rows into the stands. #HereTheyCome #Sixers.

@BenSimmons25 comes up BIG in Game 3 with a playoff career high 31 points as the @sixers take a 2-1 series lead! 💪 🇦🇺 #AussieHoops #HereTheyCome.

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Did the Sixers lose all their momentum when Brett brown called that time out up 15? #HereTheyCome.

Want to win a pair of @Sixers signature #PhilaUnite Airforce 1s like a few members of the 76ers family? Register to Win Here ➡️ #HereTheyCome.

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So all Tobias Harris needs to have a good game is Joel Embiid to be out #WhateverItTakes #HereTheyCome.

The tutorial you never knew you needed… how to do the @officialmutombo finger wag.              🎥 »     #PhilaUnite  | #HereTheyCome.

Is warriors twitter calling for Kerr’s head? Asking for #HeretheyCome twitter..

Yo man you ok? I think the @BrooklynNets missed your whopping 4 points and 4 assists that you put up in game one. @JaredDudley619 #HereTheyCome.

@Peak_Process @whysoserious629 I like it. Iverson didn’t invent that you know. #HereTheyCome.

Mike Scott: Scores 15 points in Game 2 win #HereTheyCome -.

Boban Marjanovic: Quality showing in Game 2 victory #HereTheyCome -.

They worked their way up and now the @sixers are serious contenders for the NBA crown. With key additions to the team, the Sixers are ready to bring glory back to Philly! Can they dominate the East and make it to the promised land? #HereTheyCome.

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LIVE from the podium following our 145-123 win over Brooklyn in Game 2. #HereTheyCome.

Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid with a double-double each going into the 4th quarter. The Sixers are in control of game 2, up 116-87 at the end of the third quarter. #HereTheyCome.

Sixers gotta learn from this game: score a lot more points than the Nets #HereTheyCome.

I’m in a bar in Bed-Stuy and the looks I’m getting in here are amazing lmao @sixers #HereTheyCome.

Mike Scott been that dude since he got here in Philly we need him back too !!!! #HereTheyCome.

This is the beauty of sports: Saturday the world was ending, today we’re all buying our finals ticket #HereTheyCome.

51 points by the @sixers in the 3rd quarter 😳😳😳 #HereTheyCome #PhilaUnite.

51 POINTS in the 3rd #Heretheycome making a statement on @BrooklynNets #nbaplayoffs.

フィラデルフィアの圧勝にシャマランも大喜び #HereTheyCome.

Yeah that was a PRETTY damn good quarter. #PhilaUnite | #HereTheyCome.

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this team is all about once they see a few shots fall and get a few stops they can go on LONG runs and bury teams with their talent! They have to avoid those lulls as much as possible #HereTheyCome #PhilaUnite.

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