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Despite the moment where Pouncey blacked out in the fight, he was incredibly composed when speaking with the media. His summary is spot on. This is bigger than football. #HereWeGo.

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El encuentro de ayer entre los #HereWeGo y los #Browns fue una completa cochinada. En todo sentido. The ugly side of football in full display en emphasized. 🤮.

@MaurkicePouncey mad respect for you though to immediately stand up for your teammate without hesitation. You are the type of teammate and friend I love to have, no doubt. #Steelers #HereWeGo.

Woke up this morning & yup, I still hate playing in the dirty AFC North 😶 #HereWeGo.

We play the Browns in two weeks. There’s nothing more that I want than for Myles Garrett to play and for the Steelers to light him up. #HereWeGo.

La acción de @MylesLGarrett es terrible,pero yo no lo sancionaría de por sanción ejemplar(en mi opinión) sería lo que resta de temp+próxima lo deportivo,Rudolph es el Qb que + verde veo de la liga, con él los #HereWeGo no pueden ir a ningún lado..

Myles Garrett should be banned for the rest of the season, and The Browns celebrating on the sideline as he hit Rudolph? They go way down in my estimations now #HereWeGo.

I have one takeaway from watching the gams. Fuck you @MylesLGarrett. Go to hell. Karma is a bitch. I hope you blow out both your knees. You disgusting excuse for a person. GTFO of the league. #Steelers #HereWeGo.

Ion give af my guy @MaurkicePouncey a real for stepping up #alwaysprotectyourQB #HereWeGo.

All the shenanigans at 0:05 in the 4th are a great distraction for how gutter-level trash the @Steelers were tonight. Absolutely God awful. Still, did you see what Garrett did to Rudolph?! 😳🤪 #HereWeGo.

A tough moment and opportunity for Baker to be a team leader in which he succeeded. #HereWeGo.

Mason on the potential consequences of the incident this evening. #HereWeGo.

So we’re justifying hitting a guy in the head with the helmet that was just ripped of his head. Stay classy Cleveland #Browns fans. I used to defend you as a fan base for being loyal through all the mess. Can’t defend that. Won’t defend that. #HereWeGo.

Concluyendo: espero que Mason Rudolph no quede peor de la cabeza, pobre chavo. #HereWeGo.

Despite the moment where Pouncey blacked out in the fight, he was incredibly composed when speaking with the media. His summary is spot on. This is bigger than football. #HereWeGo.

I can’t begin to tell you how fired up I am to go cheer on the Steelers against Cleveland at Heinz Field on December 1. #Steelers #HereWeGo.

@steelers We will come back from this boys. We were due for a loss. Ended so badly. #HereWeGo.

Slight edit to this: No player deserves what happened to Mason Rudolph. Steeler Nation, I hope your QB is alright. #HereWeGo.

I say you discipline the whole sideline. Who does this? Like, what in the world did I just watch? #HereWeGo.

Absolutely dirty game by the browns tonight. The helmet to helmet hits came in bunches and then the bullcrap with Garret at the end of the game. Classless and unprofessional by the Browns tonight. #SteelerNation #HereWeGo.

Look at the bright side, Mason can just file a restraining order and never get sacked by Garrett again 🤷🏽‍♂️ #HereWeGo.

@Steel_Curtain4 I agree he should get temporary insanity for that shit! Hope he broke dudes face! SMH #ReMatch #HereWeGo.

Your guy gets his helmet ripped off, then gets cracked over the head with that you hit the mute button? That’s absolutely pathetic stuff @steelers @CoachTomlin. #HereWeGo.

Myles Garrett getting condemned by every person in the media. All are emphatic and convicted in this condemnation. What a shame this had to occur. #herewego.

Not sure what to call what you just saw #Steelers fans, but our postgame commentary is coming next. #HereWeGo.

@Ivaughn324 Starting WR’s, starting RB’s, starting QB, and I think I forgot a few other positions. But figured I’d mention the basics. #HereWeGo.

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