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John Horgan on saving gas - We will have measures to help people reduce costs. But right now I encourage people to think before you hop in the car. Do you need to make that trip? Can you do it with a neighbour or someone going by. #bcpoli.

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Global BC

Right now I encourage people to think before you hop in the car. Do you need to make that trip? Premier John Horgan says he is more worried about the inflationary impacts on food prices than the cost at the pump and gas taxes..

Premier John Horgan broke the law with 2020’s snap election: lawyer.

@tamalama67 My son just got COVID from school. We put it off for years. He didn’t even attend school last year. He is the only one that wears a mask . Parents do not tell other parents when their child has COVID. My anger towards Henry and Horgan is extreme..

The amount of crying on this tweet from Horgan - even from self-proclaimed “lefties” who clearly don’t understand the need to rein in car use - is absolutely astonishing. One more time: high gas prices are good if they get people thinking about their transportation habits..

@TheJourneyGenie @bcndp Horgan and NDP have utterly lost the plot. IMAGINE them in oppo reacting to the BC libs announcing a 700 million dollar museum? It would be like the world was ending.

Sorry. I have been busy for a few days. Did John Horgan really tell people to car pool to the foodbank?.

You will live in a tiny big city skyscraper, not own a car, eat bugs, and feel blessed to have a divine ruler like Horgan..


@BCGovNews @RoyalBCMuseum I have voted NDP my whole life. However, this upgrade, Premier Horgan’s out of touch comments about gas, and Dix’s comments about family doctors shows that the NDP no longer represents the working class. We have housing, mental health, and addiction crises. Read the room..

Notley says farming out more care to private facilities is the road to disaster. Kenney says contracting procedures to private facilities “can get more surgeries done, more quickly.” Horgan sides with Kenney..

@richardzussman I am amazed that Horgan has not yet passed a law making it a criminal offence to drive or tow an RV, but he sure as hell loves to dig into the owners wallets. All this while saying he supports tourism that is 100% dependant of fossil fuels..

@cbcnewsbc Money that could be spent on hospitals? Health care, nurses, first responders? Mr Horgan hello?.

Le premier ministre de la Colombe-Britannique, John Horgan, [...]. Il a aussi encouragé la population à réduire ses coûts de déplacement le plus possible. Enfin un politicien qui le dit..

Message for the premier of BC: Mr. Horgan, I’d like to see you carpool your security with your neighbour. Really? You got to be kidding me man. Your attitude towards working people sucks. Is this the time to spend $800 million building a museum? Get your priorities straight..

@ChristineGuent8 @martynschmoll And we all know for a fact that Horgan isn’t even affected by gas price increases and will continue on driving his expensive car. Yet another moment where we all suffer and John “champagne socialist who just gave himself a retroactive wage increase” Horgan does what he wants..

@WestcoastBCLife @jjhorgan Horgan received his top tier medical for his cancer and Covid so he is ok now, so to hell with the rest of BC residents with health concerns. You are correct this is nothing but a distraction from Horgan..

@Corky77714 @viledeity_ Horgan that ass suggested everyone really question whether they need to be out, and just stay home..

@jjhorgan @RoyalBCMuseum This is deflection, Horgan. You’ve lost the plot. Trying to build a legacy for and about yourself is pretty vile. We won’t forgot your failures - poor pandemic response, wildfires, heat dome, floods, Lytton to name a few. Spending $800 M on a building is beyond stupid & useless.

@jjhorgan @RoyalBCMuseum For years British Columbians have suffered from the highest rents/home ownership costs, highest gas prices & delayed projects leading to more wasted public funding. The cost of living has double under the John Horgan BC NDP government. Thanks for raising more debt we cant afford.

@jaydestro @celeste_horgan I’m going for more 1970s shag look 😉 goth days were over with for me when I was 14 🥲.

@celeste_horgan @Microwavables Just cute overall but the bangs add “goth girl” swag.

@CHEK_News It boggles my mind that a time like this with GP shortages, COVID etc that a new museum is even on the table. Horgan you have health care that most BC residents dream of. Would not saving lives be more important or has your life being saved from cancer and Covid so all is well ?.

@TheJourneyGenie @jjhorgan I dug up this quote about Horgan today. Written in 2014. I can’t stop laughing. He planned his evil doings for decades..

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@politicoalex @bgmasters How the hell does Brnovich have any support? He does nothing.

@GlobalBC get real horgan. a lot of people need to drive to get to work. and what about tourism now too? just gonna ask them to roll over again? oh more gov bail out money for that but forget cutting taxes at the pump and REGULATING PRICES as a temporary measure?! wtf man..

@matt_kercher One of many reason why I’m not voting NDP next provincial election. Horgan making these types of comments shows how out of touch he is..

Hard to believe people vote for incompetent leaders like Horgan. 30% of the BC economy is real estate. Take away the crooked money and they are sunk. Worst Productivity gains in the country. Canada’s 2nd most crooked province. Only Quebec surpasses them. #cdnpoli.

@samj78376390 @CHEK_News What proof have you that Mr. Horgan received special health care treatment? My husband was diagnosed about the same time and received outstanding care..

@dedrie77 Lol. Sorry I shouldn’t laugh because it really is a shit choice by Horgan..

@David_Moscrop Premier Horgan promotes hitchhiking in province where highways slayings are recent memory..

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