#HurricaneFiona Twitter: Most Popular Tweets Canada

#HurricaneFiona Twitter

Had my first power flicker of the night. And second and third flicker, literally as I typed this tweet. Lights are still on but I’m expecting darkness very soon. #HurricaneFiona.

Hail Mary Full of Grace…… Sorry. For some reason those prayers that were forced into my brain as a child just don’t leave. They are loud tonight. #pei #HurricaneFiona.

@CrackaDogg Power is out and there is a horizontal lightening happening where there are no power lines or transformers - this indicates it’s a real problem #HurricaneFiona.

As of this moment, we still have power.🙏🏼 Feeling fortunate in this moment, but under no illusion it will last. Hearing/feeling the force of the wind and rain against our house (we’re on a hill)… there will be not much sleep tonight. #HurricaneFiona.

High wind warning takes effect at midnight. She’s blowing. #HurricaneFiona.

Carol Off, always the reporter, reporting from the front lines of #HurricaneFiona.

Hopefully this is power tomorrow to do some #gamedevelopment. Damn you #HurricaneFiona.

As a lifelong Maritimer, I instinctively get nervous when the wind blows from the east. #HurricaneFiona.

Dear #HurricaneFiona Diary: I’m already seeing #HurricaneHermine tweets and you’re not even here yet. It’s like when Costco puts out Christmas trees and Halloween decorations at the same time. What gives?.

When the sky turned blue then the Hurricane came. #HurricaneFiona #NovaScotia.

#HurricaneFiona Photo,#HurricaneFiona Photo by Set Tells Stories,Set Tells Stories on twitter tweets #HurricaneFiona Photo

#HurricaneFiona is starting to arrive in northern Nova Scotia 😬🌀.

@Bryan_Baeumler Did Hurricane Fiona hit South Andros, or the Bahama Islands? #HurricaneFiona.

anyone got a live tracker for #HurricaneFiona ?? cant find where the live status.

If after tonight there are no posts on my social media Just be aware I may not have power! 🥴♥️#HurricaneFiona.

And if you have to follow a storm from afar, this is not a bad way to track #HurricaneFiona.

Ha, jk apparently. Back on, of course after having the biggest kid move to my bed. I doubt the power will last though, she’s definitely gusty out there 💨🍃 #HurricaneFiona #pei.

The exact moment power went out near #Halifax due to #HurricaneFiona..

Whats your wifi like during a power outage the #HurricaneFiona? 😅 @BellAliant legit has the best power outage services.

#HurricaneFiona Photo,#HurricaneFiona Photo by citadel,citadel on twitter tweets #HurricaneFiona Photo

@aaronjayjack @MyRadarWX Looks like what is left of the eye of #HurricaneFiona will pass over western #CapeBreton and the Gulf of St. Lawrence..

Please stay safe, East Coasters! - especially my sister & her family #HurricaneFiona.

How does a person sleep during this? Can’t stop worrying about my North-facing window #HurricaneFiona.

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