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According to @TheFourthPeriod the #stlblues are not going to bring back Ville I beg Holland be all over this #LetsGoOilers.

Will Husso and Perron be back? @TheFourthPeriod | #NHLTonight.

The #NJDevils mentioned here for Ville Husso (h/t @Wakes3019).

ICYMI: What I’m hearing about the Blues’ UFAs: Latest on Perron, Husso, Leddy, Bozak #stlblues.

Husso,2021/22 ..40 games played,25 wins-7 dont want to lose Soouupp though😭 #LeafsForever.

I would absolutely pay Campbell 4M. Not so sure that I’d pay Husso that..

@tajgill78 @TheFourthPeriod Problem is if you go by that logic you either have to take kemper who we can’t afford or go for Campbell who is way to inconsistent. Cheaper option would be Husso and skinner has played great the 12 games he was here for.

The Oilers have shown 0 interest in Carey Price. They have however expressed interest in John Gibson out of Anaheim. However the feeling at this time is not mutual for Gibson. Holland will take a run at Holtby or Husso once free agency hits. #Oilers.

@meatdog75 @TheFourthPeriod Kenny was kicking tires on Husso at the deadline, definitely will be interested.

Can’t wait for Husso to turn back into a pumpkin when some team gives him a really, really stupid 4 years contract and he’s backing up by Feb..

@Ieafsupdates Think Husso fetches a little more than that, he played great when Binnington couldn’t find himself in the regular season. Also for those who commented “he choked in playoffs” played fine and it was against arguably the best team in the league in Colorado calm down.

@meatdog75 @TheFourthPeriod Is Husso much different than Skinner ? (I know nothing about Husso).

@meatdog75 @TheFourthPeriod idk man i dont think having two goalies combined with under 100 games played in the nhl is a good idea. skinner and husso is a bit risky.

@StatsMundin pretty much where i’m at too. is someone like husso that much of an upgrade over jack? i doubt it..

If choosing between the 2, would you go x 4 for Jack Campbell or 3x3 for Ville Husso?.

Ville Husso’s played 64 career games. Probably would like to see more than a fulls season’s games worth of sample size before giving him 4x4..

@tmlfaninvan He and Husso, both had better stats than Soup, Both Husso and Comrie were paid $750K. Comrie really came into his own, and having a tandem of 28 and 26 is good for me as well..

@agulati97 @Kgill39 The Elliot Friedman he said there will be 8-10 teams in on Husso.

I really do wonder where Husso will end up going, I don’t think he will resign with #stlblues though you never know!.

@stephen_burtch Is 57 games more or less than Koskinen had when he got his big contract? Like Husso a lot but we have seen this movie before, no?.

@PatrickMoss77 @TheFourthPeriod He will only get better. I still love and would take the tandem of Husso and skinner over mike smith and koskinen every day of the week.

@Oilfan6 @Kinger999 Young 40 point & 20 goal players carry decent value on their own. But I think a package could net you something pretty solid. Sounds like Husso might be the front runner for the goalie plan, so if that’s the case it would probably be for a Barrie replacement or top 6 forward.

@AlexC_THW @Wakes3019 I’d rather have Campbell over husso but maybe husso would be able to prove himself a little better next year. Both weren’t the greatest in the playoffs.

NHL Rumors: Valeri Nichushkin, Ville Husso, Edmonton Oilers, and Adrian Kempe #LetsGoOilers.

@CarltonLeafs Yeah I like Husso but exactly. Tbf though, the FA goaltending market is uhhh… Underwhelming to put it lightly lol.

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