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#IDontTalkToStrangersBut I will accept candy from one as long as the silence is maintained.

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#IDontTalkToStrangersBut I do accept candy from them. We usually exchange very few words, but at the end of the day Iโ€™m gonna accept that candy because they have very comfortable looking carpeted they have candy..

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut I consult this book which seems totally legit. ๐Ÿ™„.

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#IDontTalkToStrangersBut if I over hear a conversation about @BTS_twt or pets I will mostly likely awkwardly join the conversation lol.

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut I make exceptions for anyone wearing a #MAGA hat!.

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#IDontTalkToStrangersBut itโ€™s ok if youโ€™re online. I talk to lots of strangers online..

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut if they look scary I pretend to be a deranged and unbalanced individual..

@BeckyKillinit #IDontTalkToStrangersBut I will please any woman my wife brings to make out with.

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut I ask them to offer my niece and nephew candy when they work those nerves..

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut sometimes the beard is so good I have to introduce myself..

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut my Texan Southern hospitality kicks into overdrive and forces myself to talk to strangers regardless..

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut, if I do ,I am nice, never know they might be an axe murderer.

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut the ones in my phone are pretty cool, so I make an exception..

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut this guy from India who wants to send me $10 million US dollars seems really nice..

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut if they introduce themselves, they are no longer strangers. Just ask Shallon! (VIDEO) ๐Ÿ˜† #SNL.

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut Hi! Dont I know you from somewhere? You look familiar. ๐Ÿ’œ.

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut if you repping a band tee that I happen to like. Iโ€™m quizzing yoโ€™ ass! โ€œWhatโ€™s your favorite album?โ€ โ€œWhatโ€™s your Favorite song?โ€ โ€œWhich band memeber was born during a Waning Gibbous Moon?โ€.

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut I will make an exception if they are selling Girl Scout cookies..

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut if you giving up some leg or got some bud light we may be good.

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut they try talking to me ALLLLLL the time. Someone needs to teach me how to do resting bitch face..

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut send me your CV, birth cert, doctors records, driving license, proof of billing address and life story first so I can research I will get back to.

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut I silently pass judgement when they order too much at a drive through.

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#IDontTalkToStrangersBut I do tell the undisputed Truth to Friends and family! ๐Ÿ“ฃ๐Ÿค”.

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut I do try to gain their trust and get their trauma history.

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut they always want to talk to me. It seems I look like I work wherever Iโ€™m at. Yeah your table is right over there. Seat yourselves..

#IDontTalkToStrangersBut I will accept candy from one as long as the silence is maintained.

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