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Twitter is having a lot of fun with #IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin!

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DEE-AH-nuh VEE-lich ()

Everyone whose worked at @StaplesStores or advantage knows you’ve practically lived the office. #IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin

🌚 ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin I would join Jim to antagonize the shit out of Michael and Dwight 😂

The Art of Ideas 💡 ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin I would be in charge of the whiteboard quotes.

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Hikaru ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin I would never leave the company and brag about it to my friends who wouldn’t believe what I’m talking about.

Karissa Pukas ()

I genuinely thought it was Dunder Muffin 🤷🏼‍♀️ (It’s from the right?🤔😂) #IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin

Choo Choo ()

I’d be laid off or furloughed due to the Coronavirus pandemic #IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin

Emely🍒 ()

Everyone talkin bout Biden, Lana, Doja and now Hilary situation while I’m talkin bout #IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin trending 😂😂

Parsing blue in edens verse ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin Things would probably be the exact same. Everything good that comes into my life would vanish without a trace leaving me to question my faith in God and asking if He put me on this earth just to torment me. and i gues i put dwigth stapler in jelo

Mike Carbonara ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin I would wrestle Mose Schrute to the death.

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Rodney Mason ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin I would mix up desk items & files between Kevin, Creed, Angela Phyllis, Meredith, Kelly and Pam’s desks and then leave a tip note with Toby that Dwight, Jim and Michael did it.

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Joe Billheimer ()

@Buster_ESPN #IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin “Buck Showalter sees things nobody else can see. - Tim Kurkjian” - Buster Olney

Ya boi ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin honestly if I did I’d probably hate working seriously I find the show funny but if I really had a boss like Michael I’d quit so fast

ComicBook.com ()

Twitter is having a lot of fun with #IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin!

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MJizzle ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin I would be branch manager and also be the only female that likes females on the show.

Madi ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin i would be straight with Kelly and tell her that ryan does not love her and uses her

Raghav Joshi ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin I’d want to know how in gods name the temp Ryan got Jan’s office in corporate! 🤷🏽‍♂️

Benjamin ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin I would probably do my job consistently ngl. Although I would like to talk to Phyllis, Jim, and Pam. Everyone chill though.

Jack Edwards ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin Item #3 on My Bucket List: Join a Think Tank

Leslie 🇲🇽 ()

So glad to see this trending #IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin I’d be friends with Creed, Kelly, Kevin and Stanley

Princess ✨ ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin I would’ve teamed up with Jim to prank Dwight for sure 😂

Luke Manners ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin me and Chumbo would have ultra feast daily.

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ElPlanTruster ()

I would probably bring a gu* (gum) and ki** (kiss) everyone #IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin

Sue ()

@styles_hayes I think Toby and Jerry/Gary/Larry Gergich would be friends. #IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin #ParksAndRec

Mo ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin I’d fit the fuck in. Why can’t it be a real thing? Lmao

Guy into Anime ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin I’d quit because everyone there is a legitimately bad person and life would be a fucking nightmare. #IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin I’d stop the cameras from rolling so people could enjoy something worth watching for once.

Harbor Late 🕗 ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin I would loan Michael Scott out to harbor freight to save the company from the disastrous state it is #onlineshopping experience ever.

Just This Guy Tag ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin I would have been all over Pam and punched Dwight in his yellow teeth

Claire davis ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin ...well I’m sry, I’d be laughing at Michael Scott’s comments

BAYBY Projects ()

Being Alone, You Better Yourself. #IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin Sobbing by @Baybyjuls

Hashtag Roundup ()

#IfIWorkedAtDunderMifflin w/@HangoverTags ⚡️ “What if you worked at Dunder Mifflin?” by @HashtagRoundup

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