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Canada 2020: Indigenous people checking their privilege while having to boil their water in order to drink it.

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International Fund for Agricultural Development ()

Family #farming is a critical success factor for resilient food security and nutrition in Latin American and the Caribbean IFAD takes a holistic approach to integrate investments in rural indigenous people, #youth and women for a sustainable impact. ➡️

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🏴canada is an illegal apartheid state ()

#PeopleUWannaBlock #SettlerCollector Anti-Indigenous racist Pro pipeline Pro violence against protestors Ableist Transmisic Full bingo card this @.Kev_MacD

Keffa Kevin ()

Save the Date on 8th April 2020 it will be Wednesday and follow @Chikaforafrica @Yale council for African studies. Topic: Indigenous knowledge in Africa’s advancement. #Bethefirsttofollow

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EcoInternet ()

Wisconsin missing and murdered #Indigenous women bills held in committee: Fox11 News More on EcoSearch:

Craig McFarlane ()

@APSmith82 Better yet: the chlorine used for water treatment is shipped by train so it’s theoretically possible that cities—like the indigenous reserves for decades—will have to boil their water.

Jesse Wente ()

Canada 2020: Indigenous people checking their privilege while having to boil their water in order to drink it.

David Khan ()

Area man who has done nothing but fail upwards with his privilege, pretended to be an insurance broker, failed to mention he’s a dual national, lives in a free 34-room mansion with cook, driver, *checks notes* ...tells Indigenous protesters to check their privilege🧐🤷🏽‍♂️

Judie ᎦᏄᎸ ()

Setting aside the lives of people here Indigenous Oklahoma was built by capitalists, the RR companies, and the army. This was a exercise in standard American capitalism, the mom n pop stories are just pawns.

Swarajya ()

Kaveri Project: Lack Of Testing Facilities In India A Serious Hurdle In Development Of Indigenous Jet Engine

Red Braid Alliance for Decolonial Socialism ()

It’s been nearly 12 hours since we started the blockade in the Coquitlam CP rail yard and there’s a beautiful, powerful group of young Indigenous people leading chants against the RCMP from the overpass. It’s 2am and it’s hilarious.

💧Innoculous ()

@Todd_Fox_2020 Certainly not indigenous people in remote and rural areas who live in third world conditions the activists keep telling us about🤔

Sanjay Dixit ಸಂಜಯ್ ದೀಕ್ಷಿತ್ संजय दीक्षित ()

Who told you that we welcomed barbarian M invaders from Arabia and Turan? Irfan Habib, or Romilla Thapar? Buddhism and Sikhism are indigenous. We are plural to the plural, and Yama to the barbarians who do loot, plunder, rape, temple destruction, conversion. Any ancestor?

Ileana ()

@InStyle @CamilaMendes Yes ! That would be amazing . Let’s also get afro latinx and indigenous people.

Ewure Of Africa 💧 ()

Blaq is an English rapper while Lol Frosh is an indigenous rapper and I enjoy indigenous rap more so I’ll go for Lil Frosh 🔥

Hoje no Mundo Militar ()

O INS Vikrant é o 1º porta-aviões construído na Índia. Era p/ter sido comissionado em 2018 mas a demora por parte da Rússia em entregar equipamentos levou a um atraso de 4 anos, c/a Índia prevendo o comissionamento em 2022. via @FinancialXpress

Hindou ()

Meeting with minister of justice of Finland to discuss indigenous peoples rights and access to justice. Thanks @UN4Indigenous to make it happen

Aylan (AY like Day - LAN like LandBack) Couchie ()

@KerrieNation I wonder what it’s like to live in a world where your biggest concern is “Dinner with kids” versus “standing up for Indigenous sovereignty”

Hombres Contra la Violencia SV ()


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Michael Elgort ✡️ ()

@hansalexrazo @Claire_Voltaire Yeah, no problem. I got that even without a typo correction. In any case, you speak over indigenous people, something you claim you don’t want to do.

Nibir Deka ()

From 70% indigenous population to 30%. Never forget what settler colonialism and unchecked inorganic migration to the locals #Tripura

Mad Fucking Witches aka “Clinical Psychologists” ()

Where are the Tories denouncing #SportsRorts corruption? No, come on, where the fuck are they? These are people who scream blue bloody murder if a Centrelink recipient gets overpaid a dollar or an Indigenous person gets a job via affirmative action. WHERE’S THEIR FUCKEN OUTRAGE?

Arijit Datta Ray ()

@VinodDX9 Somehow 2023-2024 shall be choc- a-block with trials & inductions of indigenous defence equipment.

Carmelite Quotes ()

Quote of the day: 13 February 1866, the foundation of the Congregation of the Mother of Carmel, the first indigenous congregation for women in the Syro-Malabar Church; we share a brief biography of St Euphrasia, the first saint

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R 🐝 (sewer rat) ()

@ghostbaby__ fuck. i forget who it was, but someone said something to the extent of, “there are more cops arresting protesters than there are looking for the missing and murdered indigenous women and girls,” and if that ain’t the fucking disgusting truth.

Alexander Dariush ()

Kind word? Delusional ! They are bunch bloody idiots who fed on indigenous blood. Dirty pigs they are 🙏🙏🙏😡😡😡

Okay panic ()

@Bubbafett33 What year do you think voter enfranchisement extended to all indigenous people, Bubba?


CORRECTION - Days after Indigenous Peoples are Forcibly Removed from their Territories, Throne Speech Highlights Reconciliation READ MORE:

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Jamil Smith ()

Almost every single Democratic primary candidate is white. Not nearly enough black, Hispanic, Asian, or indigenous people, quite literally, have had a vote for who the nominee should be. We’ve had two contests. Slow the hell down, everyone. My latest.

Jane Caro ()

Dear @ABCthedrum don’t forget the cashless welfare card is currently imposed on mostly Indigenous communities. If that’s not controlling Indigenous people, I am not sure what is. Plus ca change

Senator Briggs ()

Hey @TaikaWaititi, how many RTs for you to direct this (me) indigenous rappers next video?

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