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Botched interference calls have given this game 7 a two goal swing. I like making fun of the Leafs as much as anyone but the fanbase has every reason to be seething..

When running for the Labour leadership Starmer committed to a more democratic system of selecting candidates. But now the executive of the Wakefield CLP has resigned in protest at undemocratic interference by national Labour party in the by-election candidate selection..

Just listened to @BBCNews sadly they didn’t have time to mention this huge story of Russian interference & corruption in the UK government but phew 😅 they managed to squeeze in a story about a Jubilee 🎂 cake 👑..

If the Leafs play any other team in the East, they’re moving on. Just ran into the back-to-back champs. But on another note… that was interference 🤷‍♂️.

@Steve_Dangle You know how many goals could be called back because of a weak interference call? This literally changes the.

What was I saying about the Hockey Gods…. An interference call to negate a goal on a pick? You got to be kidding. They call a pick every 3 years. But they’re gonna call that now? Hockey Gods I tell ya. (How many of you would have said hey pick if they didn’t call that).

that interference call was utter crap and i feel so saddened for all my leafs followers.

If it’s going to be an entire summer taking about an interference call on Justin Holl, I’m going to log off for a while..

Referees figuring out what goalie interference is every game:.

@35Ayres @F150Superman No problem there, just call the other 27 that should have been interference..

Honestly gutted for Leafs fans. This really felt like a different team this year but just didn’t have that final push needed to make it happen. I will say, that called back goal interference call was super soft for an NHL playoffs game 7, but c’est la vie..

Jokes aside, the Holl interference was a penalty. The real Gretzky high stick moment was the phantom call in Game 6 that lead to the 5-on-3. Regardless, even if the refs are screwing them, they still need to find a way to win games like Montreal did last year against Vegas..

@MapleLeafs_Pod I’m not only one who thinks that interference call was absolute shit right?.

Anyone who plays interference for open sourcing the algorithm is a crypto-fascist. Democracy requires transparency in software design and engineering. Otherwise the rules become magic no one can make sense of and this leads to political disenchantment..

For the record: i think that high-sticking penalty call on Foote in the previous game was a mistake, but an interference call before Tavares’ goal today was absolutely correct.

@_marlanderthews The issue again is the consistency. That Holl interference was the right call. Sucks but it was. However the lack of interference calls especially on Willy is so frustrating. Even though he fought through it, it should’ve been an even clearer break.

@ProjektDnB @jonkay Ummmmm…where did I say a goal was scored? The interference came before the shot and created a prime scoring opportunity in the slot. The whistle was blown b4 the shot. (It’s too bad that interference wasn’t called in similar situations in any games you’ve seen at any level.).

Ukraine suspends some Russian gas flow, blaming interference of occupying forces.

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@Delia4Congress The 2nd amendment is a right and is not going anywhere . We use weapons to protect our rights as well as the right for women to make decisions about there bodies without government interference.

I really don’t want to spend the summer thinking about that “interference “ penalty. Come back and win this game. #Leafs.

@mightmakehaha Totally legal. You learn that in peewee. This is what actual interference looks like..

Interference Photo,Interference Photo by Bruce Rick,Bruce Rick on twitter tweets Interference Photo

@AndrewBerkshire @ProducerDrew_ I called it before Tavares even shot and you hear a whistle before Tavares shoots. This is a play all teams make but a pick is not legal and Holl was WAY too obvious on this attempt. Tavares only got that much space due to the interference from Holl. Direct impact on the play..

@Parker_008 @mlberrors I’d make that point as well if I didn’t know what constituted interference..

@WriterDann @MapleLeafs It was literally the definition of a pick play… AKA INTERFERENCE… #MORON.

I didn’t think the call was that controversial. Interference leading directly to a high danger chance/goal. Not sure how they can’t call that. 🤷‍♂️ #leafsforever #GoBolts.

@BabaCugs To be Fair the First goal from Tavares should 100% have been allowed. No interference on the play at all.

@JesseBlake If you call 1 interference penalty then call them all. 2 against Tampa on both goals. You can cheer for whatever team but it’s fact..

@JeffJustiz @DownGoesBrown You can see in Holl’s movement to that spot…he was watching Tavares and intentionally skated into the path of the defender who was actively pursuing the puck handler. Textbook interference..

@jpolly22 If that was interference, Tampa should have had at least 3 more penalties. Consistency.

@HockeyNith 100% but they had to fight through a lot of shit in that series. Including a called back goal in Game 7 for what they called interference. Tough pill to swallow. But can’t make excuses..

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