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Kyrie Irving will not opt into player-option for next season, will become unrestricted free agent, per @ShamsCharania.

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Don’t bank on Kyrie Irving reuniting with LeBron. League sources fully expect him to sign with the Brooklyn Nets. Article also points out that Kemba Walker would have to give up $81 million guaranteed PLUS taxes to sign in Los Angeles..

BREAKING: Kyrie Irving is looking to sign with a team come free agency. League sources tell espn..

@cdpiglet Everyone is option except a few guys. They could sign and trade guys. I know they like J Randle. No one saw them trading for Irving..

I just found out about this place yesterday and it’s so good 🥴. They deserve more publicity for a small family owned restaurant especially since the ladies there are so sweet 😊. Go check this place out ! ( 109 W Shady Grove Rd Irving, TX 75060 ).

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A few weeks ago, @Tom_NBA & I each took a crack at building the Boston Celtics if there was no Kyrie or Anthony Davis..

Fallout: With AD off the board, Boston’s chances of keeping Kyrie Irving takes a crippling hit. After all the drama of last season, it’s unrealistic to think Irving returns to the same team. A Davis-level trade was the Celtics best chance..

Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart.” – Washington Irving #BestFriends4Ever.

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@TheTrueBoricua Should the Warriors feel that way about their first title? No Kyrie Irving, no Kevin Love. Just LeBron and a bunch of guys that would sit at the end of the Warriors bench (Delly, JR Smith, Shump, Tristan Thompson). LeBron took them 6 by himself basically. Participation trophy?.

Sur son tir de la gagne, raté, Curry est au même endroit que Kyrie Irving en 2016..

@FFrenezy Creo que migrando a pc perdera la escencia, lo del precio si te lo compro, si lo ponen a 20 pavos puede ser que vaya mejor pero lo veo dificil.

@nathanzin255 @CurtindoNBA Mas também né, Warriors é o dream team da NBA, só haviam perdido pro cavs de LeBron e Irving..

@EduardoFilipi7 E mano isso faz parte, LeBron sofreu com isso em 2015 com Irving e Love lesionados, Spurs com Kawhi e Houston com cp3.

@EmceeDusty44 Irving & K. Love. Dellavadova was the 2nd best player that series. & Cp3 last year was a monster in the playoffs. They win that in 6 if he stayed heathy. It’s okay. Warriors finally got the injury bug. Terrible for Klay & KD tho smh.

@orlanvc Cuando no estaba love ni irving una jodia lloraera cabrona igual que los de golden.

Stephen A. Smith: Carmelo Anthony is my dear friend and salsa partner, but he will never be as great of a player as Kyrie Irving..

When the clippers got 2 max slots but KD injured, Kawhi won a chip, Irving and AD want to go the knicks, Butler ain’t worth a max and we’ll probably end up resigning Harris.

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@abcrouch93 @iLeBronJr Again this why People don’t like Lebron fans or the NBA community in general his teammate kryie Irving performance has to be torn down to make Lebron’s better they both can’t be great it’s either one or the other.

cornelius hickey/john irving, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, mermaid au, cannibalism, the Arctic.

The Warriors have won None-out-of the last 5 Finals without Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love participating #NBAFinals.

@Osniil Igual q Love e Irving en el q hacemos? Repetimos la final en dos meses?.

All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving is preparing to sign with the Brooklyn Nets when contracts can officially be.

LeBron won w/o Kevin Love & Kyrie Irving so ion wanna hear it 🤐💯.

For anyone who laments the injuries to Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant, it is a shame, but I say ... Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving 2015..

Kyrie Irving expected to sign with ROC Nation Sports ahead of free agency, per @wojespn.

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Kyrie Irving will not opt into player-option for next season, will become unrestricted free agent, per @ShamsCharania.

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