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Les blessures. Les doutes. Une carrière en suspens. Puis… Marquer CE but en finale de #CanPL #IslandGames 🔥 Chapeau, @MaximTissot! Un gros cœur de champion

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Hamilton United
Hamilton United ()

Congrats to @ForgeFCHamilton on winning the 2020 Canadian Shield @CPLsoccer. #IslandGames #StillFirst .

Norm Miller
Norm Miller ()

Back to back 🏆 for @ForgeFCHamilton. Great job by @CPLsoccer and all involved in staging #IslandGames some great ⚽️ played by all clubs. Fingers crossed to be able to watch live and in person in 2021.

OneSoccer ()

PHOTOS | #CanPL 🍁 Relive the 2020 #IslandGames Final celebrations through the well-trained eye and scope of 📸 @StankovicNora GALLERY 👇

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OneSoccer ()

YOUR CHAMPIONS 💪 @ForgeFCHamilton fans, eat your hearts out 🧡 MORE PHOTOS 👉 📸: @StankovicNora #CanPL | #IslandGames

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Canadian Soccer
Canadian Soccer ()

Your back to back Canadian Premier League Champions @ForgeFCHamilton #IslandGames 🍁🏆 📸@CPLsoccer

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Vincent Destouches
Vincent Destouches ()

Les blessures. Les doutes. Une carrière en suspens. Puis… Marquer CE but en finale de #CanPL #IslandGames 🔥 Chapeau, @MaximTissot! Un gros cœur de champion

Johnny C
Johnny C ()

Unlike last year, I feel bad for this years #CanPL runner up @HFXWanderersFC. The team and it’s fans are pure class, and had they faced any team but Forge I would have been proud to cheer them on. Better luck next year lads! #IslandGames

🇲🇽 ᴀʟᴇx ᴍᴇᴊɪᴀ 🇨🇦
🇲🇽 ᴀʟᴇx ᴍᴇᴊɪᴀ 🇨🇦 ()

Congratulations to @ForgeFCHamilton for winning the 2020 @CPLsoccer North Star Shield at the #IslandGames #CanPL

Jason Roberts
Jason Roberts ()

Awuah and Novak giving drunk post match interviews is a highlight of the tournament. #CanPL #IslandGames

Steve 🍁⚽️
Steve 🍁⚽️ ()

What a great tourney! 6 weeks of Canadian footy! Well done to all involved. Special kudos to all of the sponsors. Having said that I would like to see a complete listing of all sponsors on the @CPLsoccer website to allow fans to forward their thanks. #IslandGames #CanPL 🇨🇦⚽️

Bishopville_Red ()

My microwave is safe for another year. Congratulations to @ForgeFCHamilton . #CanPL #IslandGames

Pierce Lang
Pierce Lang ()

Are the lads walking down a slip and slide to get to the medals? #CanPL #IslandGames

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Premier Podcast
Premier Podcast ()

Congratulations to @ForgeFCHamilton on their successful title defense! #CanPL #IslandGames

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Culture Soccer
Culture Soccer ()

Victoire 2-0 pour Forge FC! Le club de Hamilton en Ontario remporte les #IslandGames et devient champion #CanPL pour la seconde année consécutive!

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Marcus Rebelo
Marcus Rebelo ()

Congrats @ForgeFCHamilton on back-to-back CPL titles and the #IslandGames crown Had the pleasure of covering a few matches last season, manager Bobby Smyrniotis has done an outstanding job and so has the entire club top to bottom 👏

𝐊𝐮𝐥𝐚𝐊𝐮𝐥𝐢š ()

@craigforrest1 how do you go from #IslandGames to @cbcsports studio SO QUICKLY?🤔😳😛 GREAT JOB calling the #CanPL championship match

This Football Story
This Football Story ()

Well, kudos to @ForgeFCHamilton for this win. But that was some gnarly handling from Oxner on that free every GK nightmare 😱 #CanPL #IslandGames

Canada Soccer
Canada Soccer ()

Forge FC qualify for the 2020 Canadian Championship Final #IslandGames 🍁🏆 #CanChamp

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The AL-X-Files
The AL-X-Files ()

Congratulations to @ForgeFCHamilton! Two seasons. Two championships. Not to shabby. #WeAreTheChampionsMyFriends #IslandGames @CPLsoccer

Çetin Cem Yılmaz
Çetin Cem Yılmaz ()

Oxner Karius-ed it here. HFX had a great #IslandGames run, but the fairytale ends against defending champions Forge FC. #CanPL

TSN Radio 1150
TSN Radio 1150 ()

Forge FC score another in the 90th minute . Tissot with the free kick off the bar and in, 2-0 #IslandGames

OneSoccer ()

GOAL 🔨 | #CanPL 🍁 Maxim Tissot makes it TWO for @ForgeFCHamilton in BIZARRE fashion, catching Christian Oxner with a mistake ... but they all count the same! @ForgeFCHamilton, minutes away from their 2nd North Star Shield! ⭐️ 🔴: #IslandGames

UpTheForge ()

Props to @HFXWanderersFC. Insane turn around from last year. They played some great football and if they keep their core they will have another crack at the can. #CPLFinals #IslandGames

OneSoccer ()

GOAL 🔨 | #CanPL 🍁 The Hammer has DROPPED! @ForgeFCHamilton opens the scoring in the 2020 #IslandGames Final, Alexandre Achinioti-Jonsson punishing @HFXWanderersFC on a corner kick follow-up 💪 30 minutes to go! 🔴:

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